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A lot of it looks like it's from casinos. At least that's what I can make out from the Korean I know. :(

The Iron Kingdoms game (the 3.5) version has some rules for this kinda thing but I don't know if they sell pdf copies these days.

That's kinda where I was going with it but wanted some confirmation! Thanks.

Can the Battle Ward hex affect more than one target at a time. The generic Ward hex says 'over one creature' while the Battle Ward hex doesn't say anything similar.

Does the spirit animal give a skill bonus as a Wizards Familiar does?

There is a Origami Swarm item in Ultimate Equipment.

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Sacred Fist Warpriest with Charm or Glory Blessings? Knowledge and a few others might work too. You get both the spellcasting and the physical power.

Mike Mearls -

"Does a dagger count as both a melee and a ranged weapon for feats? In other words can I use the sharpshooter feat with a dagger? yes - it might feel unintuitive for the bonus damage, but it doesn't break anything"


Tengu make pretty good Zen Archers. If they take a level of inquisitor at some point and the right inquisitions they can cover social skills as well using wis instead of charisma. Erastil favored weapon is the longbow and one of his servants is a birdman of sometype.

AncientSpark: I don't think I would ever take Divine Hunter. Better off to just be an Aasimar and take the Celestial Servant feat which gives the AC the celestial template. Then you can still do Primal Hunter or Sacred Huntsmaster.

Ah beat to it, and I didn't know about Fox Shape.

My first thought was reflavor the Kitsune but it wouldn't give you the size change.

Flawed : add to your list 1.5x power attack damage bonus for 2 handed weapons

Owen KC Stephens wrote:
strongblade wrote:
So are you guys moving away from the landscape formating?
Yes, all of RGG's new products are done portrait format. I don't know if people have changed how they use our PDFs, or if the audience has changed, but when I started RGG I asked for feedback on how people would like our pdfs oriented. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of portrait, so we've gone all-portrait.

I actually really don't like pdfs. I just got a tablet that's 10.5inch that's really nice. I like them more than I did but I really don't understand the focus on the two column format. One column I could just scroll down and read. Two I can only read half the page at a time and have to go up and down for the other half (assuming I don't want to squint). I find the web indexed stuff so much better from a format perspective that I avoid pdfs in general even if otherwise I might find the product otherwise interesting and pick it up. :(

*This is a general rant on pdfs in general and not your stuff but your note on formatting got me going :)

Downsides to a two weapon build Dex build

-Must use full action
-Need feats for both weapons rather than one
-Feats like powerattack are less usable because of the attack penalty already taken from using 2 weapons.
-greater chunk of damage removed by DR (if you have 2 attacks doing 10 damage vs 1 attack at 20)

Most of these problems don't exist with a single weapon Dex build that has Dex to attack and damage.

Are their other issues?

Is the thought that dex to damage is overpowered do to single weapon builds with it?

Do the balance issues with single weapon and two weapon builds need to be addressed differently?

That's what I thought and hoped I was wrong. Ah well.

I would like to take a 6th lv qinggong monk ability at 6th level but I don't see a way to do this which seems weird. Am I missing something?

Inquisitor is also good. Some of the archtypes and inquisitions let you use your wis or add your wis to different social skills, stealth as well as all the normal inquisitor goodness.

You also can't click on the spells or feat a monster has to bring up the proper rules/details for them or roll dice in the dice roller again.

Just picked up the Android version and found out you can't alter the layout as you can on the PC version. Arg. I will certainly use it as it is but really wish there were a couple of alternate layouts you could switch between. I'd really like one with only windows for the Dice Roller, Player, and an open view of the current player sheet.

The other thing I missed is that on the PC version there are Base, Combat, Attacks and Resource tabs you can view in the Combat window.

Was playing around with the Combat Manger combat interface. I found you can make things like the Die Roller into a tab on the Party window. Is there anyway you can put these tabs on the monster window?

Edit: just found make the whole monster window into a tab on the Party window! Cool, didn't know you could do that. I assume the windowing system/interface works the same way on the mobile version?

Much of it may not be on the d20 site but under an open license.

Check if the info on those pdfs is in an open license for archtypes etc I would think much of it was. Put what is that the players maybe interested in another format and then let them have it with the appropriate license info.

Someone could always just take the Trap Finder trait.

It gives disable device as a class skill +1 and lets you disarm magical traps.

You might look at the new Samsung 10.5 inch. It has much better resolution than their previous models (2,560 by 1,600 pixels - the 10.1 inch display had half that).

I just took a look at it and found a pdf readable by the page (I downloaded the D&D basic rules down on it to take a look as it didn't require a login to do so. I assume the font size is about the same as a Pazio pdf). Also it's pretty light.

I think it reverts back if you use the non manual editor to add something else. At least that has been my experience.

Ah they are db files I thought they might be xml files as that what the bestiary files are. Oh well I guess I'll leave them alone :)

If you DM wants you to have Cha for social skills you could ask if you could run a Inquisitor with one of the Inquisitors that changes the social skills to wisdom. This would give you another possible direction.

Can you tell me the file where user created Monsters etc are stored on the PC?

Glad to hear you get back so quick. It sounds like some of things are possible or slowly in the works.

With the Ecology box it's not a big deal. I want to enter information in that section so I'll just put up with it or copy and paste the whole sheet to a word processor and edit it out. Simple enough :)

With the Special Abilities section I thought that might be the case with the drag and drop coding. It's why I suggested possibly having arrows on the boxes to move them around but that may be equally a nightmare. It's another thing that would be nice but I can certainly do without.

A couple of quick thoughts from my brief usage.

1. I'd like to see the information for arch-types for the base classes in the Advanced players guide. Right now I only see the arch-types for the base classes.

2. When you edit a monster this is an always on top box. This means it's difficult to copy and paste from rules or other monsters. You have to close and open and close and open again. It would be great if this was a floating box.

3. When editing monster armor class it would be nice to have an other box to add extra things like Wis to armor class for monks.

4. While I know this wasn't made as a character sheet for me it's about all I want. I would like to see a check box or something to denote something as a character and have the Exp value and Ecology headings removed when printing.

5. In the Combat window you can minimize many of the windows but you can't minimize the party or monster windows. I'd would be great to be able to do so. As a GM I don't usually keep track of party hp and don't need the party window all the time and if I'm a player I don't need the monster window. If I get the android version I will be using it on my phone at least for now (hopefully get a tablet soonish, I keep putting it off because I haven't see exactly what I want). Using it on a phone screen real estate is in short supply. Having different player and GM views of the combat screen might be another way to approach this.

6. When you are editing special abilities once you add a box it stays in the order you put it. You can't rearrange the list of abilities if you realize you wanted them in a different order. It would be good to either have the ability to drag them (might be hard to implement?) or arrows on them you could click to move them one place up and down in order.

7. And of course the ability to export and import from the PC to mobile (android in my case). This was mentioned to be in progress! Yeah!

I really like the way this app is going and really hope it continues to do so. Thanks again for the hard work!

On a completely different note, an app idea. I keep wishing someone would make msg app with a dice roller. It came to be recently that rather than creating a msg app if creating a keyboard with a dice roller would be easier. It could be used with any msg app. I'm sure people would buy different dice sets to use with different characters etc.


Oh, how do you do custom conditions?

Thanks for the help! I've tried PCGen but really don't like the interface I'd rather just add things in Combat Manager (also lots of house ruled stuff I find a pain to enter in it). I'd pick up hero but they don't support Android :(.

I'm finding I'm liking Combat Manager a lot. I have some quibbles about interface but I want to work with it more before giving feedback.

Mostly I'm figuring things out by looking at the monsters already there but somethings are really confusing. Where I see something I can copy and paste and try to alter to play with formatting it's not bad. Right now I'm trying to enter a monk and even looking at a monk monster I can't see how you get things like Wis/Monk bonus to show up in armor. There is no manual edit here just places where you can enter things in boxes.

Hmm with the spell thing I've figured out I'm doing something wrong formatting. I cut and paste a whole block rather than a piece of one and it worked fine. Won't take me long to figure it out.

Is there a faq on formatting somewhere?

Thanks again, I'm really looking forward the the import to mobile feature. Until that's done I'll just keep playing with it on the PC.

Been playing with it some trying to enter a character. For some reason I can't seem to get spells to show up after I edit. I can type in the spells per day box but nothing shows up on the character sheet. I also can't find away to link the spells as they are on the monsters in the database. I tried a cut and paste from a monster and it just came up grayed out and again didn't show up on the character sheet. This is on windows XP. I assume there is a method of spells I'm missing or something.

Can you export from the PC version and import to the Android version. From something said above it looked to me like you can't but the play store said you could import from HeroLab and PCGen. I don't use either but importing from Combat Mangers PC ver to the Android would be really good. Thinking about picking it up. Need to play around a bit more.

My thoughts exactly.

Interview with .. :
Brett Dalton talking about changes in his role. Marvel

Started reading through it, thanks for the work!!!!

Hmm, Think you missed the point of my last post.

Early you quoted the action part of the heal skill:

-- "Providing long-term care requires 8 hours of light activity."

This you later said supplants where the heal skill says:

-- "Providing long-term care means treating a wounded person for a day or more"

if you argue this way then I would also argue that the action part of the heal skill says nothing about 24 hours of rest and that you can simply take 8 hour consecutive actions. This makes no sense.

The action part of the description I would say must supplant everything or nothing. I do not think you can pick and choose what it supplants. I think your reading of the skill is wrong and as it states in the main description 'long term' means a day or more. Not a night. On top of that it was never addressed when the character using the heal skill would be resting if they are using the skill all night.

Thinking about it more the more uncomfortable with the action supplanting the main description. If it does then you would never use the 24 hour action to recover 4 hp per level. Instead you would just use consecutive 8 hour actions. But then again after three of these you haven't slept for 24 hours which brings this back to this being light activity not sleep/rest.

Hmmm, I hate it when the skill description and the action description conflict. I would assume the action description is correct. It still requires light active though which means if you are not sleeping or regaining spells. Which would seem to put a damper on it. Unless there is something I missed there as well.

Blindmage- I don't believe you can use Long-Term Care that way. The rule states:

---"Providing long-term care means treating a wounded person for a day or more"

in the evening is not 'a day or more'. It also says

-- "2 hit points per level for a full 8 hours of rest in a day, or 4 hit points per level for each full day of complete rest"

I would take this as you must have at least a day of rest for which you get the 4 hp back a level. If you rest an additional 8 hours you can get back more. Treating them is defined as 'light activity' for you. Not running around adventuring or sleeping. I see no way you can rest for the night and consider that 'long term care'.

Even if you could use this more than one time a day on a given character (for different wounds) I don't think it could ever supplant potions/spells.

One hour a day a few times reduces the adventuring day to very little.

Often characters are not in places where they can just hang out for an hour or more.

At say 5th lv with a wis of 20 this would heal 15 damage. It is not uncommon for characters to take a lot more damage than this in any given combat. If you took 30 damage in two different combats and both could be treated you would still be left with 30 damage which is very significant. (and have used 2 hours from the day assuming no one else was treated, if they were then 3 or 4 or more hours.)

Thanks, that's about what I thought but sometimes the more you reread something more you incorrectly read into it.

Can you take a 10 on this? Searching through the boards the answer seemed to be yes but never could tell if that was RAW or not.

In the heal skill it says:

"A creature can only benefit from its deadly wounds being treated within 24 hours of being injured and never more than once per day"

--Does this mean a character can only be treated once per day or any specific set of wounds can only be treated once each day?

It seems strange for a character to be injured in combat the healer be able to treat it and then the character have a unrelated injury in another combat the heal have to say "I treated the first one so I can't treat this other injury". - "I bandaged up your leg four hours ago so I can't now bandage your arm you just injured".

By RAW an injury could be treated twice as well though I'm sure this isn't what is meant. -A character is injured in the afternoon the healer treats it. The next morning the healer treats it again. (It has not been 24 hours and it is a different day.

It would seem to make more sense for the skill to read: Deadly injuries from any given combat or incident can be only treated once with the heal skill. This must be within 24 hours.

-Is this what is intended?

Can you take a 10 on this? Reading through the boards from what I could see people said yes but I couldn't ever figure out if this was RAW or not.

The rule states:
"A creature can only benefit from its deadly wounds being treated"

----is it's deadly wounds a combats worth or a days worth? Is the plural referring to sets of deadly wounds or all those for a the day.

---I have stabs in my chest from the first combat and an injured arm from the second.

"never more than once per day."

Never more than once a day for the same wound or different wounds? I'm not sure if that part of the line is solely meant so a wound isn't treated multiple times or by multiple healers.

-Character takes two wounds in combat, they are treated. Next combat
character takes more wounds. First set of wounds were treated. Can now the second set be treated once as well? If so the character would "only benefit from" each set of it's wounds being treated "once a day"

It seems rather strange if someone could be wounded and treated and then if they are wounded again be unable to be treated. "Oh I cut my arm" - healer heals it. "Oops got hit by an arrow in the leg" - healer says sorry I treated your arm so the leg can rot.

I didn't read through everything but if you haven't taken a look at it you may want to look at The Dark Mod.

It's a modernized open source game inspired by Thief. I haven't played it but I'm sure at some point I'll give it a try.

I put a link to the playsets kickstarter up and you may want to take a peek at that. Think they plan to release early next year and it looks like a useful 3 dimensional playmat. Also the base looks free and fully usable. I will probably throw them a couple dollars just because I like what they are doing.

Just saw this Kickstarter, Playsets it looks like a good possible tool for an electronic tabletop for IOs and Android. You need to use Skype or something with it (they said they are looking at doing audio but for right now need to use Skype etc). It has a nice though slightly anime look but makes it easy to build interactive settings in it. It only has 8 days left and it would be great to see it successful. The app itself they are looking to make free so you are only throwing in for extras. Right now they need about 7 or 8 grand.

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