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On the topic of the officially kept PRD...

In "Designing Spells" under "Hierarchy of Attack Effects" the possible effects are organized. Damaging effects include examples like fireball and poison. Fireball being an example of an effect dealing energy damage. Poison being an effect dealing ability score damage. #damage

Being that energy damage effects and ability score damaging effects are both categorized under "damage effects" provides support for this ability to be applicable to ability score damage types.

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On the topic of the officially kept PRD...

In "Designing Spells" under "Hierarchy of Attack Effects" the possible effects are organized. Damaging effects include examples like fireball and poison. Fireball being an example of an effect dealing energy damage. Poison being an effect dealing ability score damage. #damage

Being that energy damage effects and ability score damaging effects are both categorized under "damage effects" provides support for this ability to be applicable to ability score damage types.

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I have a question about the Medium Archmage spirit Seance Boon. I've been told Mark designed the class. I was hoping for some clarification of RAW or a statement on intent.

Here is a link to the thread .

In summary,

"Does the seance boon benefit for the archmage spirit add to ability score damage?"

"This is like a Rogue sneak attacking or a Paladin smiting with Calcific Touch."

"I'll note that "...of the same type that they would normally deal..." clause in the ability text may set this apart from rogue or paladin ability text.
Neither the Paladin or Rogue have this qualifier."

"Also, I found this very interesting
In the "Damage" section it talks about "types" of damage."

Ability damage is specifically categorized as a type of damage and therefore, unless I'm missing something, the archmage seance boon will increase ability damage from spells.

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Also, I found this very interesting

In the "Damage" section it talks about "types" of damage.

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I'm a bit rusty on this forum... where can I find Mark's thread?

BTW, thanks for the help KingOfAnything.

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Many spells indicate "energy type" when referring to fire, lightning, cold, etc type of damage.

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I'll note that "...of the same type that they would normally deal..." clause in the ability text may set this apart from rogue or paladin ability text.

Neither the Paladin or Rogue have this qualifier.

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BTW, I appreciate any opinions =) we all have them!
But please make it known (not that kingofanything didn't...) if it's opinion/yourownruling or referenced rules text.

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My question is simple. Does the seance boon benefit for the archmage spirit add to ability score damage?

"Seance Boon: Your damaging spells deal an additional 2 points of damage of the same type that they would normally deal to each target."

Here is an example. If I cast greater oneiric horror ( will the spell deal 3 str damage every round they fail their will save?

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5 PCs at lvl 8





and the 5th could be any class

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There is a new spell in Ultimate Combat called Mirror Strike. It is a first level spell. I have read the description multiple times but I can't seem to find a significant use for it. If anyone can shed some light on the ways in which this spell will be useful I would appreciate it. Thanks for the input!

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The thing about separatist is inconsequential. The only advantage that separatist gives is picking a 2nd domain outside of your deities profile. The Undead Lord causes you to lose that 2nd domain so it doesn't matter. The only affect separatist has is losing the proficiency of your deities weapon (which for pharisma is a dagger so you already have it anyway).

Thanks for the feed back on the questions Maxxx. Can you think of any monsters that could serve as ranged skeletal combatants? Seems that the bow for the humanoid is the best option at this point.

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The Shaman wrote:
I think the ninja isn't necessarily battle-focused - it trades trapfinding and trap sense for poison use, ki powers, no trace and light step. Basically, it loses a little in dungeon exploration, and its tricks tend to be less socially inclined... yet (the rogue got a few social abilities in the APG).

It doesn't have evasion....

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I recently started a new character named Tarn Najrak. Tarn is a 30 yr old Human. He is a cleric of Pharisma from the capital of Osirion, Sothis. He previously worked for the Ruby Prince by aiding in the resurrection of the Risen Guard. He is of little experience so he only played a minor role in this process. After seeing the resurrection of countless soldiers and their frequent death his belief in Pharisma's final judgement and the natural end of life began to wane. Thus he requested to be reassigned. His new assignment is to aid the Pathfinder's and to create a foot hold for the Orison culture in Absalom. He has begun to use the undead for his own purposes. He uses them to destroy other undead and to accomplish difficult tasks. These undead often fall in battle which he considers a worthy use and a perfect destruction of them. If they do not fall in battle he eventually destroys them himself so as to purify the world of them and to serve Pharisma (he is a little twisted up).

Character: Tarn Najrak

Class: Cleric of Pharisma (Separatist) (Undead Lord) 2

Alignment: N

Ability Scores:

Hp: 15 (13+2)

Armor Class:
AC: 18 (6+2)
Touch: 10
Flat-Foot: 18 (6+2)

Saving Throws:
Fort: 3
Ref: 0
Will: 4 (3+1)

BAB: +1
CMB: +1
CMD: 11

Skill Ranks:
Acrobatics: 2
Diplomacy: 1
Knowledge Religion: 1
Sense Motive: 1
Spell Craft: 1

Feats: Command Undead, Selective Channel, and Improved Channel

Traits: Sacred Conduit and Exalted of the society

So I have a couple questions for me cleric. These questions are mostly about the skeleton template and how it would affect my companion/control/animated (I don't think he will ever be animating any but who knows) minions. I'm hoping to have them focus on ranged combat.

1.) Does a skeleton have bow proficiency?
- If not how might one gain proficiency or use a ranged weapon in some other way

2.) Would a skeleton of say a manticore keep it's spikes from it's tail? Is this a possible option for a skeleton focused on ranged combat? Is this a good option for this?

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I get pretty tired of hearing about how Eidolons are so overpowered. It's usually a result of one or a couple different things.

1.) player built eidolon incorrectly
2.) player is using the eidolon's rules incorrectly
3.) the player enjoys optimizing and the rest of the group doesn't (resulting in this catastrophe)

In the future I would warn all players considering playing a summoner that they are a difficult class with many rules (and exceptions) and lots of working with numbers.

I've played and DMed with just as many summoners who's eidolon was over powered as those who's eidolon was under powered.

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I've seen both the classes and I've heard the issues people have with the ninja. I do believe that the ninja has a certain WOW factor to it when you first start reading. But, I quickly found it to be relatively balanced and not an issue. Although you might ignore my opinion because I also believe that, despite many peoples opinions, the rogue is a balanced class and not lacking in "power".

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The Shaman wrote:
Mcarvin wrote:
ninja's don't have evasion....

Not base, but they can get it at level 10+ as an advanced talent. For all that matters, that's more or less when rangers get it. So they lose out on trapfinding, trap sense, and delay evasion (unless they think it's not good enough for a rogue talent). They get poison use, no trace, light steps, and ki.

Overall, I'd say No Trace is about equal to Trap Sense (scaling situational bonuses), while poison use and light step offset trapfinding. Actually the poisoner rogue archetype substitutes TF for only poison use, but I'd say that's a rather poor deal at higher levels. The ki pool is imo the real difference maker between the two classes - if the rogue had something like that (like the inspiration pool of the 3.5 factotum) they'd be about even. It would also even out some talents, where the rogue can do X once/day, while the ninja can pay ki to use it more.

I'd trade a Ki pool for Evasion any day...

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create pit....

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ninja's don't have evasion....

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seekerofshadowlight wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
idwraith wrote:
The only Pathfinder God that has been listed as "dead" is from the Golarion campaign setting and it is not known what killed him or if he is truly dead.
That is not true. A lich killed a deity. The specifics of it are not mentioned so he may have found some artifact that weakened the god first. The specifics are up to the individual GM at the moment.
Are you talking about Arazni, wasn't she a demi-god?

She was merely a herald of Aroden. Not quite a "GOD"

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One way to look at versatile performance is to see it as replacing the ranks needed in the skill (say bluff or fly). Looking at it this way it seems really unfair that they don't count for prereqs.

Another way to view versatile performance is to see it making the Performance (xxxx) skill not totally useless and a skill point sink. If you look at it the second way you'll realize that you shouldn't be worried about not having "true ranks" in those skills because without versatile performance I wouldn't have even "effective" ranks in them anyway.

Edit: it's kinda a half full or half empty idea

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Face_P0lluti0n wrote:

I agree that adding Dex to damage makes it a god stat. The only reason I think Dervish Dance isn't completely broken is that you can't use your off-hand at all.

I'm in favor of a feat or easily dipped class ability/archetype that adds a mental stat to damage, like the 3.5 Swashbuckler does with Int.

Yeah which is something magus' are just fine with... It annoys me slightly that they can essentially TWF (with a spell albeit) with dervish dance. Am I incorrect on this?

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If an opponent can't see you then he is denied his dex. Which means a rogue can make a sneak attack against him. So is the question whether or not he can take sneak attack damage on all of his successful attacks?

Some people believe that you only get to apply sneak attack damage to one attack in a full attack action? Is it possible we can find a rule quote supporting this position?

Other people believe that you get to apply sneak attack damage to all attacks in a full attack action? Could we also find a rule quote supporting this position?

If we can just get them together it will be easier for people to make their decision on the legality of this situation.

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Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Oh yes, Voldemort--immortal wizard. If he would have gotten away with his plot in the Chamber of Secrets, he would have returned in his body at age sixteen.

If it weren't for those meddling kids he would have gotten away with it too!

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yeah elves would just watch TV... why do something in the extra 6 hours a day when you've got and extra 600 years.... =) Kinda a funny way to live. I'd get bored fast.

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stringburka wrote:

There's no rules about people needing any specific amount of sleep or food :S Where'd you gotten that from? The only thing mentioning it is in the bestiary where it's stated that humanoids need to eat and sleep. No mention of how much and how often. Heck, just sleep a few times as a baby (if babies exist? I haven't seen any rules support for it) and eat something once and you're fine to go for the rest of your life.


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chrids wrote:

Water isn't free in our world...why would every orison caster be doing it for free in PF?

Why for the good of society of course!!!! can paladins cast create water lol =D

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If they try using the unlimited water orison trick I'd warn them that they are beginning to stress their magical abilities..... and then


=) It's something that can be removed (with effort) and their are rules. It makes sense that manipulating the magicks too many times would have this effect. Pick whichever you like or just make up you're own. I like this idea (hope everyone else does too).

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My parties fight goblins till lvl 20....

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Bobson wrote:
In the situation where you cast shield other (via the rings or otherwise) and are then imprisoned, I think the only thing you can do is turn to the spell text of "Additionally, the subject takes only half damage from all wounds and attacks (including those dealt by special abilities) that deal hit point damage. The amount of damage not taken by the warded creature is taken by you". The subject takes half damage. That's irrespective of what happens to the rest of it. Then the rest is passed to you. If you're invulnerable because of imprisonment, then it just vanishes.

This interpretation seems good.

Interesting... BBEG who is neigh unkillable due to his necromantic manipulations!

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I intended no offense. I forgot this was the rules thread. What I was trying to say is that as the DM you're the judicial system so you have to interpret the law. Words can only say so much. It's you're job to apply them case by case when they aren't completely clear.

I guess you get it so peace.

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Howie23 wrote:

Unarmed strike isn't a natural weapon.

This true statement is important and often confused!

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I know this isn't the thread topic but when I see this "playing smart" idea it makes me think. There are a couple of reasons this could come up. The DM/group could be picking on you because you may not know the rules or concept of the game well. You may just make stupid decisions in the heat of the moment. The majority of cases I've seen are where the DM or group is picking on you. If this is the case I'd try to find a new group and leave the current one if the new group works out (that's what I did). If the DM/group is nice and this isn't the problem I'd suggest sitting next to one of the players who really knows their stuff and always makes the right choices and ask him for advice often.

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If you're the DM and want to use this combo.... just fiat it and do it!

If you're a PC who wants to use this combo.... stop giving your DM a hard time and pick a different concept.

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are there any other feats, items, or abilities along the same line as monk of the lotus or ki mystic?

I don't wana multi-class but right now i'm just thinking lucky halfling and a whole lotta bonus ki

Scarab Sages

When I say optimize what I mean is pick the best abilities. He won't be a combat beast or anything.

I want to play a halfling Ki Mystic Monk of the Lotus

I'm looking for feats and items that will make character decent. He's going to basically be aiding allies by flanking, neutralizing enemies, and helping allies reroll saves/attacks.

I want to take the lucky halfling feat.

I'm trying to find other feats, items, or ideas that will work with this character concept.

Any advise?

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If a Favored Class Alternative choice gives you more uses of a class ability a day but a variant takes this class ability away and gives you a different one do you lose the extra uses or do they now count for the new ability?

I haven't found anything so I'm assuming you lose the bonus. Am I missing something?

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Gignere wrote:

JJ clarified that for bows, you need two hands to use but only one hand to wield.

It was on the thread we were discussing about arcane bonded two handed weapons and whether one can cast while holding a two handed weapon.

JJ said to wield a two handed weapon meant you need to have both hands on it, meaning 2 handed weapons make horrible arcane bonded items. Someone pointed out that would kill the arcane archer PRC, then he chimed in and said, bows need only one hand to be wielded, but to use it you need two hands. So I think you can use spell combat with an arcane archer provided you are within 30 feet.

Sorry you're wrong... Regardless of how many hands it's still not a " light or one-handed melee weapon" emphasis on LIGHT or ONE-HANDED MELEE weapon. No bow is a light weapon. No bow can be USED to attack ONE-HANDED. Even if you can use it as melee attack with stabbing shot.

IDK were you're getting this 30 foot thing from either.

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imjohnnyrah wrote:

I agree but that’s for spell combat, not spellstrike. Spellstrike allows the magus to deliver any touch spell through a melee weapon. In stabbing shot you use an arrow as a melee weapon for the first of your full attack. By all means, if I'm misinterpreting this somebody please correct me.

Looks like you're right on this one. I'll warn you however that you'll be neither an effective ranged damage dealer (because of less bab and less feats) or an effective caster (because of a slower spell progression and spells per day). You'll be somewhere in between. Which is fine I just want to dispel any false ideas.

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it seems stabbing shot will not work with spell combat as it does not fulfill the "To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free, while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand." statement of the spell combat ability. All bow descriptions specifically state "You need two hands to use a bow, regardless of its size.".

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I like the class and I believe that your diagnosis is correct, beast.

I look forward to v2 tomorrow.

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I'm sorry but I really disapprove of the "charisma sucking" argument for making it still charisma based. Even with new wisdom aspect I still feel that the class is one sided towards charisma and still unbalanced.

Maybe I'm bullheaded but It's a little too much for me

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I think it's an issue of spirit of the law as opposed to letter of the law.

Scarab Sages

Borthos' idea seems reasonable you might have to re-flavor it though...

Hope you're okay with that.

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KaeYoss wrote:

I played a monk. It was only to level 12, but he was already a nightmare. The GM really hated that character. :)

You had to see the look on that vrock's face when I abundant stepped onto a castle tower and then jumped him (he was hovering over the middle of the castle yard, telekinetically throwing rocks at the melee characters downstairs), grappling him mid-air.

Screw falling damage, he was on the ground, unable to get away, and the party hacked him to pieces while I made him hit himself with his claws!

abundant step works like dimensional door right? =D I guess you could dim. door above him and fall to grapple him the following round =)

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Infused being strikes me as too powerful. I get the idea of the ability but having saves, AC (from deflective shield), and everything that should be constitution based actually based on charisma seem too powerful. If I were playing this class all of my resources would go into boosting my charisma as that (and a tiny bit of dex) is all I need.

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I played an oracle who was deaf (adding the silent spell for free) and I took both eschew and still spell so I could cast spells with no one recognizing I was. It came quite in handy with a well placed charm (assuming the target failed his saving throw). I manipulated many a situation when the enemy leader suddenly remembered we were best friends from long ago... Lots of fun =)

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I'm starting to feel that all elves are savants.

Either way I feel like that would be fun to RP =D

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Dabbler wrote:
Further, elven crafted goods are supposed to be incredibly sought after.

yeah cause it took them 500 years to make a sword...

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