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My Favorite was the Blood Kineticist (Varient multi class Monk). Went Water/Water (blood)/Lightening. Really fun build that can blast and fly Multiple damage choices.

Well damn. There you go.

So the 5th level Agent of the grave reads:

Undeath Initiate (Ex)

At 5th level, an Agent of the Grave has prepared his body and mind for the transition into undeath. He gains a +5 bonus on any ability check, skill check, or saving throw related to the process of transforming into an undead creature. This bonus can be used on any check related to becoming a creature like a lich (the process of which is largely left up to the GM’s discretion). Additionally, if slain by an undead creature with the create spawn ability, the agent of death retains his Intelligence (regardless of the type of undead he is transformed into) and free will (he is never under the control of the creature that killed him). Unless otherwise noted by the undead creature’s create spawn ability, the newly created undead Agent of the Grave loses all of his class levels. This makes transformation into a lich and vampire among the most appealing options for an Agent of the Grave seeking undeath.

Meaning if the “players” were slain by zombies they would be intelligent zombies or other undead. My idea for a mini adventure is the players were all part of a death cult that had full 5 levels of Agent of Grave. They failed a mission in backstory and as punishment where turned To undead (Skeletons, zombies, etc) but now all levels are reset and they are not mindless undead. This is where the fuel for the idea has stopped. Where should I go with this mini adventure? Revenge against cult and be undead heros? Attempted redemption? I don’t know but the root idea of playing intelligent undead I think would be a fun level 1-12 campaign.

I don’t think so because of spells granted. However if you as GM wanted to have two beings fuel the witch (like Law and Chaos) and rotation of spells Granted I don’t see why one can’t serve two Masters but that is heavy home brew

I want to build Voldermort (yeah I know orginal idea lol) as a Magus/Wand special user (Duel wielding his bound-blade (one of his phylacterys) and assortments of wands. I wanted yo give him a total of 8 phylacteries (infinity symbol) ranging amongst gears but also wanted to make a fun curse mechanic for each. I’m thinking the following for each:

1) Intelligent Blade. Intelligent item with high ego whose goals align with dark lord.
2) Rechargeable Wand: Cast a spell on wand when empty it and fuels it for 50 charges. Curse: Owner disregards all other equipment as secondary. The wands well-being comes first. Causes players to distrust everyone
3) Magic Ring. Ring of telekinesis . Curse pending.
4) Bag of Holding Type IV. Curse: Unnatural greed. Grants Avarice drawback as well as double hunger. Holder must consume 3x the amount of food daily to stay healthy. Keeps curse until item is destroyed
5) Enchanted Gold Coin. 3x a day allows Wielder to reroll bad rolls as immediate actions. Curse: Owner is impulse and is unable to formally plan
6) Necklace. Type pending. Curse pending.
7) Gauntlets of Rusting Grasp; Greater. Curse: on top of the 3 normal times, at random the gloves can affect the owners equivalent 3x a day.
8) familiar. Animal pending. Curse: slaying infects killer with Lich Corruption no save. Player must deal with corruption separately.

Other then the blade/Familiar he wouldn’t keep the items on him. The only theme I want to take from Voldermort is several phylacterys. The goal is to make each item special enough to temp players and NPCS to keep them.

Derklord wrote:
McDaygo wrote:
As a follow on think of it from an engineering standpoint. If a tank is rated to hold 32 gallons of liquid; 32 shouldn’t break it but 32.1 (or for simplicity sake round up to 33 that is when the tank bursts.

AC is not a tank, it doesn't get "full". It's a yes/no thing, more like a warning light that shows an overload. An AC23 is 'rated' to withstand an attack roll of 22, with the number given being the point where it breaks.

McDaygo wrote:
Another one is confirming Fumbles. DC15 reflex negates a fumble to a regular miss. We use fumble deck to keep them balanced.

Fumbles, of course. Have to do something to keep the Fighters and Monks in check so that the poor underpowered Wizards and Clerics have a chance to compete!

How do DCs work in your system, do spellcasters get a +1 to DCs because the target has to beat the DC rathern than match it as well?

Every save in any group I have played with has always been tie goes to defender. So yes Magic has to overcome just like martial has to overcome.

Why would they get a +1?

The reasoning behind confirmation of a fumble is an experienced Warrior is not going to automatically drop his weapon.

I’m willing to try. Do you use roll20.net?

I’m a GM that is looking to play in someone else’s game as a player. Have a few character ideas but depends the world which route I go.

As a follow on think of it from an engineering standpoint. If a tank is rated to hold 32 gallons of liquid; 32 shouldn’t break it but 32.1 (or for simplicity sake round up to 33 that is when the tank bursts.

We just applied the same to AC

I absolutely agree it is changes the balance templates from template. In my opinion some of the variant half fiend templates are not OP at all.

MrCharisma wrote:
McDaygo wrote:
Tie going to Offender. Every group I play with makes the offender have to overcome defense not meet it.

As in: I roll a 23 to hit vs your 23 AC? Yeah your groups do it wrong. Although as long as the rule is consistent it really just makes combat a little bit less deadly for everyone involved (which favours the PCs slightly).

(If you mean something else you might have to explain it.)

Yep. In the example of a AC 23 you need a 24 to hit. Theory being you overcome a defensive. If you meet the threshold it should prevent it.

Another one is confirming Fumbles. DC15 reflex negates a fumble to a regular miss. We use fumble deck to keep them balanced.

I’ve had luck with it in the past. My old group allowed templates that were acquired if they did the leg work (Lich, Death Knight, Vampire, etc) while it did give them some cool abilities I or the rotating GM of the week was able to keep the threat balanced across the board. Almost all of the undead templates have a crippling weakness a clever spell caster can take advantage of as long as they overcome SR. The other character was a mutant (he Acquired via radiation; wr ruled that the chance to become a mutant depends on the intensity level of Radiation and only procs when the con damage taken is healed.) Even he was easy to manage.

I’ve done the CR “level” as a class level for inherited templates in the past and it does balance out. Sure the Template has better stats in certain areas but normally class abilities of other classes out weight those gained. Not to mention the loss of a a Hit die, potential skill ranks, and save bonuses. It equals out

Tie going to Offender. Every group I play with makes the offender have to overcome defense not meet it.

Also he is losing a total of 3 levels. The other players especially other casters will obliterate him.

Just because he is tougher don’t make him unstoppable though. A half glabrezu to make a Draegloth. Yes they get spell like abilities and a bite pinch pinch but nothing that will completely break the party.

So I have a group of players all level five. One of the players wants to start at level three with a +2 template. My question is do I gear him with starting gold level 3 or level 5?

The entire dungeon is a colossal Mimic. That has other smaller Mimics inside it as well. If the PC’s are monsters they either can or don’t know which chamber is the no no room (where they get eaten if in)

So in the home game I am running I have a party of level 5 players that are geared for level 3 play; reason being as it is a home game instead of actual experience points I’m leveling the party when they reach certain story points (we only play 3-4 hours biweekly).

Right now each player is 7.5k short of where their gear should be. I don’t want to just give the money and say go shopping as that feels like the lazy writer route. Instead I want to gear them up next game so I was thinking “free” weapon/armor enchants as the players have a cleric and oracle of the same god in party like a divine gift magically powered up their gear or they can stumble upon a store house but then I’d just give each character an item to help their character.

How would you go about it?

So it wouldn’t give DR if dermal plating?

I had the idea for at least a year or a dragon that aura was radioactive and was the source of strange abundance of mutations in an areas where they never existed before.

I promise kaiju were not the inspiration but definitely has similarities

Lawful or Chaotic Neutral; I have a hard time seeing a “good” dragon poisoning and potentially mutating local local life passively.

That Poison Dragon is pretty cool.

I’ve considered giving it mutations off of of the mutant template but decided it has a better chance at creating mutants then becoming one.

So I want to build a Dragon that’s type is radioactiive. I’m trying to do a little work as possible from scratch and doing more of swap abilities of a Say a Red or Black dragon and tweek some abilities. Like add a radioactive aura (depending size/age is sevarity), breath weapon would be fire that is requires a fort save for radioactive damage.

What Dragon do you think would be the easiest to convert and would you change the CR?

How I’ve seen the spell done was both ways (it depends the GM) One saw permanent as permanent so the dead body said that form till a dispelling happened.

The other group I saw do it since the body returned after death to natural form. Now to fix this a wizard created a higher level of the spell to make it instantaneous vs. permanent so the magic came, did it’s job and was gone so nothing was there to dispell.

As the question states can Cybertech (arms/Legs/Dermal plates)be made out of special materials like Adamantine? Would the cost adjustment be weapon for limbs and light armor for plating?

Well laser pistol shoot through walls of force and such so the speed would be irrelevant I think.

My idea is a light firearm (pistol on dead pilot), some basic medical equipment which would be expected to be on a plane, and small things like that.

I know balance would be 1) Without the technologist feat (no one on world had a reason to take it) no one can roll over a 10 on a knowledge check so no one will be able to properly identify any of it. 2) attempts at reverse engineering will destroy the item. 3) Limited batteries (1d4)

So I’m running a homebrew world game which mixes high fantasy with steampunk. In an upcoming session I’m planning to have players find a crashedt transport aircraft that came from a Rift. Nothing too crazy will be there and the balance will be battery charges.

To keep this a discussion vs. advice can small amounts of technology be temporary introduced (cause when empty its gone) and not throw the game completely off balance.

No burn would not change at all.

I’d advise don’t draw out entire maze. Only rooms with combat put dimensions on

So I found a 3rd party alternate racial class for Android “Living Weapon”

Living Weapon (Brawler; Android)

Contents [hide]
Brawler’s Flurry (Ex)
Create Energy Weapons (Su)
Improved Energy Weapons (Su)
Malleable Weapons (Ex)
Augmented Energy Weapons (Su)
Finishing Strike (Ex)
The civilization that created the first android bodies specialized a certain model for combat and combat alone. While many of these units have not survived to the present day, a living weapon is occasionally found deep within remote ruins. Built with specialized circuitry and nanites capable of producing weapons made from raw energy, androids of this type make masterful assassins, bodyguards, and sellswords.

Associated Class: brawler

Associated Race: android

Replaced Abilities: unarmed strike, maneuver training, knockout, brawler’s strike, close weapon mastery, awesome blow, improved awesome blow

Modified Abilities: brawler’s flurry

Brawler’s Flurry (Ex)

A living weapon can perform a brawler’s flurry with any combination of unarmed strikes, weapons from the close fighter weapon group, or any energy weapons she creates. She cannot perform a brawler’s flurry with a special monk weapon.

Create Energy Weapons (Su)

As a move action, a living weapon can form up to two semi-solid weapons composed of raw energy, powered and reinforced by her circuitry and nanites. These weapons can take the form of a handaxe, short sword, any simple weapon, or a weapon from the close fighter weapon group. If the living weapon uses these energy weapons with her brawler’s flurry or Two-Weapon Fighting, she suffers any applicable penalties as normal.

An energy weapon lasts indefinitely but dissipates if it leaves her hand or if she dismisses it as a free action. The living weapon’s circuitry can maintain up to two energy weapons at once; if she attempts to create more, any existing energy weapons she is wielding dissipate.

Improved Energy Weapons (Su)

At 3rd level, any energy weapons the living weapon creates possess a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. At 7th level and every 4 levels thereafter, this enhancement bonus improves by +1, to a maximum of a +5 enhancement bonus at 19th level.

Malleable Weapons (Ex)

Once she reaches 4th level, the living weapon can create energy weapons as a swift action, rather than a move action. At 10th level, she can use a swift action to change an energy weapon she has already created from one type of weapon to another (such as from a handaxe to a short sword). At 16th level, she can create or change the type of her energy weapons as an immediate action.

Augmented Energy Weapons (Su)

Beginning at 5th level, the living weapon unlocks subroutines that can direct a greater flow of power to her energy weapons. Any energy weapons she creates gain the shock special property, dealing 1d6 electricity damage on a successful hit. At 9th level, her energy weapons are also treated as ghost touch weapons. At 13th level, her energy weapons gain the shocking burst property, and finally, at 17th level, they gain the keen property.

Finishing Strike (Ex)

At 16th level, the living weapon can overload her energy weapons in an attempt to instantly kill a creature. She can use this ability once per day and must decide to use it before making her attack roll. On a successful hit with an energy weapon that deals damage, the target must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the living weapon’s level + the higher of her Strength or Dexterity modifiers) or die. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to the living weapon’s finishing strike.

After using this ability, any active energy weapons dissipate, and the living weapon must wait 1d4 rounds before creating further weapons.

At 20th level, the living weapon can use this ability twice per day.

I have zero experience with the brawler class, is this 3rd party option balanced in other players eyes? If so I’d apply the WTW to a living weapon and it is what I was looking for.

Nyerkh wrote:

What do you want from the vigilante ?

Because Kineticists already wear armor, so it's not exactly a big deal as is.
Limiting their class features to them wearing armor probably comes with a need for some related goodies, since things good turn sour really fast, but it's not like we don't have archetypes or PrC with ties to very specific types of armor : Hellknights come to mind.
Something to get a bit more out of your suit, and/or some armor training could be enough. Not overdoing it is going to be the thing.

Definitely don’t want to overdue it. What I wanted from Vigilante was the social side when not in suit.

The kineticist idea (in full plate) is a “magic” equivalent to power armor but using nature (burn pool) vs. battery to power it. More a flavor build them optimising.

Quixote wrote:
McDaygo wrote:
Designed so the horror themed BBEG can potentially one shot. The encounter is designed to be scary for real threat of loss not kooky spooky stuff

If this is a singular and unique item/ability belonging to a specific bump in the night, it doesn't need to be a mundane weapon. It can be a sort of artifact, or just a natural attack of the horror.

Maybe it acts as a +3 unholy spiked gauntlet with a threat range of 18-20/×3 that gains +1 enhancement, icy burst and the bane special ability whenever it is used to attack a flat-footed opponent.
Maybe the monster can study an opponent for 3 rounds, then does 3d6 sneak attack, 3d6 cold and a free Phantasmal Killer.

Natural attack for sure. I’ll probably do a +3 keen (morphing)Bane Spiked Gauntlet reskinned as glove. The morphing will be the initial hit zero bane, the follow on hits the type of bane it is shifts to appropriate type. Keep Crit range to 18 (15 with keen) but keep modifyer to x2. If the creature was a nightmare Monk instead of sneak use flurry with glove. Scary encounters when it has konk speed and potential damage output.

Designed so the horror themed BBEG can potentially one shot. The encounter is designed to be scary for real threat of loss not kooky spooky stuff

Easy day.

I can see it being too powerful however Using the custom weapon rules I can always tweak the critical range of a based item. I want it to crit frequently (critical based NPC) but the critical hit modifyer doesn’t need the increasez

I see this template is an acquired template but how would one go about acquiring it if not born a nightmare creature? I’ve seen GM’s allow the damnation feats be used (take the template when you level up vs. a level) but that is heavy homebrew territory. In your opinion what are good storytelling reasons or reasonable ways one could become a nightmare creature?

Vigilante for Uncle. Has quiet family life in social but secret crazy stuff in vigilante

So I have an Idea for a Kineticist where it’s the armor he/she wears that allows them to access their powers. Think like Iron Man if you will but not power armor.

Maybe have it as a vigilante archtype instead. Have it gain kinetic blasts but only when in armor. Instead of Vigilante talents, gain wild talents (only useable in armor). At level 7 they can select a 2nd and and 15 third element. Allow them to craft magical armor as a bonus feat. Bonded armor only works for them. Keep burn the same, keep blast damage and scaling the same as they need to be in their armor to use a ability. Not sure where I stand on keeping metamagic blasts and elemental overflow if this is a vigilante archtype.

I’ll eventually write out a full 20 build table bit idea is roughly brewing. Basically I want to combine the flavor of the Kineticist and Vigilante without making it too powerful. I’ll scrub te other archtypes then make submission of the pitch,

However Demons especially will look for loopholes around that bound task.

So while I’m not building Freddy himself I do want a NPC that uses a glove like Freddy’s; only the blade retract.

I looked at the spiked gauntlet/3.5 bladed gauntlet and other creatures claw attacks and part of me thinks that base damage would be a bad comparison.

The Spiked was 1d4, the bladed was 1d6 (for one small blade) and most claws are 1d6 for a medium creature; because this is 4 light blades attacking at the same time is this too powerful:

Retractable Clawed Glove
Cost (Pending) gp Weight 1 lb.
Damage 4d3 (small), 4d4 (medium) Critical 18-20/x2 Type piercing
Category light Proficiency exotic
Weapon Group close

Benefit: An attack with a clawed glove is considered an armed attack. Your opponent cannot use a disarm action to disarm you of a clawed glove.

Special: the blades can be withdrawn into the glove adding a +10 bonus to slight of hand only for hiding that the glove is a weapon.

I decided to give it a high critical range due to the ease of being able to get in close with this weapon for unexpected big damage.

Also aren’t they banished to their plane for at least 100 years? Sure they can get revenge on the grandchildren and bloodline of then banishers as an option but they would rather take you down.

Fire sight wildtalent?

I ran a 13 haunt game. Players were locked in a building with magically no escape unless they freed the 13 haunts. So they had to deal with not only the haunts themselves and random undead but supply management. No one was a cleric or divine caster so food was limited.

Then I threw in the food they existed in the house was from the first world. In my games fey food when eaten on the material plan has weird effects (temporary to longterm pending save but never permanent). The players actually never had to eat the food as they had enough rations to last the week in game it took them but all had fun.

At the end when the 13th spirit was freed a door that was locked (couldn’t be picked or forced open) opened up for a bbeg fight with treasure.

What is the tech level of your campaign? Full fantasy? Black powder? Steam punk?

If you want the army to be scary Gunslinger rogues. Have them stealth around the city velociraptor style. You see the squad but the 5-6 hidden in the shadows you never saw coming.

However a non caster variant based off of the T-1000 would make a great enemy. Give it spell like abilities but treat them as Ex abilities like alter shape, something to turn limbs into blades, ventriloquism, etc

Valid point. Dex and CHA it is. However I do want to give it the invulnerabilitys and weakness if machines.

Good catch. Probably just give a dex bonus as there is zero reason for a machine to have a high cha.

https://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/daemons/olethr odaemon

Close to it.

I played a witch from 1-12 before retiring the character. I did crowd control with Misfortune, Evil eye and cackle. Making opponents have to reroll everything and take the worst roll and giving them a -4 to saves then throw in a slumber for a coup de gras

I went insanity but that was a flavor thing. It wad a witch of the dark tapestry.

Witches are not heavy hitters spell casters you have to realize but have status effects and crowd control like crazy.

Wands and Meta magic are going to be to your friend. I’m actually designing a witch Assassin NPC and if I really like it I’m going to reverse build it as a PC to play when I find another GM

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