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I can haz Kingmaker Pawns set? Pleaze!

Owen, stop asking questions and get to work on The Talented Rogue! :p

P.S. Why don't you visit my father?

Hoppy Floppy Birfes Day!

Mawgetebab'dly wrote:
I can haz chatroom?

I haz chatz!

I can haz chatroom?

Justin Sluder wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Kaiju also appeared in Wayfinder #2. :)
*cough* Also, Wayfinder #3. :D

Yeah! Don't forget about "little" old me! :D

What does the peoples reading the Wayfinder #3 think of sexy sexy me?

I am a sexy sexy magical beast! (see pdf pg 65)

Hugo Solis wrote:

Wayfinder is F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D.!!!

Stay sharp folk, now lets cheer the PMG to upload it fast :D


Vote for Wayfinder #1 or I will eat you, and not let you out!