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James Jacobs wrote:

Level 20 has always been the cap.

At CR 26, he's above the normal maximum CR a plain old 20th level 10th tier wizard could hever hit.

I am not worried considering this dark lord of all undeath is on the frontcover of the world guide, I am pretty sure he will be very terrifying.

and more importantly old-mage Jantembe woot!!

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Tsuto joined the goblins in the room with all the molten glass (the furnace room I believe),he critical unarmed striked our rogue to -3, stunned the wizard only to get bullrushed by our fighter into the molten glass and promptly died a horrible death.
It was kinda of a epic fight because the pc's had basically been steamrolling everything by this point. It also made it really awkward with poor ameiko since said fighter was courting her and was once her brother's best buddy till they had a falling out. Ah the rp was interesting to say teh least

James Jacobs wrote:
There's a gay couple in the next adventure, in fact, so the inclusiveness isn't stopping with Anevia and Irabeth in this AP.

This couple in the next issue wouldn't happen to be that group from the Rivals book ? I believe they where called the argent something but unforunately the full name escapes me I remeber their was a oracle gnome or hafling, a fighter/duelist, fighter and a wizard.

So I need to start buying this and mythic adventures... Paizo you magnificent bastards. Thank god I already have school paid off or otherwise I might need to get another loan to pay for all this :P

This may or may not have been posted earlier ,but I was wondering if there will other types of fiends such as Asura and Divs I heard about the Oni and I was wondering if they would be included ?

Now I know from first hand experience and reading the forums that if your players are not careful or a few unlucky rolls, they will be worm food, literally. But I was wondering how many DM’s have had players survive to the end of the Age of Worms, start to finish, and what did you do after?
The reason I am asking is because I started running this adventure path a while back, and I warned my players that this is a tough campaign and they might want to print off a few extra character sheets just in case. As it turned out I was dead wrong they made it completely to the end (much to my surprise). At level 22 they had an epic 4 hour battle with Kyuss that was nearly the end of them all. Now I am not saying they breezed thru, like all things they had some good and bad sessions (Dragotha, Lashonna, Faceless One to name a few), but they didn’t leave any lose ends lying around, they saved and the scourged have piece of exp and gp, used their heads and they made it to the very end and more importantly had a blast doing it.
My Survivors are:
Adventuring Company Name: Pelor’s Morning Star
Eldric Vel (AL: CG human male Rogue 2/Fighter 18/Tempest 5)
Seldirk Manis (AL: NG assimar male Cleric 20 of Pelor/Hierophant 5)
Cohort: Alleria Sunstride (Al:LG female human Paladin of Pelor 23)
Zook “Lucky” Fernas (AL: CN male half-drow Rogue 21/Fighter 4)
Nali Fernas (AL: CG female half-drow Cleric 7 of Boccob/Wizard 8/ Mystic Theurge 10)

The Aftermath: Eldric is the new prince of Alastor and along with the rest of the group are cleaning it up and trying to make it a better place. Finally killed Lashonna (with a time stop and empowered heals) before she could become the worm goddess after they kill Kyuss. They are currently making alliances with other good aligned nations and opening up trade. We play it now and again because they really like their characters and their little city.

p.s. Zook got the nickname lucky because James, the guy playing him got 6 natural twenties in a session (I kid you not).