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I'm a player, not a GM, in a recently started Ruins of Azlant game. Crafting things in this game seems to be a major focus but there is always a 'pay X in GP' to craft items and we are not finding a lot of gold along the way. And finding the raw materials is also an issue.

For example. To create a magic scroll, you have to make the paper, special ink(?), etc. to half the price of the scroll. From what I've seen, you can gather a Profession skill check in GP per week with steady work (aka no adventuring). This is basically doubling up the time required to make items since you have to also 'farm' the value of the components to make it.

Has someone created a revised profession skill system that makes acquiring the raw materials for crafting?

I've found the "Making Craft Work" for, well, making crafting work a bit better to still allow adventuring. But nothing that replaces the 'throw gold at the issue' for the materials.


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Wrath wrote:
Every character in my games speaks with an Australian accent :)


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OK, no rule about it but had it at a Society table today and thought it worked brilliantly. So thought I'd share the idea and if it sticks, great. If not, meh.

Oh, only for Yoski from their home planet of Akiton. That way if you want to play along but not speak with an accent, you can be from another planet. :D

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I could use a copy of them as well. We'll be starting Spires in two weeks.

markusdark at hotmail.com

Thank you so much.

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Chaotik wrote:
Ok. so i've heard markusdark's version of the goblin song. and i'm PRAYING that there's a better version of it out there somewhere....hordes of Pathfinder fans and that synthesized crap is the best anyone can come up with?

Waiting to hear yours...

There are those who will do their best to create something that will enhance their, and others, play experience and people will enjoy and then there are those who won't raise a finger to do it but will criticize anyone who does.

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Just a little history on the coins:

At the beginning of 2011 Painlord wanted some 'token of gratitude' to hand out to the judges of a series of Pathfinder Society games being held at a local convention. Being a bit of a tinkerer, I came up with the following simple coin for the Bay Area Pathfinder Society (BAPS)

It was very rough and done in a bit of a hurry. I told Painlord that I would do a better job for the next convention which was going to be held in May. He suggested that we add in the 'base square' so that figures could easily be placed into them to use the coins as large bases (they were already just under 2" for that need) so going back and forth with him, we designed the style you see currently. Inside the square is the name of the convention that they are handed out at.

These coins, unfortunately, are not for sale - in part because they have a copyrighted design on one side of them and I'd prefer not to get sued - but mainly because they are an award for people who put forth a lot of effort into having others enjoy the games (aka the game masters).

We are currently looking towards other design ideas for other awards/rewards (a couple of prototypes Painlord was pimping at the convention) and hopefully you'll see even more interesting and exciting things coming from the Bay Area Pathfinder Society.

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tlc_web tlc_web wrote:
Compulsary Brothel Service: That law would generate lots of unrest. Especially among the straight men who don't want to be anally used.

It is the military OR brothel service. Which, in addition:

1) Women also go to the brothels so straight men don't have to worry.
2) If not doing the main duties, there's always cooking, cleaning, security, etc.

There's more that I could post but it would quickly spiral into a talk about prostitution instead of the game. In a fantasy world, even a lowly 'professional' can wield the power (see Inara from Firefly/Serenity).

Yes, we're having fun. No, we're not horny nerds. Well we could be considered that but we all have wives/girlfriends and the two ladies at the table are the ones who pushed for the brothel idea.

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You forgot to include that when any citizen comes of age, they need to serve a year either in the military or a brothel. That way, they get to know their fellow citizens either by defending them or succoring them.

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Would still love some answers to these questions:

Flickmace - how far of a reach does it have? What actions are required to extend it and then retract it (move, standard, free, etc.)?
Switchscythe - what is the cost for it? Are the rest of the stats the same as a regular scythe?
Gnome weapons - which ones, if any, of them are considered a Gnome weapons and are therefore Martial instead of Exotic for Gnomes?

If there was an errata somewhere about this, I have failed to find it.

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Actually, upon checking the Adventurer's Armory, the Armored Kilt is not listed as an item. There is a paragraph that 'updates' the rules in the Campaign Setting book but the item, in itself, is not listed (i.e. stats, etc.) in the Armory.

But I would also like a clarification on what happens when books collide (such as with the Elven Curved Blade between the Core Rulebook and the Campaign Setting.

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This has been asked a couple of times but has not been answered. Under "Before Combat", it says that Erylium will be invisible. However, in the encounter, it has her ranting at the PC's and she must be visible because there is a 'sense motive' check. So, is she invisible then turns visible when they enter to rant, cut, drip, etc.?

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Urizen wrote:

What's the freeware software? You have me curious. :D

It's called "Audacity" - it was the first freeware/trial whatever that would allow me to save my audio file. However, it wouldn't let me save it as an MP3 - I had to save it as a WAV file then use my VCL player on my computer to save it as an MP3.

I jumped through a lot of hoops but for something that I was going to only use once for 10 minutes, I didn't feel like shelling out $50+ for a semi-professional software package.

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Well the AP mentions them being high pitched. And I was using a freeware program to edit my voice, and I am naturally around a baritone so it was the best I could get. Anything more sounded really robotic and/or helium. But not bad for one hour of work in a cube of an office, eh?

I should note that there are three voices singing that. I offset one by 1 millisecond and have each one at a slightly different pitch to give it a group sound.

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Do whatever you want to it. Just send me the links. :)

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With my lunch hour before the game, I sung into a digital tape recorder, put the file onto my computer and butchered it with a freeware audio editor. The resulting mix I put onto my phone and played it in a loop at a very low volume (so low the players couldn't make out the words, just the tempo) and slowly raised it a notch at the beginning of every initiative. They loved it. Word of warning though - don't do this at a convention - apparently people not playing your game isn't too fond of it.


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I have a quick question about the first encounter

It mentions that if the players violate the 'no drawn weapons' rule, the owner and his dog will attack. How are the players suppose to learn about this rule? Or are they just suppose to fight the owner and his dog?

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Do you have a paypal account? I'd love to pay you for your work on this. I tried buying something off your wishlist but it wanted to ship it to me instead of you.

I can be contacted at markusdark@hotmail.com in case you want to chat privately about this stuff.

Thanks for ALL your work here!

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Not sure if it's been mentioned (only checked last couple of pages) but the Oracle listing in the DataClasses tab for version 7.12 is really messed up. It's referencing the wrong lines when it comes to itself and checking for class skills.

Example: Cell AE44 reads: =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND($B$42,Class)),1,0)
Should read: =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND($B$44,Class)),1,0).

Example: Cell AA44 reads: =IF(AND(Lvl_Ora>0,ISNUMBER(FIND(AA28,Oracle_Class_Skills))),1,0)
Should read: =IF(AND(Lvl_Ora>0,ISNUMBER(FIND(AA27,Oracle_Class_Skills))),1,0)

Not sure if all of the skill checks are in the right place either - I don't think they are.

Looks like the Cavalier has the same issue.

Also check the Class total cell of T29 - it doesn't have some in there - such as the Oracle.

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I know I know, I'm amazed too. The character concept is a stone Oracle that isn't a fighter but he lets his rock friends do the fighting for him (aka the Throw Rock ability). I wanted it so that if someone got too close to him, he could just hit them with his shield to get them away from him but other than that, he doesn't use a real weapon.

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So, I just wanted clarification on this as it seems that the rule is a little in conflict.

A shield, when wielded as a weapon is to be treated as a light(Small) or One handed (Medium) Martial weapon. However, you can have proficiency in a shield without having proficiency in Martial Weapons. My question is that if you attempt a shield bash (or improved shield bash) but do not have the ability to use Martial Weapons, do you take an additional -4 to the attack roll? If you do need to take Martial Weapon Proficiency in order to wield the shield as a weapon effectively, do you actually have to take one in each class (small shield, small spiked shield, medium shield, medium spiked shield) to be effective with all of them?

I would think that having shield proficiency would allow you to wield a shield as a weapon.

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As per the rulebook:

"Deafened: A deafened character cannot hear. He takes a –4 penalty on initiative checks, automatically fails Perception checks based on sound, takes a –4 penalty on opposed Perception checks, and has a 20% chance of spell failure when casting spells with verbal components.
Characters who remain deafened for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them."

For an Oracle that takes the Deaf curse, I am assuming that th 20% chance spell failure is not in play due to the spells having the Silent Spell Feat applied to them. But I was wondering if/when/how the last sentence may come into play for an Oracle. If a suggestion is warranted, I would suggest that every even level the player can remove a -1 from either the initiate check or the opposed Perception check however they have to be removed equally during character advancement. For example, if at level 2 I reduce the penalty of my initiative check to a -3, at level 4 I have to reduce the penalty of my opposed Perception check by 1. The differences in penalties between the two cannot be greater than 1.

The deaf Oracle will always fail Perception checks based on sound.

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I didn't read all 300+ posts so I apologize if this was already said but here's my 2 cents worth.

I personally would like replay to be an option. There were many times in the RPGA where I'd run an event, get to the end of it and the rewards would be a perfect fit... for my other character. Yes, this is a greed thing but if a reward is out there that would best suit another character of mine, why shouldn't I be allowed to go get it to increase my enjoyment of the game? If people are strongly set against allowing others to replay a module, my suggestion would be to have either 'replay only' events or at the very least let people know ahead of time if a player has played it before.

Now, replaying with the same character? That is just plain silly.