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Please cancel my subscription. Wonderful product, having issue with other payments at this time.

-W. Tramp

I'm looking forward to testing some design ideas I have been having on the new playtest! Woooooohoooooooooooooo

I love you Chris.

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I think we can all agree that (1) yes, it sucks that we were told one thing yet given another (however brief that will last), (2) we are all very excited to dive into this AP, and (3) that we have overall dealt with disappointment before but can accept that as a human enterprise there are bound to be set backs, errors, and mistaken timelines.

That stated, I don't believe the irritation comes from the lack of the player's guide, as much as the phrasing by Chris that implies the less than positive responses on when the Player's guide is going to be delayed until are a product of our own misconceptions, rather than an expectation set by another Paizo employee.

Than again, he did say on track, not dead set.

Why not all a top hat?

Gangham Style, turns out, was a passing fad. The Paladin, choosing short lived change over long standing tradition, fell.

The Paladin threw the orphan throw a tavern window and drew his greatsword before advancing on the helpless child.

Without a voice of reason to stay their anger, the forum arguers lost their humanity and therefore their mortal souls. The paladin fell, for the greatest evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

The paladin stopped, collaborated, and listened.

The paladin fell as his deity specifically told him to go Bonkers.

The paladin attempted to put the USB drive in his computer, failed, flipped it upside down and attempted again, failed again, flipped it upside down a second time, and inserted it successfully.

The paladin fell as the word was "Orcus" as he was writing a sworn pledge to serve the demon lord.

The Paladin screamed "You made me do this!" as he choked the life out of the Astral Deva

The paladin fell because the new way was a Ponzi scheme.

The Paladin retired to a life of quiet solitude.