The Paladin fell because...

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The Paladin fell because the country stayed third world, and Abadar requires the advancement of civilization.

The Paladin commenced his studies towards a PHD in Para-Psychological Taxation.

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The Paladin fell for not making INT his dump stat, as a Proper Paladin ought to.

The Paladin restored a vampire's humanity.

The paladin fell because the restored human died of old age, and he had therefore murdered an innocent.

The Paladin watched the entire dvd box set of seventh heaven in one sitting.

He slept through almost all of it(hey, he's only human).

The Paladin bumped every topic that mentioned his deity.

The Paladin massacred a whole room full of innocents to get to the wi-fi, so......

The Paladin did his math homework

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The Paladin fell for unleashing an unspeakable eldritch horror from beyond the crude boundaries of time, space, and sanity, which came seeping through the solved equations as though through a door that had finally been opened.

The Paladin whistled while he worked.

He was whistling the Imperial March.

The Paladin, after scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl, did an exaggerated endzone celebration.

The paladin fell, due to pulling his clothes over his head, soccer style.
Flashing in public isn't part of paladin code of conduct.

The paladin is promoting the latest prada.

The paladin fell because he was confused for a denizen of hell: Asmodeus wears prada.

The paladin tripped over a small, unexposed lip on a set of stairs.

By failing to fix the limp after his tumble, or reporting the problem to the building's managers, he endangered the lives and well-being of all those who would come after him.

The paladin used his immense wealth, earned from years of adventuring, to build and maintain dozens of churches, soup kitchens, and orphanages.

The paladin fell because "Money is the root of all Evil" thus even having it means the Paladin is associating with Evil.

The paladin didn't take part in an Internet argument.

Without a voice of reason to stay their anger, the forum arguers lost their humanity and therefore their mortal souls. The paladin fell, for the greatest evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

The paladin stopped, collaborated, and listened.

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The Paladin tried Burma Shave!

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The paladin's face...

Looked just swell...

But unwholesome foam...

Sent him to hell...

Burma Shave

The Paladin gambled with his life to destroy an Arch-Demon... and won!

The paladin fell because gambling is immoral, as determined by the Puritans, who are of course representative of all Christian morality in the past, and the past is always better than the present.

The paladin whooped it Gangham Style.

Gangham Style, turns out, was a passing fad. The Paladin, choosing short lived change over long standing tradition, fell.

The Paladin threw the orphan throw a tavern window and drew his greatsword before advancing on the helpless child.

He didn't pay the barkeep for the window he broke.

The paladin smuggled and sold illegal drugs to raise money for an orphanage.

The paladin fell because he was away so often smuggling that he wasn't there to prevent the orphanage burning down with all the orphans inside.

The Paladin went on a romantic date on Valentine's day with his lawfully wedded wife.

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The Paladin fell because his deity had, after many thoughtful debates with one of Its Chaotic Good peers, finally been convinced that marriage is an Evil institution.

The Paladin competed in an episode of Takeshi's Castle, and won!

The paladin fell because he used smite on Takeshi, which was not part of winning protocol.

The paladin had her eyelashes extended, to furter her appeal and therefor increasing her diplomacy check.

Likely guess of why she fell according to next poster?
Likely cheating if this is actually used.:

Extended eyelashes are instruments of seduction....not something paladins would do.

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The paladin fell because the extensions were actually all natural implants donated from a local orphanage...

The paladin read the spoiler, but then intentionally did not use that solution.

By not doing so, the Paladin spoiled the narrative, which triggered an unwritten clause in the Paladin code.

The Paladin forgot to learn the paladin code during his training.

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The paladin fell because he instead learned Morse code, and would only talk in a series of bleeps, which most people assumed to be censored profanity.

The paladin tried to prevent a forest fire.

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He turned into a ranger.

The Paladin found where the villain lived and tossed a gator in through a window. :)

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A crocodile would have been a strictly superior choice. The Paladin falls for settling on partial measures when battling Evil.

The Paladin started World War III.

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The paladin stole the rightful credit for the war from Donald Trump.

The paladin heard a tree fall in the forest where there was nobody else around to hear it.

Silver Crusade

The Paladin lives in a cyberpunk nightmare world. There are no treees, so he must be lying!

The Paladin used Autocorrect.

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The Paladin fell because he was a toenails.

The Paladin traveled back in time to prevent a great evil from being released.

The evil was his great-great-great-grandfather, and by killing him, the paladin ceased to exist, which meant he could not go back in time to defeat the evil, which meant he existed, so he went back in time to defeat the great evil... thus creating a temporaral paradox which caused him to fall.

The paladin got kicked out of an all you can eat buffet.

Despite being lawfully thrown out for causing a disturbance (Preaching loudly to everyone in the restaraunt.) the Paladin wrote a scathing, mostly lying review on Bing, giving the restaraunt 1 star despite being one of the best buffets in the country.

The paladin stole candy from a baby.

The paladin fell because the baby's dad was an ex marine and he kicked his ass.

The paladin goes to the Gym.

Silver Crusade

Treadmills were originally designed as torture devices. Therefore the Paladin's cardio was promoting torture.

The Paladin built a better mousetrap.

The paladin fell because it involved C4, blowing up a house and residents, alongside the mouse.

The paladin stopped, dropped, and rolled.

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... on top of the pies for the bake sale, just ruining them for everybody.

The Paladin started wearing Hide Shirts made out of 100% locally-sourced human hide.

His god had an exclusivity contract with a different clothing manufacturer, and wearing other clothes violated the terms of the contract.

The paladin agreed to join the Dragon Lord in conquering the world, instead of fighting him to free the lands from his evil reign.

The Paladin did not seal the verbal agreement to join the Dragon Lord with a handshake, invalidating it entirely.

The Paladin stole from the poor and gave to the rich.

But the paladin still fell, stealing is stealing.

The paladin is going to Tokyo's 2016 Manga Cosplay Convention.

The paladin is cosplaying as a rogue therefore promoting stealing.

The paladin joined a barbershop quartet

He sang off-key.

The paladin dethroned the rightful king in order to install a democracy.

The paladins deity was a communist

The paladin was secretly his own father, and revealed it to himself in a dramatic scene.(which involved an hand being cut off)

The paladin fell because, though he sacrificed his own hand to promote the Truth, it was gross disrespect of his elder, himself.

The paladin cheated on his mother.

The paladin fell because his mother was his sister.

The paladin went on vacation to Vegas.

The Paladin brought some of the money he won with him, violating that most important of rules: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

After much trial and error, the Paladin discovered that there really is only one way to skin a cat.

Sadly the cat was his wife's familiar.

The paladin went out to IHOP for dinner.

And blasphemously didn't order any pancakes.

The Paladin painted a lewd picture on his shield.

Scarab Sages the style of R. Crumb. Fallen for obscenity, rebelliousness, AND improper spelling of the word "stupid!"

The Paladin took some time out from his urgent quest to fully heal a poor child's dying cat, asking nothing in return. So awed were the child's parents by his example that they finally promised they would find a way to put him through wizardry academy, where he would graduate at the top of his class, with the cat the Paladin saved becoming his loyal, sarcastic-but-loving familiar.

Once at Hogwarts the child (named Tom Riddle) became the ultimate evil wizard in a book series.

The paladin spent most of the day polishing his armor.

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"Polishing his armour?" Is that what they're calling it now?

The paladin made a sad little girl laugh, bringing joy back into her life.

By stepping on an ant, which actually turned out to be ant-man. She later went on to kill larger bugs.

The paladin went to Wal Mart

'Nuff said.

The paladin was loved by all in part because of the generosity with which he shared his many beneficial auras.

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