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After finishing my current D&D 3.5 STAP campaign, in one or two years, I will be pleased to consider buying new Paizo products but I will run them with Castles & Crusades, the in-print game with the spirit I love.

So, in fact, I don't really care about the system they will use at that time. I am a bit tired on editions wars, and 4th Ed. doesn't have any sex-appeal for me at the time. So I made my own version of C&C and will stick with it as long as I can find players to game with. At one moment, stopping to wait or search for new rules is a satisfying feeling. Start with a good ground work and bring in more riches and depth, but stop worrying about rules, just play.

But I will always be looking for new adventures, and I know I can find very good ones here.

TracerBullet42 wrote:

I've just emailed the statblocks for adventures 1-5 to everyone who has posted in this thread since Mando's last post. I hope that helps!

If you want me to email them to you, feel free to send me an email at It'll be easier to respond to that rather than this thread.

Thanks, Mando, for the work! And if you find time to carry on the work beyond adventure 5, please include me in any future mailings. Game on!

Thanks a lot!

I don't come here too often, so it was a very helpful move from your part.

Having received my last Dungeon issue (sniff...), I will go back to the anvil (er, scanner and PC) and build the missing documents in the weeks to come.

I will let you know when this is done.

bmcdaniel wrote:

Me too, please.


Mail sent to all above.

Check your spam folder!

Fred, aka Mando

King of the Jakers wrote:

I would also like a copy, at your convenience of course. Thanks.

Mail sent to all above.

Check your spam folder!

Fred, aka Mando

psionichamster wrote:

dude,.....YOU ROCK!!!!

thanks so much

-the hamster

(btw, do you have ppl working on converting the others into electronic format? i could possibly help out w/ that)

You're welcome.

Mail sent to all above.

Yep, two other DMs are working on adv. 6 and 7. You may help them or take your turn for adv. 8. Contact me by email, please.

What I need is just basic data (entered through ocr or typing) and then I'll do the layout (which is done in fact through style use).

It's nice to see some trying to help, thanks a lot.

Fred, aka Mando

Mails have been sent to all above.

Let me know if I screwed on some emails.

Fred, aka Mando

Thaddeus wrote:

I would be indebted, if you were to share your documents with me; we are partly through the first chapter!

plambert (at)

Thank you!

Mail with adventures 01 to 04 sent (or re-sent) to all above.

Didn't Hotmail put my email adress on his spam filter? Check your spam folder.


Mail with encouter statblocks for adventure 05 sent to all my "fellow GMs", now counting more than 100!

Random encounters were not included, as there are 80 of them, and the goal of this is not to replicate the Monster Manual :)

Adventures 06 and 07 should be done by some others kind GMs who offered to help on this, so they should be available as soon as they send them to me.

Don't hesitate to give some feedback on the statblocks, if you find any mistake, just let me know.

And if someone at Paizo finds a way to put these online in a more pratical way, they're welcome.

Fred, aka Mando

carborundum wrote:

Reef the fores'l!

Could I add me name to the list, by Thor's smoking beard!
That's foolish.child at gmail.

Thanks in advance!

Mail with adventures 01 to 03 sent to all above.


Mail with encouter statblocks for adventure 04 sent to all my "fellow GMs", now counting more than 100!

Don't hesitate to give some feedback on the statblocks, if you find any mistake, just let me know.

And if someone at Paizo finds a way to put these online in a more pratical way, they're welcome.

Fred, aka Mando

Vega Moonshine wrote:

You the Man....


Mail sent to all above.

Mail sent to all above.

Sopaklos wrote:

Seems you're doing a hell of a fine job mate!

I'd like to have the whole package too if you don't mind :)

Thanks all.

After a long agony, my PC decided that such a poor PC life wasn't worth it and decided to burn itself in front of me... (power supply burned)...

After a buy a new PC and a re-install (remember, it's like the fourth in 3 months :), now I am back in business!

Statblocks for Adventure 03 has been sent to all "subscribers" and 04 and 05 are on their way. I wont give any release date for these, given the time it took me to get the last one done :)

Statblocks for Adv. 1 and 2 have been sent to all 12 people above.

Statblocks for Adv. 1 and 2 have been sent to all 16 people above.

Happy new year to you all!

What happened here? Three re-installs on my PC, due to a faulty motherboard, ate some of the time I wanted to spend on the statblocks for Adv. 3 and beyond.

I will go on with this task in the weeks to come, and when done, the docs will be sent to all people on the "mailing list". Just be patient :)

Oh, one more thing: we're starting adventure 2 this week-end, and my team seems to have a very good time playing it, thanks Paizo boys!

Mail sent to all above.

I send both versions to all.


Mail sent to all above. I send both versions to all. It will become a bit more complicated with third and next (handling updates and new ones), but, who cares? :)

Saracenus wrote:

PS: If I can get copies of the previous ones, that would be great.

PPS: What OCR software are you using?

How do I do this?

I tear my magazine apart, scan each page with Photoshop scanner plug in, clean each page in Photoshop, then Omnipage each page at work, and then save as txt, and then open in Word where I just copy each bit of info into a statblock blank model page.

In fact, I started this because I love to have single page statblocks, but also because I translate most of the read-alouds to french, which sadly happens to be the language spoken where I live. :) And then I DM this with a laptop, where I can store all necessary information as .rtf or .pdf files.

Mails sent to all above.

Statblocks for Adventure 3 will be on their way before the end the year.

How about a world-wide invasion by Githyanki, going further into details but based on Dragon Magazine #309 article?

Adventurers, after having fought in their home world to defend it against this alien race, would end up in the astral plane, or maybe even beyond that.

Githyanki might have alot of local allies, promised to get a lot of power after war is finished, and we might encounter their favored allies, red dragons, maybe leaded by aspects of Tiamat.

Defender's allies might be strange and fun too, including Githzerai and Mind Flayers.

Campaigning during a war can give a lot of different gaming opportunities, from counter-attacking, to spying, information gathering, infiltration, behind the lines action, etc. not to mention army leading, a topic often touched in rpgs but rarely done well.

Reznor00 wrote:

I'd really like to get These stat blocks for both adventures when you are able to.

Thanks in advance,

Sent to all above :)

Docs sent. :)

Festivus wrote:
I also have a secure FTP server I could put the files on, and then you could just send out a password to access the file... or does that stray into legal problems as well?


At the moment, I think the only viable option would be to have one of the kind and busy people at Paizo put the docs online here, maybe when next Dragon issue is out and if they have WotC's approval. I am confident on this topic, as WotC is already putting this kind of documents online for its own adventures.

I think that what I am doing is already on the fringes of legality, I wouldn't like to send you to jail :)

Hi all,

Encounters stablocks for Adventure 2 sent to all of my 40 (new) friends!

I found some mistakes in the statblocks and tried to correct them.

Thanks for your feedback on any remaining mistake you find or any improvements you might come with.

Seventh batch sent.


Doing the doc was less a pain than sending all these emails :)

Fifth batch sent.

Adventure 2 encounters stats on its way, found time to scan this week-end.

Fourth batch sent.

Adventure 2 encounters stats doc should be available next week.

Walker wrote:


This looks cool, I almost wonder if it wouldn't be easier to put up as a link to download. If not, I'd love a copy

Look at the top of the message, most specifically James' answer to understand why there is no download link for this. I would have preferred that, but... :)

Oh, third batch sent.

Kendrik, Lion of Ratik wrote:
David Emmons wrote:

Me too!!

Excellent job Mando, can we expect to see more of the same for each installment?


Thx all.

Why not for second issue, I received it a few days ago.

I just have to start tearing my issue apart for scanning...

And then OCR, and then copy and paste and format to get the "Monsters Stat Blocks" doc done. I do it for me because I am a "paperless" DM, and in the end, as the doc is on my hard drive, why would I not share?


Second batch sent.

Let me know if you don't receive your copy.

Feedback on mistakes or improvements is welcome.

Mail sent to all before this message.

Let me know if you didnt receive it.

Putting these docs on the web seems unfair use of the copyright, so let's say we're friends, and now we can exchange this privately by email. (in fact, I feel I have a lot of things in common with you all AP3 DMS :p)

For those who might be interested, just let an email here and I will send you the files (.rtf and .pdf).

James Jacobs wrote:
If you'd like to share this with others via email, that'd probably be okay. Posting it on a website starts to get into the shades of legality, but I'm not sure WHAT shades. Personally, I don't mind. Wizards, though, might. And since all the contents of Dungeon belong to WotC... they're the ones you'd probably need to ask for permission to post stat blocks online.

James, thanks for the answer.

I didn't mean to bother you at Paizo, I just wanted to share what I have done, in case others might need it :) My idea was not really to eat your time, as I much prefer to let you work on the next issue, but I thought this small doc needed some validation from your side, and you gave me the clear answer I needed.

As I don't want to go to jail either, I will keep this for myself :) Too bad!

PS: I started DMing adventure 1 yesterday and had a blast with my players, thanks all at Paizo and keep the good adventures coming.

I have done a Word document with stat blocks of all monsters of adventure 1 in MM4 format, each on one page. I can also provide a PDF version of it.

What can I do if I want to share it?

Is there a copyright issue?

Can I send it to some Paizo guy so that he checks it and puts it online?

(FYI, I have some web spaces, so I can host it if needed).

Big Jake wrote:
Can you (Paizo) provide miniatures-scale maps of the upper and lower decks of the ship? That would totally rock for any encounters that occur while at sea.

Not a battle map per se, but that might interest some here, as long as you have a cutter and some glue: =6&products_id=27

Would it be possible to see a free or cheap PDF with the statblocks for all encounters in AP3?

Wizards has done it for Red Hand of Doom, and as a "laptop behind the screen" DM, I found this digital document tremendously helpful.

This way, I can have all monsters for an encounter on screen, 1 encounter or monster/NPC per page, without having to search through the whole adventure or monster books to find them.

If Paizo needs "hands and sweat" to put this online, I can help with some page layout skills, and I am sure other fans could help for final editing.

No, I didnt say I would also be ready to pay a lot to buy a downloadable PDF version of Dungeon... :)