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As the title states, I would like to know what actions if any may be performed during a short rest. Specifically the short rest used to recover stamina. I am already aware of the mechanic being able to repair his drone but what about other actions?

For example: can a bombardier soldier created a grenade while recovering? Can a solarion perform his one minute of meditation whole recovering stamina? Ect...


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I never thought I would petition for a spell to banned in PFS. But I suppose there is a first time for everything.

Petition: Remove the spell "Channel the Gift" from PFS.

Reason: "Channel the Gift" is abusive and game warping when used in wand form.

Spell Description (Quoted from Inner Sea Gods Page 230):
"You channel your magical power to fuel the target’s spellcasting.
The next spell the target casts of 3rd level or lower does not
expend a spell slot; in effect, you are using your spell slot to
power the target’s spell. The target must start casting this spell
before your next turn, and the spell cannot have a casting time
longer than 1 full round. Your alignment, prohibited wizard
school, and other restrictions on your own spellcasting do
not affect the target, nor do you suffer any backlash from the
target’s choice of spell.
If you target yourself with this spell, you may spontaneously
cast any prepared spell of 3rd level or lower without expending
its spell slot on your next turn (this aspect of the spell has no
effect if you are a spontaneous caster). The spell that’s cast
after channel the gift cannot have a casting time longer than
1 full round."

Based on my reading of the spell a level 5 spell caster could effectively give up a third level spell to allow a much higher level spell caster to cast a third level spell at caster level 11 without losing a third level spell slot. While that is not over powered in of itself since the spell takes a players action to cast, the spell does become cripplingly overpowered when used as a wand or a scroll.

Scenario 1: A spell caster spends 11,250gp to purchase a Wand of "Channel the Gift" (this is approximately 1.5 7-11 chronicles worth of gold). They give the wand to a familiar that can UMD. The familiar then spends every action in combat casting the wand on a spell caster, effectively granting an infinite number of third level spells for the remainder of the characters career. I believe never running out of third level spells speaks for itself as over powered.

Scenario 2: A spell caster does not want to spend an excessive amount of gold on a wand so instead they spend Prestige Points/GP to obtain Scrolls of "Channel the Gift" with two charges each. They give these scrolls to a familiar to use on them. While not infinite this is still the very low cost of 375gp for a third level spell not being used when casting.

Comparison: A "Pearl of Power 3" costs 9000gp and only allows the spell caster to recover 1 third level spell per scenario.

Consider the impact on the game if a spell caster were able to purchase single use "Pearl of Power 3" at the cost of 225gp per "Pearl of Power 3". That is effectively what the Wand of "Channel the Gift" is.

Also consider if the cost were increased for the single use "Pearl of Power 3" to 375gp per casting. That is what a Scroll of "Channel the Gift" effectively is.


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I have misplaced one of my character folders during a move I made last summer/fall from Boston to Dayton.

Normally I would just print out all the chronicle sheets, the character pdf, and the list of all the scenarios that this character has and get my VL to sign off on them, but this character was a sylph with levels in sky druid.

Do I
a) Retire the character as unplayable
b) Play the character as a sylph and explain my situation to anyone who asks
c) Try to obtain another sylph boon and apply it to the now level 3-4 character.

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A question to the designers at Paizo and the Pathfinder community.

Page 50 of the Advance Class Guide under Raging Song says, "inspired rage does not allow
the ally to activate abilities dependent on other rage class
abilities, such as rage powers, blood casting, or bloodrager
bloodlines; the ally must activate her own rage class ability
in order to use these features."

Page 52 under Master Skald says, "Allies with rage class abilities
may use features dependent on those abilities without
restriction, such as a barbarian’s rage powers and a
bloodrager’s blood casting and bloodline abilities."

Other than the need for your own rage rounds (and any limitation of once per rage) what are the restrictions that that Master Skald is referring to?

Example Scenario: A level 3 Skald begins a raging song and gives a Barbarian Reckless Abandon. The Barbarian has Beast Totem Lesser and wants to use it to get his claw attacks so he enter his own rage. Both Skald and Barbarian are now using rounds of their respective rage abilities.

Would the Barbarian get the ability to use Reckless Abandon from the Skald AND Beast Totem Lesser because they are both raging? Or does a Barbarian entering his own rage opt him out of the raging song meaning he can only get the Beast Totem Lesser if he rages?

Begins casting Summon Jiggy to Arbitrate


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A little under a year ago I made this thread: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2qquq?Pooka-Familiar-and-UMD#1

Now that the Familiar Folio has come out I would like to reopen my petition to PFS leadership.

I believe the Pooka should be allowed to use magic devices because the base creature has the skill to do so. The Familiar Folio seems to agree with me. On page 5 in the Familiar Tactics side box under Device Guru the Faery Dragon, Lyrakien, and Pooka are listed as some recommended choices.

I believe that the intent for the Pokka to Use Magic Device to assist its caster is very clear in this case.

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I am wondering why move earth does not allow the kinetics to use the ability in any area that is a town, indoors, or a large dwarves fortress.

If we assume that work stone is any stone which has been set carved or otherwise manipulated then any adventuring environment that is not a natural cave or wandering through nature severely hampers this ability.

I realize there are a lance issue to consider with making holes in dungeon walls, but wouldn't it be possible to let Move Earth produce a 5' cube of earth or stone in the absence any to manipulate?


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As of the most recent Additional Resource Guide the Belkezen Wardrummer is legal for play in PFS.

This please me greatly.

But the Belkezen Wardrummer gains craft magic arms and armour at 7th level. This is an illegal feat. Is there something that should be swapped in, such as lore master (which it originally replaced)? Or is the class feature considered lost?

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Yesterday I played two PFS scenarios with a group of friends, where everyone agreed to play an Occult class.

The first scenario we did was actually a module. We played Emerald Spire Part 1. Ironically our group had no way to automatically succeed on using a wand of cure light wounds. We had two Earth Kinetisists. One of them chose barrier and the other decided to go melee with kinetic blade. We had a medium who was channeling the bear. We had a Psychic, and we had a mesmerizer.

BEWARE anything below this line may contain spoilers.


BEWARE anything below this line may contain spoilers.

One of the challanges we had was overcoming the darkness of the first floor of the spire, but our Medium who had dark vision was able to guide us around so that we could fight with out little pools of light. Also the medium wrecked everything. The kinetisits did a good job holding there own, but once the medium got to attack everything just died.

Fights literally went like this. Monsters go damaging melee kinetisist in the door. He shrugs it off because his hp is so high. PCs go and stumble forward to find and kill monsters. Monsters go and shoot PCs letting later PCs in the order know where they are. Medium goes and walks forward decimating an enemy, or if the goblins decided to charge the medium would rip apart of the Goblins with bite claw claw. Kinetists who haven't gone yet wipe out remaining goblin.

Unfortunately do to the darkness our Mesmerist and Phsycic were not able to do much the entire scenario. Although at the end the Psychic did drop a DC 19 color spray which was pretty amazing for a level 1 character.

The biggest thing that made this scenario go smoothly for us was probably the medium's ability to just wreck the goblins.

My thoughts on how the classes performed is that the Kinetisits really seems prone to stat dumping, not sure if this is a problem. I certainly don't want to see the class become MAD, but both of the kinetisits in the group dump two mental stats to seven. One of them even dumped all but his two primary stats. Again, I'm not sure this is exactly a problem with the class.

Our Medium was amazing, there wasn't a goblin in the game that stood a chance. We just had to be careful that he wasn't swarmed before he could make mincemeat of the Goblins. The offensive capabilities of this class are pretty legit.

The Psychic player looked like he was really pressed for options. Some of that is the unfortunate situation of playing a low level caster, but he spent most the scenario readying an action in case an opportunity to daze came up. This seems pretty problematic to me. I think the class needs some more options for dealing damage, as the mid thrust just doesn't seem to cut it. The combination of being mind effecting and allowing a save for partial damage is just to little.

The Mesmerist got to do some more things, and his stare is pretty sick. I'm not sure if this class really has problems other than being very helpless when fighting things without minds.

The next scenario we played was the new one Halls of the Flesh Eaters. Our group was mostly the same, but we picked up a witch, and the person playing a psychic switched out for a Kinetisit because he was tired of not being able to do anything. We also added a spiritualist to the group and it almost ruined the entire scenario.


The big challange of the first section of this scenario is the fog which keeps from seeing things. Rather than risking ourselves wandering the fog trying to find things our spiritualist would just send his spirit out to scout and come back to report. We literally sat 50' from the first ambush and were like "So there are people with glowing red eyes tattoos and sharp teeth?" "Yes" "Well I guess we wont be able to negotiate with them, lets go fight them" And then the Medium destroyed half of them. The kinetisits destroyed the other half.

Unfortunately because these creatures were immune to mindeffecting, and everything else in the scenario was undead the Mesmorist suffered greatly. The class really needs a few good options that can work on mindless things. Witches have misfortune and Mesmorist needs something too.

After we had killed the cultists and gotten what information we could we finished exploring the top area by scoping it out with the spirit and got ready to move into the lower area.

But wait, we didn't want to just go into the lower area blind. We had an incorporeal creature at our beck and call at level 1 (the spiritualist was still level 1 since he did not play in the previous scenario). Normally you can't get incorporeal creatures to scout for you until MUCH higher level. We sent spirit 30' down to where the level of the dungeon we were investigating was and just walked around on the service as the spirit literally mapped and told us about every single monster and potential hazard in the dungeon.

Knowing about what was next we then prepared for each room accordingly, and things that should have been big surprises, such as the hag trap, or the creature in the well, were just oh, ho hum better do something to counter this.

We even knew the ideal time to cast our big buffs to maximize their usage, so instead of only having them for a single fight we got a two minute buff to stretch over two fights and then sum.

The ONLY thing that made the scenario still have a challange at all was the author of the scenario deciding that unless the PLAYERS did certain actions instead of saying their CHARACTERS did it we would not earn the second prestige. We had to figure out what these were without even knowing they were actions that we as players had to perform.

The spirit very nearly ruined any challange of the scenario. Having free scouting, with no risk, and perfect reporting capabilities at level 1 is absurd. We were not surprised. We knew where everything was. Had we had teleportation capabilities we may have even been able to figure out a way to bypass the entire scenario.

Normally spell casters think really carefully about when to cast their powerful buffs, because they don't know when the really scary fight will happen. It is a constant struggle to manage casting resources so that the party has the tool they need when they need it.

But the spirit took away that entire problem. We knew where threats were, and were able to estimate how great they were. We knew how to time encounters to maximize resources. The impact the spirit had on our resource management, and removal of character risk in exploration is so great that I think that as is EVERY group should have a spiritualist just to scout with the spirit.


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Simply put can a Pooka familiar, from bestiary 4, use wands, and should it be able to in PFS?

From what I understand of the rules as they are strictly written it cannot because it is not on list of creatures that count as bipedal with hands.

However I cannot help but think this may be an over site as the Pooka does have UMD as a skill in Bestiary 4. It seems a little odd to me that a Pooka without a wizard can activate wands but as soon as it becomes a familiar it suddenly developed a crippling allergic reaction to activating magic items.


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With the release of bestiary 4 and now the additional resources being updated there are some new familiar options to play with.

I was wondering if any divisions had been made as to which bodies the familiars would have. Most of them should be pretty obvious I know, but I would rather have an official list than argue with one of my players about if the Nycar is a serpent body type.

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My players just finished the first book and they are sitting on a mountain of gold. Unfortunately none of them are taking item crafting feats and there doesn't appear to be a good place to go shopping for magic items.

Soon my players will be going to a large town but currently they are public enemy number one which could make acquiring items difficult.

How are other people handling purchase of magic items in their game.

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So I'm going to Gen Con this year and before I start shelling out for a hotel reservation I was wondering if anyone was looking for someone to split a room with.

I'll be gming every single slot for PFS so I'd prefer to get someplace relatively close, although the hotels around the airport are an option for me if the taxis run that late.

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So I'm working on a character, and as a bit of a thought project I'm seeing how I can get his bluff.

Right now by level 10 I'm looking at an easy 64.

My question is what can this 64 bluff get me?

Can I convince a person that I"m not actually there and he is merely imagining my presence?

Perhaps I could tell the BBG that his spell component pouch has been swapped for a bag of devouring?

According to the core rulebook just because something is impossible doesn't make it an auto fail. You only suffer a -20 penalty on it. Which would still leave me with a +44 bluff.

So what can I do with a +44 bluff.

By the way this post does not exist. It is merely a creation of your repressed desires.

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So the Carnivalist Rogue gains sneak attack at level 2. It increase every 4 levels past 2, and the familiar also gets the sneak attack. The ability does not say that it replaces a Rogue's normal sneak attack, nor is it at the same level as the Rogue's normal sneak attack.

Now I see one of two things.

1: A line was omitted saying that the sneak attack should replace the rogues normal one. This seems somewhat odd to me because it is gained at a different level than the Rogues sneak attack normally is and almost always Paizo has swapped abilities out for abilities that are the same level. If it was intended to replace the normal sneak attack why make the Rogue wait until level 2 to get it?

2: It reads correctly and should be interpreted as adding to the sneak attack. This makes more sense to me because the Carnivalist is already giving up a lot (3 rogue talents) for some situational performance abilities, and I think the additional sneak attack brings him back up to where other rogues will be. This interpretation also keeps with Paizo's usual method of swapping abilities out for other abilities gained at the same level.

Honestly I wouldn't even be asking this if it weren't for the cheese that has happened with some of the gunslinger archetypes missing a line being abused in a way that was clearly not intended.

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Back in 2011 the question was asked if you could use a weapon with two hands and then make an off hand attack using spikes.

At the time Mark (of whom I am a big fan) said that it was against the intent.
http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2mg61?Ok-need-some-help-trying-to-find-a-weapon -that#24

That same week Jason Bulmahn (whom I am also a big fan of) said they were looking at getting an FAQ on this.
http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2mg61&page=3?Ok-need-some-help-trying-to-fi nd-a-weapon-that#109

I am wondering if such a FAQ was ever made ,or what Paizo's official position is on 2H+Armor Spikes. I ask because I am planning a TWF build with a sword and shield where I hit with my sword two handed and then quickdraw a quickdraw shield (from Ultimate Equipment) to bash with. I know that strictly rules as written it seems to work. But the above posts make me question if Paizo intended for it to work.

Normally I would assume Mark's original comment was the end of the story, but when he was asked the question again in 2012 he kicked to the design team, and the original post by Mark on this subject is not included in the PFS clarification compilations.

Has the design team come to any additional conclusion during the past two years on this despite your busy busy jobs doing a fantastic job making Pathfinder a fun and exiting game to play?

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think I may have found a very powerful way to combine the three basic fighting styles, TH, TWF, S&B. I'm not sure of its legality though. I am currently speaking to my GM about it, and thought that it couldn't hurt to also see if anyone else knows why what I'm thinking wont work.

The pieces,

Quickdraw shield form Ultimate Equipment.
Improved Shield Bash feat
Quickdraw feat
TWF feat

To start with you wear your quick draw shield on your back. Then for your first attack you swing Two Handed. Then you let go with one hand and don the shield as a free action. Once the shield is donned you attack with it using TWF and Improved Shield Bash.

With the addition of ITWF you could put the shield away as a free action, and then attack Two Handed style with your sword again. Let go of it, and don the shield and bash with it.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something. My gut tells me that this should not work.

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I am working on a Viking archetype Fighter. This archetype makes me count as Barbarian of my Fighter level -3 for the purposes of rage. This archetype also lets me start taking rage power instead of feats after level 5.

With the build I am considering I have room for two or three rage powers, but I do not know which ones are worth considering.

I am going sword and board with a Falcata. I am planning on using dirty trick and intimidate, Viking intimidates as a move action. Due to the necessity of dropping my weapon to perform dirty trick I will not have my swift action available because it will be spent recovering my weapon via a weapon chord.

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I'm working on a Barbarian and I was wondering when a use of Rage is consumed. Is it consumed after a full round or when you enter the rage?

I ask because I'm looking at Raging attacking dropping the rage between each attack and raging again to get my once per rage abilities on every attack.

To accomplish this I am using a flawed Scarlet and green cabochon. Which makes me sickened instead of fatigued when I would be fatigued.

Now I think it should take a rage use every time I enter the rage doing this. So I would be using 2-3 rage uses a turn. But I can't find where that interpretation is supported.


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I have a witch idea I am working on, and the Shikigami would be particularly appropriate as a familiar for it.

Now I know it is not normally allowed for play being from Bestiary 3. Is there a chronicle sheet out there that allows it?

The character I am working on is a Winter Witch from Irrisen. My thought was to have the Shikigami take the form of a porcelain doll.

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For the Ring of Spell Knowledge, it says that you must encounter a written, active, or cast version of a spell.

So how does one determine if an active spell can be added to a ring of spell knowledge.

Take for example the spell barkskin. It exists both on the summoner spell list, and on the druids.

If you encounter a person who chugged a potion of barkskin and now has the spell active on themselves can you add it to your ring of spell knowledge?

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I just encountered an item that is almost exactly like an item I remember from 3.5. But I don't see a way to report this. What should I do?

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When using shadow evocation to cast a evocation spell that does not deal damage, such as distracting cacophony, does each creature need to save against it individually to see if the spell is treated as disbelieved in their case. Or if one person successfully disbelieves is that sufficient to trigger only having a 20% chance to do anything for everyone?


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Can a human take Racial Heritage to gain access to non human racial feats in the ARG?

It looks like it should work by rules as written. But additional resources seems to imply that you don't even have access to that section of the ARG unless you are of that race.

I am specifically looking at using Human Heritage (Assimar) to pick up some fun angelic feats.

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Hello I was wondering if in PFS there had been any clarification made regarding Bard archetypes that modify bardic performance abilities.

One of my GM's insists that even though archetypes only modify specific bardic performance they still count as modifying the same ability because the bardic performances are all nested under bardic performance.

Every other GM I have had prior to PFS has always understood that they are different abilities that can be modified differently.

Is there an official PFS ruling on this?

If there is not does anyone know what the ruling would be on Dawnflower Dervish/Sound Striker?

Dawnflower Dervish specifically says that abilities it does not call out as being battle dances, such as Inspire Competence and Suggestion, function normally. Sound Striker says it replaces Inspire Competence and Suggestion, but not bardic performance.

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I'm a bit fuzzy on how the archetype rules work.

One of my GMs I regularly play with says I can combine the Sohei and MoMS archetype, while anther GM I play with regularly says I cannot. I'm not sure which is correct.

Does anyone know which it is?

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So the Winter Witch archetype says that it may not know or cast fire spells at all. But it also says that the Vengeance patron is one of the patrons a Winter Witch may select. But the Vengeance patron has two fire spells on its list which it gives the witch. Does a Winter Witch just lose those two spells know. Does it side step the no fire spells rule. Or do they change to no longer be fire?

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My older brother and a couple of his friends are interested in learning how to play Pathfinder. They are also interested in doing an adventure path rather than just a couple of one offs.

Which path should I pick for a new group of players? I haven't spoken with them yet, but I have a strong suspicion that they are going to want a fair bit of roleplaying.

Kingmaker is out because I do not have time to prep a sand box style adventure.

Rise of the Runelords is also out because I am hoping for a chance to play that soon.