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I have misplaced one of my character folders during a move I made last summer/fall from Boston to Dayton.

Normally I would just print out all the chronicle sheets, the character pdf, and the list of all the scenarios that this character has and get my VL to sign off on them, but this character was a sylph with levels in sky druid.

Do I
a) Retire the character as unplayable
b) Play the character as a sylph and explain my situation to anyone who asks
c) Try to obtain another sylph boon and apply it to the now level 3-4 character.

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Option C.

You could even ask your old VO if you could get a new copy of the Sylph boon (with name and character number filled in).

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Welcome to Dayton! Assuming you mean Dayton Ohio, I'm reasonably certain that if you explain the situation to the local GMs when you sit down at the table, they will be willing to lend you the benefit of the doubt until you get it officially sorted out.

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