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I'm working on a Barbarian and I was wondering when a use of Rage is consumed. Is it consumed after a full round or when you enter the rage?

I ask because I'm looking at Raging attacking dropping the rage between each attack and raging again to get my once per rage abilities on every attack.

To accomplish this I am using a flawed Scarlet and green cabochon. Which makes me sickened instead of fatigued when I would be fatigued.

Now I think it should take a rage use every time I enter the rage doing this. So I would be using 2-3 rage uses a turn. But I can't find where that interpretation is supported.

I agree with your interpretation. However, I doubt any rules concerning it can be found. Rage cycling wasn't really a possibility when the core rules were written.

I would have to add that you should probably take it by your GM. I am personally not very fond of multiple rages per round. While it is free actions to start and end, the GM determines how many of each you can take.

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Even without ragecycling, if you rage, attack, and immediately end your rage, you've still burned a rage round - you never get to rage "for free". And each time you begin and end your rage, it's a separate rage - that's why rage cycling works - so you need to pay for them separately. So if you rage and un-rage three times in one turn, you spend three rage rounds.

If you get sickened multiple times in a round do you get nausated?

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