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I am working on a Viking archetype Fighter. This archetype makes me count as Barbarian of my Fighter level -3 for the purposes of rage. This archetype also lets me start taking rage power instead of feats after level 5.

With the build I am considering I have room for two or three rage powers, but I do not know which ones are worth considering.

I am going sword and board with a Falcata. I am planning on using dirty trick and intimidate, Viking intimidates as a move action. Due to the necessity of dropping my weapon to perform dirty trick I will not have my swift action available because it will be spent recovering my weapon via a weapon chord.

As someone working on a similar character, would you mind sharing your build? I can't offer much help, but I'm considering taking Superstition, Witch Breaker and Spell Sunder for my viking. Knockback also looks cool depending on your stance on the Shield Slam feat. Roaring Drunk and Good For What Ails You are flavorful options. Renewed Vigor might also be useful.

You probably already know this, but I found this list to be really tidy and helpful.

Superstition is really good for a Viking type barbarian( fighter). Witch hunter gives nice damage, and spell sunder is by far one of th most powerful abilities in pathfinder, without a doubt. It can remove any trap spell., it removes gaes, and deeper darkness, black tentacles, and any other spell that is not instantaneously happening, you can spell sunder it. Purchase a headband of havoc, for 16k gp and you can now rage as an immediate action 1/day, and have a rage power be as 4 levels higher. This means your witch hunter will do 1 more point of damage, or superstition will give +1 to your saves, and so forth.


I'm curious why you'd go with an archetype to replicate a barbarian rather than just go barbarian...

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Traits: Child of Two People (Ulfan, Shoanti), Bred for War
Replace Human bonus feat with Focused Study

Focused Study 1: Skill Focus (Intimidate)
Level 1: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Falcata)
Bonus 1: Weapon Focus (Falcata)
Bonus 2: Combat Expertise
Level 3: Improved Dirty Trick
Bonus 4: Weapon Specialization
Level 5: Power Attack
Bonus 6: Rage Power (???)
Level 7: Greater Dirty Trick
Focused Study 2: Skill Focus (Perception/Diplomacy)
Bonus 8: Quick Dirty Trick
Level 9: Extra Rage Power (???)
Bonus 10: Rage Power (???) [will probably exchange for a rage power at a higher level]
Level 11: Greater Weapon Focus
Bonus 12: Greater Weapon Specialization [Character Retires]

For the same reason people multiclass between Barbarian and Fighter

Currently I am leaning towards world serpent totem and word serpent spirit to by bass all alignment based DR when raging. Superstitions constantly resisting allied spell casting has me a little bit concerned. I wont be able to turn my rages off freely until level 15. As you can see this character will retire at level 12. Thems the knocks in PFS.

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