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A question to the designers at Paizo and the Pathfinder community.

Page 50 of the Advance Class Guide under Raging Song says, "inspired rage does not allow
the ally to activate abilities dependent on other rage class
abilities, such as rage powers, blood casting, or bloodrager
bloodlines; the ally must activate her own rage class ability
in order to use these features."

Page 52 under Master Skald says, "Allies with rage class abilities
may use features dependent on those abilities without
restriction, such as a barbarian’s rage powers and a
bloodrager’s blood casting and bloodline abilities."

Other than the need for your own rage rounds (and any limitation of once per rage) what are the restrictions that that Master Skald is referring to?

Example Scenario: A level 3 Skald begins a raging song and gives a Barbarian Reckless Abandon. The Barbarian has Beast Totem Lesser and wants to use it to get his claw attacks so he enter his own rage. Both Skald and Barbarian are now using rounds of their respective rage abilities.

Would the Barbarian get the ability to use Reckless Abandon from the Skald AND Beast Totem Lesser because they are both raging? Or does a Barbarian entering his own rage opt him out of the raging song meaning he can only get the Beast Totem Lesser if he rages?

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"Without restriction" on p52 refers to the restriction on p50 that says you need to enter your own rage in order to benefit from your own rage powers.

I believe you can be affected by the raging song and your own rage at the same time, and get both sets of powers, but the bonuses would not stack. It seems like being affected by Threefold Aspect (young adult, +2 enhancement to Dex and Con, -2 Wis) and having Cat's Grace cast on you. They're two different effects but enhancement bonuses don't stack so you end up with +4 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Wis. Not sure, though.

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I'm really not seeing anything that says that using your own rage ability precludes you from benefiting from inspire rage.

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Raging Song, Bloodrage and Rage are all the same kind of effect. They don't stack. You can, however, activate Rage or Bloodrage while under the effects of Raging Song, and this would activate any Rage Powers, etc. that you would normally get from that (and the stronger Bloodrage/Rage bonuses would overwrite the Skald's bonuses). This is in addition to the Rage Powers the Skald's ability provides.

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I am inclined to agree. I think you can get rage power benefits from both but the stats wont stack because they are the same type of bonus.

Most people I talk about this with also agree. But there are a couple of people whose opinions I respect who say that you can't.

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