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I know it doesn't effect my bab. It effects my max dex for AC. I'm level 7. I just saw Celestial armor, but it is most definitely out of my reach right now.

Yep. It'd greatly help against other ranged opponents. Unfortunately, we're in a lot of dense forest and stuff a lot of the time, which regularly requires at least a 5 foot step to actually get a shot. But I may still look at getting it next level up.

Actually an interesting feat. I could still take that.

Hey guys,

looking for suggestions on how to allow heavy armour on a high dex based character?

Yeah some will say, I'm a ranged fighter I shouldn't rely on armour. The problem is, there are plenty of other ranged enemies. And the DM likes to have them target the other ranged enemy they're facing :D

Typically, a 20AC isn't helping... I have a reasonably high dex (8) but only 2 going into AC because of the Max dex. Big problem.

Is there a way (like a feat or something) that allows me to increase a max dex? Obviously I couldn't just all of a sudden remove it... But say, increase it from 2 to 4?

Any ideas?


Hey guys,

I've been going through a phase of selecting new characters. I've looked at a lot of options, and I've settled on 2 characters to build (one to use now, one later).

I've recently made the decision of using my Hunter - Packmaster.

HOWEVER, I can't decide how to build my pets.

I've currently got a level 7 Warcat and a level 4 bird (owl).

This has been done using the Boon Companion feat.

The hunter is level 7.

Is there a better way to do this? (get higher level companions?)

It was originally 2 warcats (level 7 and 4), but I thought having a bird would be extremely useful, as I can use it to scout.


Right, well I'll talk to my GM about it.

Because I'm using Hunter (Packmaster) I can have more companions as well.

Would it still be considered flanking if I got a mouse and put it in my pocket?

yeah, I figured as much. Looks like I'm strapping a saddle to my bear ;)

But nah. I'll primarily focus on adjacent then. That's still going to be incredibly useful.

Hey guys,

Quick question.

I'm a hunter with 2 companions, and I'm using Pack Flanking, which allows me to flank from the same square (shared with my companion) but would it still result in loss of dex to AC?

It's not overly important (but still extremely useful) if I can use it. It's a nice added bonus, because being able to flank an opponent with my companion right next to me is fantastic. But it would be even better to be able to inhabit the same square with no penalty.


So I'm going to dig this up.

I'm using Pack Flanking for me and my companions (Hunter).

Now, that says if we're in the same square, we're considered flanking. Now, does the minus to dex still apply given we're sharing a square?

He's a medium bear, I'm a human.

Also, what sort of strategy would I use to steal from other players? (Including NPCs)?

I read a strategy that you used bluff to distract them (call their attention to something else) and then use sleight of hand?

Yeah I get that. But it is only early level :D

I'll end up getting decent gear eventually. I might steal it ;)

Also, just designed an Unchained Rogue.

Fairly interesting. I've taken Moonlight Stalker, as well as Camouflage, so increasing the possibility of hiding and gaining concealment. Plus, I can't have my dex bonus taken off me (even by invisible people) unless I'm immobile etc.

It's important I keep my dex bonus, or I'm a dead gnome :D

Yeah it's a magic world. And yeah, I've got a +1 chain shirt and a shield. Can't have it plus one yet, as we're only allowed to start with 2 plus 1 items.

So much to think about now!

Thanks guys! :D

Using a Kurri. Just a small dagger. Leaf armour (highest I could find as light armour that gave a good ac.

Party has a gnome alchemist (self centred little s#%*). Lol. A dwarf healer, a half elf magus and a dwarf cavalier. There's really only 1 melee character. Most are range. Up until recently I was the best range as an elf crossbow man. Was whooping, but then we got cornered, they broke through and killed me.

The reason I'm looking at bombs, is because I can use my sneak attack damage for them. I'm going to be more of a 40 percent combat 60 percent out of combat fighter. Up until now I've typically been more of a 90 percent combat 10 percent out of combat.

Thats also why I like the idea of alchemist for multi class, as it would allow me to make my own poisons and stuff by finding them. Our group does that very often, and it's what I did as a crossbow man.

Any input appreciated though! Gotta have this guy ready by the weekend. Haha

As another point, how would it go if I multiclassed and took on an Alchemist for 3 levels (max) and used my rogue talent to get Bomber, which deals my sneak damage with bombs?

Howdy guys,

Built a new character. Decided to try my hand with a rogue.

All about that stealth (but also poison).

Feats I've focused on are:

Weapon Finesse (so I don't have a tanked AC)
Poison Master (so I don't poison myself - I believe this is just an inhouse feat)
Improved Feint (gone with this so I can feint, hopefully succeed, and then opponent will have their dex denied, so I can sneak attack them)
Combat Expertise (because it's a requirement for Improved Feint).

I've got a high sleight of hand/stealth (14/18 respectively)
16 perception (19 when finding traps), 17 diable device and mid 10s for most everything else. I wanted a character I could also have some fun with out of game (as a chaotic Neutral character).

As a gnome, I've replaced Obsessive with Academican. I've replaced Hatred and Defensive for Gift of Tongues.

Rogue Talents I've got Canny Observer, Fast Getaway and Fast Stealth.

What I'm not sure on is how well this character would work. Like, I know what I want to do with it, but survivability is questionable.

HP is 49. AC is 19

Stats are:
Dex: 19
Con: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

Without sneak attack damage, I do a whopping 1d3 +5 damage :D

I was going to use Knife Master Archetype, but decided against it cause I lost trapfinding/sense.

Some thoughts would be great.


So I've mostly finished with my character. haha

Oh the skill points... So many skill points... haha

Basically I'm going to be doing diddly squat damage in combat... But if everything goes to plan, I'll be making the enemy attack each other...

The main purpose for my character however is to wreak havoc out of combat... We're currently in a big city... And I want to try and start a riot... (So that I can quietly slip away and rob a bank so I can get enough money to buy my lesser rod of Quickening). haha.

I'm placing great reliance on my 'suggestion'. However we have been fighting a lot of dragons lately, so that may not work too well...

Out of game I'm also going to be recording our adventures, so that I can use them as stories).

Anywho. I've got 4 feats so far.

Prodigy (bonus to perform)
Spell Focus & Greater Spell Focus
Spell Song (which is incredible)

As a Gnome I can speak Common, Gnome and Sylvan, plus I've also taken Dwarven, Elven, Orc, Goblin and Undercommon (Because of Gift of Tongues).

Stats are:

str 8
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 22

HP is 60 odd, AC will be lucky to be 22

No clue what weapons I want. Maybe a whip and Cross Bow?

Oh, and Performs are:

So each of the following have 19 skill points (total)
Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Fly, Handle Animal, Sense Motive.

Yeah, I've got Good hope to help buff, plus Inspire Courage. Helps I can do 2 bardic performances at once. Plus an assortment of spells :D

Yeah I get that. I'm talking about increasing the required number for will saves. (Say for example, a character needs to get a will save of 20 or higher to beat the effect of an enchantment?)

Yeah, I'm still looking at performs and stuff. Big problem I'm facing now is how to increase the required will saves?

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

If you have leveled the performance skill you can use it in place of the skills accociated with it.

Say you have 10 ranks in perform dance but no ranks in acrobatics and fly. Now in place of fly you can dance to get higher skill check.

If you are a heavy bluff related person take pageant of the peacock in place of a 2nd level spell and make every INT skill check with your bluff skill. You never need knowledge, appraise, or lingusitics. fake it till you make it.

That is incredible!

I think I'm currently using 3 feats that give a +4 to various skills. I'm not sure if I'll go this path though. There's a particular path I'm trying to through. I've chosen my spells and abilities to suit a particular method of action... Requires heavily on a high bluff/perform.

Signboy77 wrote:

Your skill bonus will be +19 if you put 10 ranks into the skill with class skill bonus and a +6 charisma modifier, yes.

+19 to a skill at level 10 is good.

Exactly what I wanted to know. I'm using a lot of feats and a racial trait to boost perform. The problem is, they only apply to one, not all.

As to how I got bluff to 23, a lot of bonuses... I can't remember then all right now though.

Signboy77 wrote:

Wait, shouldn't the +3 come from the class skil bonus? Because you left that out of your equation.

Your skill bonuses will not stack for overlapping versatile performance skills. To get the most out of VP, you need to choose performances that don't overlap with their corresponding skills.

And yeah. I meant class skill bonus. Sorry for the confusion.

But still. Either way, max points in each skill would only be 19?

Cap. Darling wrote:
At level 10 you cannot Spend more than 10 skill ranks in a skill.

I haven't... 3 of the points are racial bonuses, 6 are from the cha mod...

I have 23 skill points in one perform currently (because I didn't realise I could have 3)

I have an Int of 12 and am a gnome. (80 skill points + a heap of bonuses).

Ok, so putting 10 ranks into 3 performs (giving me a total of 19 (6 cha/ 3 racial skill). So then those abilities would translate to 6 other skills? Correct?

So the performs I've chosen are Act, Sing and String.

So that would then place 19 skill points in each of the following:

Sense motive

(Would the skill points stack? Since I have 3 Performs that include Bluff?)

Cap. Darling wrote:
With the 3 performs you would get effectivily 6 skills. All based on cha and that is good. The points you used on bluff should have been used on pehaps perform (comedy) that way you would have gotten both comedy and intimidate for free.

Sorry, I'm just finding it hard to follow this...

Wouldn't those skills then have barely any points in them? Because of needing to split the perform ranks (the original 23) between 3 different performs?

well, as it stands I have 23 bluff, 20 diplomacy, 13 sense motive but only 23 perform. I'm not sure I see the benefit in doing it?Each perform would require their own skill points correct?

So with 3 Performs, I'd have to split the original 23 up between them all?

BTW, I've got a lot of stuff that boosts my various skills.

Cap. Darling wrote:
I assume you talk about Versatile performance? It allow you to use perform skills that you have ranks in in stead of other skills. So you can use you perform(oratory) as diplomacy and sense motive. your modifier in Perform(oratory) decides your chance of succes in diplomacy and sense motive. At 2, 6, 10, 14 and 18 you get to Pick a perform skill that you can use for two other skills, but you need to have ranks in the perform skill to make it work.

Yes versatile performance.

Oh I think I understand...

So say you had 20 ranks in Perform (oratory), you could use them for Diplomacy and Sense motive?

So at 10th level, I can choose 3 Performs to use?

Hey guys, just got a question regarding the Perform skill for Bards.

Now, I'm a 10th level.

From what I've read on D20psfrd this means that I can choose 3 perform skills? (Act, Sing, String etc?)

At 2nd level, a bard can choose one type of Perform skill.At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the bard can select an additional type of Perform to substitute.

My big issue is, do I use the ranks from Perform to complete it? Or do I use the associated skills (Bluff and Disguise for Acting) instead?

Like do I add the ranks together (for Bluff and Disguise?) Cause that's like... 38 (as opposed to the 23 for Perform).

Am I barking up the right/wrong tree?

Hey guys,

trying to build my animal companion, but, I'm very confused about how to start it.

I'm already level 10 (druid), and I'm going with a Giant scorpion.

Now, the Animal Companion section lists 'Starting Statistics'

And then 7th Level Advancement

I assume I add the 7th level Advancement stats to the 'starting statistics'?

But then what do I add to get to 10th level?


Hey guys,

Just looking for the best feats I should be taking with this particular archetype.

I'm taking Monstrous Mount and Monstrous Mount Mastery as 2 of my 3 Combat Style Feats, (cause of the class).

I'm just not sure what else I should take in.

I'm using a Hippogriff (going to be awesome).

Overall my build is going to be ranged and mellee.

I know there's a feat I can take that allows me to use my bow in close combat (Off the top of my head, I'm taking Point Blank, precise shot, many shot, rapid shot, there is another that you use to block attacks of opportunity).

I'm 10th level, (so I have 5 feats, plus 3 combat style feats).

I believe my companion gets 4 feats? (I know he's level 9).
I have no clue what those feats should be. I'm thinking Iron Will, just to give him a bonus, than some feats that boost his natural armour/unarmed attacks.

Also, I'll be flying/riding him frequently.

I'm unsure which skills I should focus on? I have 70 skill points (Elf with a lowish intelligence). I'm just thinking 10 in each.



Does anybody know of a way to force an infatuation? Like a spell/potion etc? I was thinking love potion type thing... But it'd be too hard to make him drink it... hahahhaha

pennywit wrote:

The weird part was that I became the party's go-to diplomat. My battlecry was "RRRAAAAAAAAARRR!!!" The rogue's battlecry was, "Our employer said to leave him alive!!!"

I really did play the guy with style as much as anything else:

* For obviously weaker opponents, I would sunder their weapons, then sunder their armor, then spend a round intimidating them.
* Situations involving the rich and powerful were comedy gold. The rogue would negotiate. The oracle would look at stuff. The magus would look mysterious. I'd go, "Where's the larder?" and come back with a huge cheesewheel.

A high Intimidate and low Cha is really fun if your GM is willing to play along.

Oh yes. I foresee fun times ahead...

Our group has taken a bit of a sick and twisted turn as of late...

Last session I was drugged, and lets say 'made love to' and I'm currently pregnant with twin werewolf offspring...

I'm following a vengeful god as well... hahaha

But yeah. I wanted more to do with intimidate other than in battle.

I've got the feat that gives me a free intimidate if I land an attack with power attack... haha

pennywit wrote:

I think it depends on your style of intimidation. You could be a noble who constantly throws around his titles and influence. You could be a rogue who sharpens his fingernails with a +2 keen dagger and whispers. You could be a brash warrior who yells at things.

I played the last of these in a short-lived campaign once. Some gems:

* In combat I always laughed as I rolled my dice. It started to creep out the other players.
* If foes were obviously weaker (individually, if not collectively), I'd take one round to try to intimidate them, either for demoralize (shaken effect) or to get them to run away.
* Got in a bellowing match with some gnolls when nobody in the party spoke gnoll.
* "We need to travel. When does the next caravan leave town?" "Next week ... " "GRAAAAAWWWWRRR" "The next caravan leaves town now."
* "We require a cleric to help us heal the guild leader." "But ... but ... " "ROOOOOOOAAAARR!!!!" "Okay ... "

That's the type of thing I'm looking for! :D

BTW, I also have Cornugon, I get an additional 6 points for intimdate because of it :D

Yeah unfortunately I don't have diplomacy :D

currently where we're going, being seen as 'one of the bad guys' isn't an issue... Like. We're currently trying to get to hell... hahaha We're going through towns we'll likely never see again... haha

Wasn't quite thinking in the sense of battle or any type of action like that, but more so story based actions (like you're in a town and you want something' type of thing?

Hey guys,

Looking for ideas on what's best to use intimidation for?

I have a fairly good intimidation built character (a fighter) with 18 points in intimidation.


Yeah, I'm proficient with all shields... I'm thinking I'll go with a Heavy Metal Shield... I'm also looking at crafting shields/Armour, so that may come in use :D

Thanks for clearing it up though! And you're right, more hassle than it's worth! :D

So what if I used the Heavy Wooden/Metal shield?

It still has a Minus 2...

I'm really confused...

chaoseffect wrote:

Glad to help! Take a look at the description for a tower shield.

"When employing a tower shield in combat, you take a –2 penalty on attack rolls because of the shield's encumbrance."

That happens even if you are proficient. It just means that it would be even worse if you weren't.

Yeah, but Tower Shield Proficiency says:

Benefit: When you use a tower shield, the shield's armor check penalty only applies to Strength and Dexterity-based skills.

While the normal is: Normal: A character using a shield with which he is not proficient takes the shield's armor check penalty on attack rolls and on all skill checks that involve moving, including Ride.

So the benefit in taking the feat removes the -2 to attack rolls (which is the only minus mentioned to attack rolls).

I also have Tower Shield Proficiency (Because I'm a fighter it's automatic). --final

Which means I don't have the -2 on attack rolls, correct?

BTW, thanks for the math! :)

What do you mean I can choose to two hand a one handed weapon? I wasn't aware I could do that?

I'm not entirely sure...

I'll link my character sheet.

It's a dropbox link, so I hope nobody minds. 0

Hey guys,

A little confused on working out damage... (First time trying to do it).

Level 9 straight fighter

+5 weapon

str 22
dex 12
con 18
int 12
wis 8
cha 10

Bab 9

I've got power attack (-1 attack +2 Damage
Vital strike
Weapon focus +1 Attack roll
Weapon focus greater +1 Attack roll

I've got damage as:

Without Power Attack
25/20 + D10+15

With Power Attack
23/18 + D10+19

Does that seem right to anybody?

This can be ignored now. haha

Hey guys,

Pretty quick question...

Best Rage Power and Feats for an in your face, mess stuff up Barbarian.

If it matters, I have a +5 weapon :D

But yeah... Looking for feats that will make me stronger/more attacks...

I've got a high HP but low AC (HP is 104HP, AC is 22 - 20 when I rage)

Only level 9.

I currently get 2 attacks, both with quite high chances of hits. Weapon I'm using is a trident (can be used both one handed and two handed - Been using 2 because that gives me higher rolls and I don't use a shield...)

I get 4 Rage Powers, and I think 6 feats...



PS, Do I get a cookie for making so many threads lately? :D

Ahh not too concerned... I shouldn't have called the Dwarfs little pink things... lol

Right, so my Monk got the axe last night :D

Threw my own stupidity, I insulted a bunch of dwarfs that happened to be in a Gunsmith guild, right after they'd had most of their village destroyed and thousands of their people killed... lol

Hit dice? as in D12/D10 etc?

But, take for example my monk, the d20pfsrd page for him says 'Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Int modifier'

So, wouldn't that satisfy the requirement? First level monk would then have 4 skill ranks that I could place in Arcana knowledge? Which means that if I put one more in it at level 2, I'd satisfy the prerequisite?

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