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So exited he said it twice. :-)

See you at Contingency guys.


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A solid and well designed monster, whilst the name did not really grab me I applaud the creativity and descriptive text which really gets my imagination running riot.

After grading all the entries it was a tossup between this or another very good monster for my final vote.

The fact that I loved Mr Tuckers first two entries swung it in his favour.

I will sign off now as I seem to be turning into a Philip Tucker groupie which could be worrying for my lovely wife :-)

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I really like the descriptive text and flavour of this monster, I particularly like the Swarming Wounds ability.

Overall I think that this is a very cool monster and would be fun to GM whilst giving players something to think about.


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One of my top 5, and in my opinion it has lots of flavour. I keep seeing a intellectually challenged Half Orc running around with an actual door that he has been told is a newly designed Defenders Door and getting irate when it does not work.

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My absolute favourite.

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Well one my friend.

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Well done my lovely, we can celebrate this weekend and I will definately buy you a lovely drink.

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terry_t_uk wrote:

I just make stuff up as I go along

No-one has noticed yet :-)

We have noticed Terry, but all know how sensitive you are so have not mentioned it :-)

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Captain Marsh wrote:

Sorry everyone - yes. 10 New classes. My mistake.

Most of the responses here make sense and fall into the "I like Pathfinder the way it is, thank you very much."

Which is great. I probably would have made the same argument last year.

And it may be that this is how the game world will shake out, with some of us gravitating toward more rules-light/story heavy games.

But again, I don't want to gravitate away. I love Paizo and yes, actually, I do want my playstyle to be catered to. (Duh.)

I'll check out Pathfinder Unchained -- first I've heard of it. Thanks.

Finally, to folks here who reiterate the old "I've heard this thread before so shut up" argument or the old "quite whining about your playstyle not being catered to" saw, I say - pft.

If I had a quarter for every person on this message board who told me to shut up...

Bottom line?

This is my message board as much as yours, and Paizo is my gaming source and my addiction as much as yours.

They deserve to hear my (hopefully positive, constructive) feedback as much as yours.

And if I'm repeating a concern raised before, even better.


Whilst I am in the opposite camp to you - very nice reply.


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I would like to add my congratulations to you Tonya, a well deserved promotion.

Ontario have gained a couple of stars in you and Crispy.

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David Harrison wrote:
Congratulations Tonya. Our loss is Canada's gain - still in the Commonwealth though.

Now that is an idea - Paizo Commonwealth. If you build it they will come.

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Go Venture team UK.

Well done to you both, two excellent choices.

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Rob - Hearty congratulations well deserved.

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I am so looking forward to this. I have a full car travelling up from Portsmouth all ready to bring the awesome.

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Painlord wrote:
Thod wrote:

Two of the goblins are mine (the young lady and the boy on the left). A shame that the young lady had a fit after getting her face paint on - and washed it off before the Grand Convocation. The other goblin also seems to have face paint that has suffered a lot.


Thanks for digging this up. Nice to see my own blood as they enjoy themselves.


Oh, Little Thod-dites! Nice!

Looks like they were having fun.

Thod, do you know the board aliases of the others in the video? Or the individual playing Olaf?


The jailor was me I was very lucky with my little Goblin choir. We were told about 30 seconds before the hordes waiting outside were let in what we had to do and the song was the best I could come up with in that timescale.


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Not wanting to sound impatient or ungrateful but can you let me know when you think final details (booking etc) for the con will be public knowledge? I am wondering because having spent 10 months out of the last 13 away from home and already been to Conception since my return I need to broach the subject delicately with the boss (Wife) and would like to give her the full details before doing so.



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Stefan wrote:

I am hoping to set up a pathfinder organised play group based in Southampton, United Kingdom. I am hoping to set up an initial meeting in late Feb 2011, to begin play on at least a monthly basis in March. Please can all interested parties please email me at ianhambly@hotmail.co.uk

with your availability this month. I am planning to send out details of the initial meet by 15 Feb 2011. I am planning to have a DM rota, but all details will be discussed at the initial meeting.
Please bring all (good!) ideas with you. I expect we will be meeting one weekday evening at The Shooting Star, Bevois Valley.
Latecomers are welcome (so still contact me in May 2012 etc).

I am in.


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Stormfriend wrote:

I met a remarkable number of people switching over from 4e. The downside to that of course was that the PFS games were massively oversubscribed. I ended up playing one new mod and replaying twice, which wasn't ideal, but at least I got some games in - my thanks to all the DMs.

And I didn't meet a single gunslinger! Long may that continue...

I was one of those cross overs and I am so glad that I did. I had already purchased the books but was not going to play any 'Living Games' at Conception but got talked into it and played in nearly every slot. I know at least 3 people played one game then went straight to the trade area and spent lots of money.

Thanks to all the GM's - especially Russ and Chris for showing me the way.