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Why does the print preorder version say unavailable?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

What is the discord link? As it expired..

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Is this going to be released for people who didn't Back this? Like is it coming to the Paizo Store? I really want this, and I am sad I missed it.

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How do you get an organized play number? As when you click the link, it takes you back to the front page.

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Interested in playing an oracle/ divine caster of some sort. Not sure on time though.

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I would love to play a Primal magic oracle, But Saturday is int too good for me.

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I hope there isint end game stuff. I find it silly to kill a boss a billion times to get loot. It would be like going through the same dungeon killing the same boss a billion times in pathfinder. There should be extra stuff that only level caped characters can do with Special title and privileges.

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What About Spells? Granted only higher level magic users can use them, Such as gate. Or create a spell That can teleport a person. nothing is faster then a teleport spell.

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Ok one of the big things that gets under my skin in the mmo world is this, traveling. I used to play Uo and they had a way to travel to any location if you could teleport to it using runes or book marks. Then I played FF11 for some months and It took forever to get anywhere. I have played wow for alittle and travel is kinda in the middle, air ships or walk, Still takes a bit to get to places. So my big question is this. How is travel gonna plan out? Will it take forever to get anywhere? We all know it takes days to travel (for lower level adventures) In PFRPG, So how long will it take in PF:O?

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I like guilds, I just wish that they were more player friendly, Like have certain players (or all) be able to acquire other members. So the guild Master doesn't have to sign other people up, he can have his under lings do it too. Also Alliances would be great, Have one guild then have many smaller alliances.

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I played UO for three years and It had player housing. It was every where but still. I would love to see this, Have an apartment or something. FF11 had something like this. You had a place in the city and when you entered it, it was instanced so you had a small little apartment. I too would like to see player housing.

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One think you said in the Blog post is that you want Investors, But it just so happens that I don't have a spare $100,000 lying around. So would you guys be willing on starting a Kickstarter or something of the sort so most of us could pitch in? Like, If you donate this much you get a shirt, or Donate this much you get (blah) and so on? Like early access to the beta or special in game items?

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Ok so I have to say this is awesome! And would suggest to get the word out to the gaming press.
But I have played some mmo's in the past and haven't been hooked by them, well except for UO for three years. So hopefully this will hook me.
One thing I want is this, I would love a mode or feature to Play Pathfinder RPG online as I would on the table top. So have a person running the game then have players running there characters. Have the capability to have characters, Npc's, armor and interactions with the world the GM has created ect. I know you can now do this with other software such as maptool but more easy and user friendly. Integrated more. I also Want it to be pretty customizable. Like have the Character Generator very robust and diverse instead of having set body and head types like the big mmos do. I am excited about this, and hope to be apart of it in some shape or form.

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I asked for this!! WOO hoo! I hope there is more races then the 7 core!!! Woo hoo.

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HATE to do this but, Please could you cancel my Modules and Tales subscriptions? Thanks.

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Interested... I live about an hour away from Cambridge, MA. So it would have to be worth while for me to come down. Also work alot so that may be a problem. If interested e-mail me at MRblahface (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Thanks

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I had to roll gold and got 50Gp so that was why I chose the clubs and what not. I can't afford most things. So I may go with Half-ling now.

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james maissen wrote:
MRblahface wrote:

I am going to be joining a game where I am a gnome Summoner starting at lv one. I had to roll for stats and I placed them in the following locations.

A few questions:

Why gnome?

Why a 16INT?

Perhaps consider the following: A halfling with 18DEX/CHA that uses a good deal of stealth.

You can have plenty of mounts as a summoner, don't pay to let your eidolon be one.


I rolled what I rolled and just thought that the summoner was a caster and needed the CHA boost. Also I never played a Gnome before, and didn't read the Half-ling. The Int was for Skills and I had no idea where else to put it.

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I am going to be joining a game where I am a gnome Summoner starting at lv one. I had to roll for stats and I placed them in the following locations.

STR: 10 (-2)= -8
DEX: 10
CON: 11 (+2)= 13
INT: 16
WIS: 11
CHA: 16 (+2)= 18

Was that good? For my Feat I chose Improved Initiative.
for my Eidolon he is a Quadruped (which I will ride) with the Mount,Improved Natural armor, and tail evolutions.
My skills are, Knowledge planes 7, Linguistics 7, ride 3, spell craft 7, and use magic device 9. And the Eidolons are Planes 0, perception 4, survival 4 and swim 6. My feat is improved Initiative and his is Deep Sight. As power goes how is my Eidolon? How is my character? How should I handle offense? I have clubs and what not. I just don't know what to do about that, I was thinking just using either the clubs or use Wands when I can afford them? any help would be help full!

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newbiegirl wrote:
I look at the logistics in that I'm 131 years old and have no Wisdom...doesn't seem right to me.

Also you are an elf, Elf's live a long time. Like around 350+ so an elf who's 131 years of age is probably maybe a "20" something so still kind of young. So you really didnt need the Wisdom. As a Paladin you need CHA,STR and CON, DEX and others help.

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Hi, I may not be able to help you 100 percent but here it goes.

Detect evil "detects" any person place or thing that is evil with in 60 ft. Smite evil, if it goes off it does alot of damage to an enemy until it dies. But it does not work if the enemy is not evil.
Basically take your D20 and Roll it and add you CHA mod which would be a +1 on your attack roll. Then take your paladin lv (lv 3) and add that to the damage roll. and you can use that once per day.
If the enemy is a evil outsider, dragon or zombie (Undead) it gets a +2 per level on first attack.
My first character was a paladin and I also picked persuasive. It does good. Also I would boost your STR and most importantly your CHA, You need CHA as a paladin. Hope this helps!

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I am interested In a skype game, but not to sure on maptools. If you want to chat more MRblahface (at) gmail (dot) com

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yellowdingo wrote:
I was working on an RPG and went looking for certain words that apparently fall into the burned and gone pages...


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
yellowdingo wrote:

I recently picked up a secondhand dictionary (Websters 25th ed.) Its one of those big mega dictionary that needs its own pedestal so you can memorize your spells...

The reason it is in the second hand store? It got a little burned. I dont mean around the edges - I mean the 30 pages between R and S. Like the git took offense at pages with certain words and set fire to them.

I will never know what is on those pages.

Maybe it was in a house fire? Or some angry goblins got to it? Who Knows!

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Ok, O.P. here and I have had some Ideas I would like to share. Ok I said In one of my earlier posts that "Maybe this would give a chance for Paizo to make the kobold and goblin a little more pc friendly." I take that back as because some races should are stronger or weaker then humans. Making them all the same would be boring.
Any way The main reason I am posting is I have a friend of mine who wanted to create a new character and he wanted a different race. A "unusual" race at first level. He looked over both bestiary and didn't find anything. (he was kinda picky) So As in the first post I suggested that Paizo come up with a Pathfinder Campaign Setting or the Pathfinder Player Companion player races book. I am not talking about having a Minotaur or a Tarrasque *snicker* as a player race, (though it would be fun to play as a Tarrasque at first level) I am talking about having a book full of the playable zero hit die races, which I explained before. I believe some have brought up that the Pathfinder Campaign Setting or the Pathfinder Player Companion are Golarion specific. So if I understand this correctly we have the Campagian setting that details the world of Golarion, the player Companion that gives players the "edge" in Golarion, the Adventure paths and modules are adventures or one shots through the world of Golarion. Then you have the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, which isint Golarion specific per say, but It can be used with any world or campaign setting. It has been said before by various Paizo staffers that they will only be able come out with 2-3 RPG books a year. So what am I getting to? Well, what if Paizo came out with a NEW line lets call it "Pathfinder RPG Companion". What this would be is a 90 or so soft cover page line of books dedicated to the Role playing game. It could have some classes or alternate classes or archetypes but its main focus would be smaller things such as feats, spells, magic items, gear and so on tied to a theme (arcane, divine whatever have you). So the point I am getting to Is that you could use this new line to put out a book full of player races and so on with out affecting Golarion.

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Flipper wrote:

Pathfinder Players,

You have been summoned to answer the call of Pathfinder RPG! I am in need of more players in the region of Springfield, MA (I live in West Springfield). I am looking for an additional Pathfinder player who enjoys the game on many different levels from Role-playing, combat, and just hanging out with like minded people!

Send me or email at brodeur911@hotmail.com or simply post here and we will be in touch!

Heed the call my gaming friends!

Interested but I live about 2 hours away! If I were to do this it would have to be worth it. How many players do you have? Where would the game take place? ect ect. Please contact me if you wish at MRblahface (AT) gmail (DOT)com. Thanks

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MisterSpaghetti wrote:


I'm an experienced DM (25+ years using D&D, AD&D, 2e, 3e, Pathfinder) looking for serious roleplayers to begin the Council of Thieves Adventure Path using MapTools and possibly Skype.

Sessions will take place on Tuesday nights at around 8 p.m. EST and run for 3-4 hours.

If you're interested, please reply to this thread or send an email to pantherbytheshore -at- gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I am interested, I need to get a head set. I could possibly could do it but I sometimes have another game so it depends. If you wanted to talk further MRblahface (AT) gmail (dot) com. thanks

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keith goudreau wrote:

I am hosting a weekly Sunday pathfinder game, noon -6pm. We had our first session yesterday and it went excellent. As of right now the group is 3 gamers, I am looking for up to 3 more, dedicated serious gamers to join.

Please send an email to Keith_the_zombie@hotmail.com if anyone is interested or would like more info. Please include a little something about you and your gaming background.

Thanks and good gaming,

Keith, I tried to e-mail you and I am still interested but I don't know if I can do it because of work. Interested yes! I need more info. Thanks! MRblahface (AT) Gmail (DOT) Com

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I am In search of a game. I have reliable transportation. Weekly to bi-weekly works for me. I think I will attend total con, But I am looking for a some what steady game. right now Wednesdays are no good from 2-6 Sundays are no good between 10-4, and Fridays between 4-9 are no good as well. Please let me know if any games are open. If so please e-mail me at MRblahface (AT) gmail (DOT) com Thanks! -MRblahface.
P.S. I have never done a Online RPG game. Suggestions on how to get into one? -thanks!

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Urizen wrote:
You're probably thinking this?

Thanks, I knew I saw it but yeah. Thanks.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I guess it had rules on air ship battles, I think it was for PFRPG. But not 100% sure.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I forget I just saw it too, but who put out a book on air ships? Thanks

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keith goudreau wrote:

I am starting a new campaign and looking for 2-3 more players. It will be noon till 6 every Sunday, located in west Roxbury (Boston).

It will be a home brewed world, biggest plot hook is the neighboring continent has had all sentient beings vanish. No one knows why, the continent is like one large ghost town. The content you would be from has "annexed" this continent and is clearing out all the undesirables that have moved in. It is not meant to be a hack and slash adventure, and nothing prohibits anyone from going to the main continent. I am resurrecting a few of my 3.5 adventures that were lots of fun to get things going. Unfortunately my first adventure is a "dungeon dive" just to get the party established. After that I hope that the pcs will be able to find diplomatic means to clear some of the more advanced inhabitants of the continent.

Advancement will be medium, I have no plans on an end cap; I hope everyone will make it to 20th.

For checks like intimidate or diplomacy, I will encourage role play for the big plot issues. For things like gather information, better deals at an inn, and things of that nature I like to keep the mundane things moving with dice rolls.

Please if you have any further question don't be afraid to ask. My goal is to get a group of committed, dedicated, excited players together weekly.



I am interested, But I live about an hour from Boston, and Is this in a safe location? Where would this be held at your house? What about the game? What would allow? could i use Psionics? what point buy? Thanks.

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keith goudreau wrote:

Are there any Boston groups looking for 1 more?

If not anyone want to pool together and start one with me?

I am close to the NH border So I don't think you would be too close to me. But here is this link http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/PFNE/ they have a lot of boston events. Hope it helps.

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LDE47 wrote:

Been a gamer for as long as I could read. I have lots of experience with many games TRS, White Wolf, Champions, WoTC, FASA, Games Workshop...

My interests as of late have focused down to Pathfinder. I seek to join a game that is serious yet casual environment. I'm in Concord area but willing to go possibly an hours drive to participate. My availability is unknown at the moment being between semesters. Just let me know and I will pass on more info as needed.

Well I have a game group but there kinda full as of now. I am possibly looking into another game group but that may be something in the future. There is a yahoo group. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/PFNE/ try giving that a go. -George

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Shizvestus wrote:

MRblahface Who says the races are mostly decended from human...
or is that just in your campaign :)

I will try to be as clear as I can. Most of the stuff that I type of say comes up all messed up. No, I was talking about "MOST" of the player races or "(insert race here) as characters". The non Hit monsters from both bestiarys are "mostly" descended from humans, IE Aasmar, Tiefling, Dhampir, Ifrit, Slyph, Oread, and the Undine. And it says in the wright ups that they are half or have "so and so" Blood to get them to posses that ability that they have. Thats what I was trying to say.

and as a side note The goblin and Kobold probably would and should get there own book. Ie goblins of Golarion.

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Gorbacz wrote:
Golarion, the default PF campaign world is anthropocentric, and there aren't a great deal of demi/semi human races running around. There are no "giant talking birds" walking down the streets of major cities. The problem is, such book would be expected to deal with culture and place in the world of such races (see Races of ... series), and in Golarion there isn't that much place for that.

I pointed out Giant talking Birds because As of current I am playing as a Tengu alchemist from the first bestiary. And Most of the races are descended from humans, hence living with humans. Maybe this would give a chance for Paizo to make the kobold and goblin a little more pc friendly.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Ok I just got the Bestiary 2, err, In PDF form. Book forum soon. I am sure this has been talked about, But what I am talking about Is the Non-Hit dice races, I.E. Tiefling, Aasmar, Goblin, Kobold, Damphir, Sylph, So on and so on you get the idea. I am not talking about a full 300+ book like the RPG line, but kinda In the same light as the elf's of Golarion. Maybe on the Pathfinder Campaign Setting or the Pathfinder Player Companion, Maybe each page or two of the book details one of the races in detail, and includes all of the "(insert race here) as characters" (From as of now) Both Bestiary's also maybe some new playable races. Would this be some what remotely possible? The reason I ask is I like to play Different then human characters. I mean Humans are cool because we are all humans but in general Its fun to play a giant talking bird. I do know there are some other 3rd party books like this but this is a way to give a Damphir or Sylph or a "whatever" To give it fluff and more chance for players something other then the "7" core races. What do you all think?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Any one know if there is some conversion to PFRPG out there for this or is there no conversion needed? thanks!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Thanks every one. I like the cleric idea, I Think I will go with that, Or an Alchemist. I don't know. I like paladins but have played them alot. I could be a paladin. What about a holy vindicator? Its a little early but what that be good? thanks!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Breiti wrote:

I would go cleric after all ... Somthing like:

Race: Human
Class: Cleric of Erastil

STR: 16
DEX: 14
CON: 13
INT: 10
WIS: 16
CHA: 12


Hum: Martial Weapon Proficiency (Greatsword)
1st: Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
3rd: Extra Channeling
5st: Selectiv Channeling

Swift enlarge makes you a good melee damage dealer and gives you reach. 3d6+6 with a non magical weapon with 10ft reach and a longspear as backup for 15ft. reach. Channeling is good way to heal and still save your spells for buffs. As soon as possible a "Phylactery of Positive Channeling" +2d6 on every channel for 11k gc.

A lot of options later:

* Combat Reflexes
* Power Attack/Furious Focus

Over all good combat skills and good healing power.


I like it But why a CHA of 12? Why have a CHA of 12 as Dont you need CHA to do Most cleric things?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I have been bugging my GM to let me play a Bird-type race for a while and he finally broke. I like the Life oracle Idea but would that make it look like, "o hi we just had one of you in our party, you are sure common.'? Or from a scene from a movie "The Gamers" the first one where the wizard dies and out of no where another wizard appears. Am I under the understanding that Clerics can cast heal spells so when preparing spells don't prepare heal spells? Or is that Cleric 101? I was thinking of a Tiefling Paladin but that was shot down, my Gm would not allow the Tiefling. So I would do a Paladin but It would be some other race, Also I like Paladins, but have played a few before. So if I go the summoning route how would I get the pre-made stat blocks? And I take that as for the monsters I would be summoning? Thanks for the ideas sofar, Please keep them coming!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

We started a 2nd lv custom game. I was a Human Battle Oracle. The two other players are a Gnome Summoner who is a toy maker and loves bears. Hence his giant Teddy-Bear Eidolons who he rides, and a Human Monk who loves weapons and has so many we had to give her a sheet of notebook paper to fit them all. This is a custom game and where every thing is exceptionable except barbarians and spontaneous casters are rare. Any who we were tasked to go and kill this Minotaur and his gang of goblins and Kobolds. It was filled with traps and none of us could deal with it but we worked around them. anyway we are facing 4 goblin Barbarians It was us three and a npc fighter of 1st lv. Well to cut to the chase me and the fighter both died, I had two on me and two on him. The GM rolled two attacks for me and lo and behold two nat-20's with confirm crits. And The npc died as well. So I now need to make a new character, and I want to heal and fight but, My group needs a healer but also needs a fighter. So I was thinking Bard, they can heal and fight. Was also going to go as arcane duelist. I was also thinking of a druid so I can help fight with my Animal companion and heal my party. I could go as a cleric but I don't know. Rogue just poped into my head. As for race I wanted to play as a Tengu, but any of the 7 races are fine. I just need advice as what to play,Thanks.
P.S. 25 point buy, and would Use magic device work with wands and scrolls to heal my party? Also I would be starting again at 2 lv and have the same xp as the rest of the party. I was thinking oracle again but I am not sure.

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I Know there is A game store on the south shore, But I am on the North Shore, looking for a pathfinder group. Good Luck.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I downloaded Map tools I just don't know how to get started. Like I just want to make a simple dungeon to start off then as I get more used to the soft ware etc. So where can I find a place to start off at? Thanks.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Hello, I have a few questions about using technology In my table top game. Where we play We have a 50inch Plasma T.V. I was thinking of hooking a laptop to the T.V. and pretty much using the T.V. As a battle map. Now the main question is what about software to use for a battle map. Also has anyone used hero lab? What about some software for a battle map, anything good out there? Any and all suggestions would be helpful! Thanks.
P.S. has any one used battlegrounds?

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ALL AWESOME. Thank you. Ok He just wants to raise the dead then use the positive and Holy "Whatever" to put them In there final resting place.I think every one has answered my questions. But what about say a L/G Kingdom has a law against necromancy of any kind. IF he were to raise dead would he in fact breaking the law? Thanks again! -MRblah

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Another issue has come up. there is no Glory/Death God (As of now I am using PF gods). I don't want to create one. So He has no god so what about a holy symbol? How would that work? Please help!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

WOW! Thank you every one. I like some of the Ideas. First I was going to use no to vague deities. Also He basically from what he has said to me is this. He wants to channel positive energy and use the Holy sword against the undead in case they get out of hand. He wants to raise them and fight with them. I have no Idea what he was thinking on using the unholy sword for. The holy and Unholy swords were 2 swords that he wanted to wield. (can a neutral character wield holy and unholy swords? Why would you need a unholy sword anyway?) As I know I have a LG monk of the 4 winds and a ?? storm born Sorcerer so I really think they might have some problems with him (evil GM snicker). His Whole aim I think is to be "like" the necromancer in Diablo 2. But anyway He wants to have some or all of his undead running all over the place then dispatching them when he is done.

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Zerombr wrote:

thanks for the warm welcome!

I've got some access to the APG, (read:I know a guy who has it), so I'll have to check and see what you're talking about, feats perhaps or traits?

Granted while I appreciate people saying which ideas they like, I'd also like input to flesh out the bottom two choices, that aren't quite as personable yet, iffin someone has an interesting idea for them.

Yeah I like tieflings because you can do a born of evil now looking for salvation or to fit in. Or he can kinda be more neutral. As far as domains maybe *pulls out Book* Maybe madness and magic domains If your GM allows domains with out a deity. Maybe look at the Sub-Domains. That's all I got so far.

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