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One think you said in the Blog post is that you want Investors, But it just so happens that I don't have a spare $100,000 lying around. So would you guys be willing on starting a Kickstarter or something of the sort so most of us could pitch in? Like, If you donate this much you get a shirt, or Donate this much you get (blah) and so on? Like early access to the beta or special in game items?

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Ok so I have to say this is awesome! And would suggest to get the word out to the gaming press.
But I have played some mmo's in the past and haven't been hooked by them, well except for UO for three years. So hopefully this will hook me.
One thing I want is this, I would love a mode or feature to Play Pathfinder RPG online as I would on the table top. So have a person running the game then have players running there characters. Have the capability to have characters, Npc's, armor and interactions with the world the GM has created ect. I know you can now do this with other software such as maptool but more easy and user friendly. Integrated more. I also Want it to be pretty customizable. Like have the Character Generator very robust and diverse instead of having set body and head types like the big mmos do. I am excited about this, and hope to be apart of it in some shape or form.