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Sounds fun. I guess I will have to create level 13 starter characters. I don't have any past 10 right now.

Sounds like fun! Can't wait!! 8D

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Cantrips that grow with the character! I'm all in now!

Goblins rule! And they can read, but according to the lore, it is taboo. It put words in brain.

Fun! Including those critical effects was a nice addition too!

Rogues were one of the messier classes from 1E. In my humble opinion, these are all (very nasty) improvements.

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I like Starfinder's ability increase system and I am glad it is being brought into Pathfinder.

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Thumbs up! The action system is what needed maintenance the most. It was too confusing.

Not the way my group plays. It takes them an hour to dawdle in role playing in an bar on Absalom Station. XD

Use Semi-Auto projectiles for 1d6 same as most beginning weapons in Pathfinder. Exploit Vesk's heavy weapon and longarm ability out of the gate. Give everyone a handful of grenades. My party did plenty of damage in the AP.

My judgement is still out on Solarians, but they do give you a LOT of options on how to play them. I think they should have been closer to the Paladins (and anti-Paladins) of space.

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I have played a dwarf fighter (or sometimes barbarian) with the same name (Njorl) in almost every RPG game I have ever played (tabletop or online). I always hear the Monty Python viking epic theme music in my head when playing him.

Like! Like! Like! Just don't call 'em Jedi! I do wonder how often those Zenith powers will activate in combat though.