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PF 1e question: does freedom of movement prevent movement impairing of a higher level than it? I'm talking mostly about temporal stasis, maze and imprisonment.

I've always interpreted spell casting as something you can never do stealthily even if casting a still, silent spell with no materials needed. The explanation I was given was that every spell had visual components that would manifest as it was being cast.
Others however have disagreed with me and have said that it's possible to stealth cast anything as long as it lacks verbal components.
Do i have the wrong about spell casting or is it always obvious? Also what about SLAs which always lack components?

slayer HP: 2d10 ⇒ (7, 3) = 10

My phantom thief may finally have his day
Starting Wealth: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 2, 4) = 11

GM My Black Midnight wrote:

Hello all!

this campaign needs one more player! we are a little more than halfway through the first book of the AP and we lost one of our players due to real life concerns.

the current party is:
human cleric
human magus
halfling arcanist
human druid with a bear

as you can see we have magic pretty well covered with 2 each divine and arcane casters. the character we are losing is a ranger, but you do not have to choose ranger as your class if you don't want to. a ranged character is the biggest missing piece right now, but i will entertain any applications.

build your PC to level 3 with standard WBL. ignore the charcater creation rules at the beginning of this thread, as this campaign was started by a different GM entirely. we will be using pretty standard rules and I will allow any paizo source books.

the biggest thing i will be looking for is someone who can commit to posting consistently. we have been having some trouble keeping players in this game for some reason, including the original GM. if you're going to apply for this game please be willing to stick it out!

I will leave applications open through Friday and will choose someone by the end of the day on Monday the 29th.

good luck!

would a samsaran slayer be legal?

is oread and its subraces allowed

Looking for a campaign for an Ifrit warrior poet
Has a dark past involving the underground of the Tianese city of Goka if one likes plot threads built into characters