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Makes sense to me. Thanks for Chiming in Mathmuse.

Hi all. I have a player in a home game who wants to teach his animal companion tricks. He wants to use Speak with Animals to help in the training. The duration of the spell is 1 minute/level.

Handle Animal

You can teach an animal a specific trick with one week of work and a successful Handle Animal check against the indicated DC.

The character in question is 2nd level so two minutes of conversation per casting. If he were to cast it once a day what would be a reasonable benefit?

6 days instead of 7?
+2 bonus vs. the DC to train?
Some other option I haven't considered.

I appreciate any and all responses.

Hi all

There is plenty of excellent ideas on the boards here. I'm shamelessly borrowing and adapting many for use myself. I'll be using this thread as a sounding board for ideas, in and around Sandpoint.

If you are playing, or plan to play, or are my players... please exit the office the same way you came in. :)

I am absolutely ok with hearing something is a bad idea. All feedback is considered good here. Spelling doesn't count. I'd like to stay on topic if possible.

I appreciate everyone's help. The goal is a fun game for my group.

Lets begin.

Vorah Wheen:
The write up has her shrill and paranoid. She believes her remaining two children are at risk after losing her eldest daughter to a drowning mishap. Her husband is lost and a bit of a drunkard.

What if Vorah is responsible for the death of her daughter. Some calling or ritual that brought something from somewhere else. Either she sacrificed her daughter to gain (power, strength, whatever) and intends to use her other children as offerings as well (so she is covering up badly with the over the top shirll parinoia


she was messing around with something she doesn't understand. Knows its bad. Knows she messed up but doesn't have any idea how to fix it because it will end her marriage and probably end up with her in chains or worse.

Maybe she just isn't quite herself anymore.... Maybe she's not.

Maybe Bilivar suspects and that's why he wants out...

What class do we think works for her, if any? What did she call from the beyond... Thinking maybe her daughter is a haunt or something too.

Please remember your spoiler tags. My group of friends can be like little kiddies at Christmas sometimes but the tags should send them packing.


oh. Thanks for that.

explain please Stacktdeck.

Thanks guys. Going with the check to heel then the -4 for large size of horse as penalty to ranger stealth, as suggested by Thanis.

I appreciate both of your ideas, thank you.

Kyrrok the Level 1 Shoanti Ranger hears a group moving down the Lost Coast road. They are travelling in the same direction as Kyrrok but are moving faster than him and will shortly overtake him.

Kyrrok dismounts his horse,Silver, and leads her behind a few trees and bushes just off the road (10 - 15'). Here he decides to lay low (use Stealth) to let the group pass him so that he can get a better handle on who they are what they want.

My question:

Handle Animal to get Silver (his horse) to heel and lay low with him?
Separate Stealth for the Horse? - this doesn't feel right to me.
Modified opposed stealth check for having the horse with him?

I'm the GM. I realize its whatever I decide but I'm wondering what others would do.

Any observations appreciated. Great group of people here and I appreciate any help or thoughts you care to provide.

I like both those ideas guys. Its for my (heavily modified) Runelords Campaign and yes thinking its a Thassilon artifact.

Keep em coming if there are any other suggestions. I appreciate everyones thoughts and opinions.

Other than being a receptacle for carrying items of immense power does the infinity gauntlet have any other power?

Artifact I think. In that it should be unique and maybe add powers as you add stones. Ioun stones have their own powers maybe the gauntlet gets additional powers as each stone is added?

Maybe not Ioun stones but something like it.

Thinking minor artifact level or major item. Should have some powers in its own right. Can hold 5 Ioun Stones. Maybe allow casting a few spells and then dependant on stones inserted extra power/spell.

Should be a unique item I think. Do you think the stones should be unique?

coolness factor= yay or nae?

Any other ideas anyone has for this would be appreciated.

Rereading this it sounds a little like the skull from ToEE. How do we not make it that. :)

Thanks everyone.

Thanks James, I appreciate the quick reply. syncing it up to Pathfinder has already begun...

Hi James!

One of my players is going to create an Urban Druid (See Dragon Magazine #317, March 2004; or Dragon Compendium V1.)for play in our game set in Varisia.

Is there anything about the Urban Druid you'd add or change? Has anyone ever used one in your games?

Thanks for all the gaming goodness you have (and continue to) created.


Thank you lemeres. I don't believe there is a definition but your explanation and the 2 examples you cited help a lot.

I appreciate both of you helping me out.

I saw that Rynjin.

Pg 140 of the CRB has a 'Simple, Martial, Exotic weapons' section which is bolded but fails to define what any of them are.

I understand that any weapon with the word Exotic on a weapon list is exotic. What makes it so.

trying to define it.

I don't believe its defined anywhere and am double checking here because the people on this board are amazing and helpful.

I appreciate the help Rynjin.

Hi all. I'm a GM. If I can define it I should be able to make a decision regarding a build one of my players is working on.

Any help with a definition that can be cited would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance. I've failed in my search foo. Books, PRD, previous queries, this site.

Hi all. I'm a GM. If I can define it I should be able to make a decision regarding a build one of my players is working on.

Any help with a definition that can be cited would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance. I've failed in my search foo. Books, PRD, previous queries, this site.

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I like the game very much. I appreciate that designers take the time to do errata and spend time on the boards answering questions. I enjoy the messageboards very much although generally I'm a lurker.

I don't necessarily agree with or use everything and tend to use what my group feels works well and change or not use what doesn't.

James, i'm really looking forward to reading this. Death's Heretic was my favorite in the line so far. Thinking it may shortly be 2nd favorite. guess we'll see...

Not so good on the fly. I can do it but it comes off clunky. I have a list of first and last names I mix up, 'on the fly', when I really need an NPC name. Otherwise my mind always goes ends up with guard names like Bob and Steve.

Slim this is very helpful. I appreciate the links.

Thanks to both of you.

I'm expecting one of my players to go in search of just such a person next session. I have a cool set of Tarot cards for just such an occasion. Was going to flip cards out on the table and 'read' characters future.

Mechanically was thinking along the lines of the 1st Ravenloft module. Its in a box around here somewhere but its basically gives +1 to this specific circumstance when it arises or gives some cryptic insite into where a cool item the character might want can be found.

Thoughts on making this a fun cool event?

All input appreciated.


HI all,

Looking for thoughts and any ideas for fleshing out or modeling a certain Sczarni criminal group in my ROTRL game. The players are really having fun going about and interacting with the area and people. I'm doing a lot of fleshing out.

Thinking using biker group or gang as flavour. What can we come up with?

Leather and patches.
Club house.

What else we got?

Need some names too.

Thanks everyone

Thanks for the quick responses.

Zhayne, MrSin, I appreciate your quick responses.

I'm going with it. For coolness.

If in some way this somehow becomes a problem I'll mention the target creatures/object ruling.

thanks again you've been a great help. Paizo community for the win!!

I have a player in one of my games who wants to use cure light wounds on a body to heal the visible wounds so that the friends of the deceased aren't upset by what they see.

Flavor wise/ coolness factor i'm good with it but does the use of say, cure light wounds in this way step on the toes of some other spell?

Anyone see any possible pitfalls?

Thanks for any replies.

Greycloak of Bowness, I really enjoyed reading of your groups adventures. It took me from when you posted Dec 4, to now, reading when I could, generally when I was putting my 1.5 yr old to bed. It made for good reading. I hope if you run another adventure, you continue to post. Have you considered writing of your characters adventures in your brothers campaign?

One other question, it may have been answered and I missed it between baby bottles. How did the characters react when they realized they had bought a place that was owned by someone else who was out of town, way back at the beginning of skinsaw? I laughed pretty hard when I read that. Almost woke the baby.

anyway, thanks again for a great read. I appreciate the time you put into this, both GM prep as well as writing the AARs.

You and me both Snorter.

Good luck to everyone who submitted!

His twin. The one that died with his mother at birth. The brother he never knew he had.

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This is nice. Thanks Liz.

Thank you Cheapy. Great work!!

Kerblamikus wrote:
Instead of penalising players for being slow reward them .....


I've always found that people respond better to positive performance management.

Also, knowone intends to be slow. Berti Blackfoot had a good point about being prepared for the round but other player actions changing Berti's mind.

I love random encounters. Especially charts.

What is it about them? If you wander off into the woods in search of adventure who knows what you'll find. If the characters turn left instead of right like I was anticipating, random encounter chart for help.

Characters a little light in xp or treasure and the BBEG is coming up shortly, random encounter...

Players looking bored because the last 3 encounters have run out about the same way, random encounter...

You get the idea.

Also, they are great for inspiration. We've had reaccuring NPC, villains, stories have changed direction becuase of them.

They don't all need to be deadly killing machines out to wipe out the party either.

Piccolo wrote:

One of the things I was always curious about was if a Paladin could take goods from graves or from the dead. You'd think no, but too many games expect one to kick some undead butt and take their gear.

Hi piccolo. I can only advise you on palidens at my table and my thoughts on this.

When Palidins or anyone are kicking undead butt, if they find anything of value they aren't robbing graves. Anything a Palidin finds while helping fight unquiet spirits can help in his holy war against evil and things that should stay dead.

If the Palidin went to the local cemetery and started digging people up to look for jewelery or other items, thats another matter entirely.

If the local laws are lawful. then the Palidin needs to follow them. Yes you can take items from the evil vile undead things. It is against the law to dig up your neighbours uncle and take the things he was laid to rest with. So, if your neighbours uncle gets up and attacks you,its okay to take his ring.

I would purchase a book like this.

Email sent. thank you for offering to send this out to everyone. looking forward to looking it over

i second snorters Skaven suggestion. The kits come with all kinds of adaptability. Just needs a bit of work putting it together.

Serisan wrote:

I would interpret any square that is mostly full of water without an occupying creature to constitute an open location and water is capable of supporting a swimming creature.

Using the same logic, wouldn't air support a creature able to fly/glide?