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My question was answered elsewhere and I wanted to share. You can buy the token rims for 1$ here:

I bought the first adventure path for Foundry VTT, and it is GORGEOUS.

I especially like the token artworks. The orange or silver metal rims are very stylish. Is there a chance to get empty templates of these to make our own tokens for PCs or custom encounters? .psd files would be great.

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I just got the Foundry VTT "Outlaws of Alkenstar - Punks in a Powderkeg" module. It is GORGEOUS. Only skimmed so far, but holy hell.

Anyway, I like how all the tokens are set up with a steampunky orange or silver rim. Is there a way to get the empty token template to make your own tokens, for example for the PCs? a base .psd would be great to get from Paizo.

I'm in Book 2 Chapter 4 and feel like I'm missing why the players will go to Kerrick. My players know the next Aeon Towers are on Starstone isle, but have no clue where (they found various hints in Book 2). To me, the logical thing to do would be going to Absalom - the biggest city, where they could find out more information.

Have I skipped some crucial hint or missed something that would steer them in the right direction? Or is this a "the gm should probably think of a reason for them to go there" type situation?

That would be great! Foundry VTT has superb PF2E integration, rhe guys are doing a swell job and its my preferred way to play. I bought all the bointies and kickstarted the Battlezoo module. More official support would be very aporeciated.

I'll be running my players through the moonstone hall soon, and the Mask of Aroden traps has me worried. An instant-death level 10 hazard? Should my players remove a mask (which could very well happen), they immediately trigger one phantasmal killer. Then, if they're unlucky, the statues act before them and fire off three more.

My players have Will saves of about 12, so a 5 or less triggers the crit fail condition. Another fortitude save with about the same chance might lead to instant death.

I'm toying with the idea of putting the DC at 25 instead. Anyone have any feedback on how this actually plays out?

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Captain Morgan wrote:
I have this idea for a gnoll. Their inherent physicality and pack based nature gives me this image of a gnoll frat boy that I'm extremely tickled by, despite my real life distaste for fraternities. While the minor in wizard is a given, I can't decide if I want to major in witch or alchemist. Going full caster seems appropriate for the magic school theme, but I have wanted to play an alchemist for a while and the Gnoll is soooo good for them.

Sounds good! Before I settled on my alchemist, I also toyed with the idea of a frat boy-type Fighter who just got accepted because he's really good at Magaayamba Quidditch or whatever, and keeps going around calling other students nerds :P

Are you a player in the campaign? Want to show off your character? This is the place!

Linwi Makimbe is a desert ratfolk (well, Meerfolk) alchemist. As ambassador to his tribe, he's joining the Magaayamba to meet potential allies. He's joined by his familiar, a ghundi who mostly just sleeps perched on Linwi's shoulder. He takes himself and his tribe a little to seriously, but can be a reliable ally who puts perdonal wants behind the needs of the many.

Had a lot of fun designing this character, and the artwork I comissioned is gorgeous in my opinion ;)

Hello everyone! As my group is starting Extinction Curse Book 2, they will travel to the naval city of Escadar. However, the book is pretty sparse with information and has no map of the city. I wanted to change that.

I found a great port town map by @coolleafman on inkarnate, and asked her if I could edit and post it here, which she agreed to!

With that excellent foundation I made a few minor tweaks. I went through both the Adventure Path and Lost Omens Guide and added all the locations I could find, trying to stay as close to the sources as possible. The only notable building that's not in the usual town description is "Castle Escadar" - coolleafman had this in her original map and it looked too cool to get rid of it!

I made two versions - with and without labels, as well as publishing it on Inkarnate so you can make your own tweaks.

Hope you like it!

With Labels

Without Labels

Inkarnate Link

I really like these expanded rules, and will incorporate quite a few of them! I especially like the idea of giving different benefits after successfully finishing an Act.

However, unless I'm missing something, you don't specify when an Act is considered to be successful. After at least one succesful Trick Check? Two? Every Trick check taken? How about when multiple Acts perform? Specifying this further would be greatly appreciated!

These are great! Could you share template .psd files or the like, so we can create our own?

I'll run this AP soon, but wanted to ask if the sideshow characters from book 1 will play bigger roles in future books? I'm not chuffed about them, and think about skipping them. They don't feel like they add much of value, especially since I will spend more time developing the other performers.

Before I cut them out, I just wanted to make sure they won't somehow be more important in later parts of the story.

Thanks for the advice, guys! I'll let the party rest up inbetween encounters, then ;)

I'm about to run my first Oneshot and bought Trailblazer's Bounty.

I noticed that most or all of the encounters are several days apart, giving the party ample rests between the encounters. This means that Spellcasters, for example, will not have to worry about expending spells. I could, of course, add random encounters during the night, but the module is fight-heavy enough already.

Coming from DND5E, I'm worried starting every encounter like this will have my players steamrolling the opposition, without having to worry about spell slot usage. I'm thinking of combining Falls/Treeline and Warg/Orc/Ogre into one busy day each to counteract this. How did you handle this?