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Hi guys

I'm sorry if I sound stupid. I have been playing DND since 2nd ed and have been with different groups where we would play typical monday nights at someones house or appt.

I have had to move away and would like to play again. I have seen people play via web cam based or some program along those lines. Yet I do not know how to get involved with these groups or programs that they use ect...

Where do I go, who do I talk too, what do they need ect...

Much help would be appreciated.

Thanks ladies and gents.

Hi guys, I can't remember if it was a spell or a potion but it allowed you to travel through difficult terrain in a forest with out any problem. The plants would die and wilt away as you moved through it.

Almost like making a clear path but with all the dead plant matter that's left behind.

Anyone know?

Hi folks, I just moved out into the country and well I had to give up my DnD group that I really liked.

I saw on youtube that they have online skype or something that people get together on their pc's and roll play via online exchange?

I am not sure where to start with this stuff because it's not the same as going to a local card shop and throwing up an add with a group in mind ect...

If anyone knows where is a good place to start then please share, been playing DnD for a long time since TSR days.

Hi guys, I was looking around and found that the example creature that paizo used in the necrocrafted option's for the bestiary 4 was made using the monster creation tables.

Safe to say if I wanted to turn that medium example undead necrocrafted undead into a large with all the same abilities just being large.

Would my creature look like this with these stats?
CR Base Str Base Dex Base con
Large 2 — 18 8 14

Just trying to find a middle ground to build my things off of and add my construction points.

Hello folks, I have been trying to find the best way to simply make a Large undead creature with 2 attacks and a bite.

I am not sure what kind of stats it should have... I know the base medium creature has a 15 str but how do I figure out what a large one would have? DEX Cha ect...

Someone tell me for the purpose of counter spelling... you can't see your target so how can you counter spell him?

Hey guys,

I'm a lvl 4 necromancer with the feat Undead mastery

Undead mastery.
Benefit: When you cast animate dead or use the Command Undead feat, you are considered to be four levels higher when determining the number of Hit Dice you animate. When you cast command undead, your duration is doubled.

So caster level 4 and with undead master raise my level by 4 (does it raise my caster level too up to 8?)

Do I now count as a Caster level 8 for the purpose of animating and Commanding undead?

When I cast Animate Dead it says...
"Regardless of the type of undead you create with this spell, you can't create more HD of undead than twice your caster level with a single casting of animate dead. The desecrate spell doubles this limit."

So now that I'm considered caster level 8 and casting animate dead that brings me up to 16 HD. Meaning I can't animate more than 16 HD worth of undead?

If I cast this with desecrate is it 8 x 4? = 32 Hd?

My DM says that I can only animate 8 HD worth of undead? I don't get where he's coming from.

Hey folks trying to figure something out here and I'm sorry if it's right in front of me.

I'm wondering if I have a beast that has 2 natural claw attacks with a -1 armour check penalty because he does not know how to use it. Do you still apply it too natural claw attacks?

Thanks guys.

So like wise I'm a necromancer going in for the ritual of crumification (Necropolitan). Basically I just add the undead template to my character. I was told they do not have any rights compared to a citizen even though I am undead and a mage with an intelligence.

They just have a rule that all undead be kept in check should they go on a crazy killing spree they need someone to be held accountable for the damages ect...

I don't plan on walking around with rotten flesh but I plan on taking every precaution to preserve my original body with magics and potions. To say I will look like a human but just paler and a white hue film over my eyes?

Hi guys I'm trying to make heads or tails of this guy....

Ok so our tiefling barbarian gets a message from the Supposedly (arch Baron) and it was for the whole party, says there is a package for you come get it out of town at this location. So he does not wait for the rest of the party to come back and goes on his own. It's a nice box big and heavy. Btw just last night he was almost killed by an assassin vine (med). Yes we are playing evil Characters, but it was so funny how he was so cocky and simply went ahead to open it with even inspecting it or listening. In the crowbar goes.

Out of Character we said you should wait but he did not listen so he busts open the box and 2 large assassin vines attack him flat footed. He knew very well but for some reason his stupidity got in the way and did not listen.... Let alone did not tell the other player who was in the room where he was going even though they both knew there was a message for us from the arch.

In all he got his ass kicked and crushed by 2 large assassin vines. He flips out rips his paper and walks outside and comes back 10 min later to say he's don't playing DnD. Looks like we will have to find a new host.

I was like face palm you have no one to blame but your self for your own stupidity.... Does the party have to fork up the gold to raise a stupid character who went into the cave alone and got him self killed? I Honestly don't think we should. Have him roll up a new character that he can play without being stupid.

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So I am playing a necromancer and will be casting "Create soul gem" on a NPC who was sentenced to death via hanging. Now I know hanging does not kill a human right off the bat unless it's a falling type of hanging.

So my question is would an NPC get a will save when they are unconscious to avoid their soul being trapped in a soul gem or do I have to wait the round till they die? Hard too say when he dies though...

School necromancy [death, evil]; Level cleric 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, witch 3


Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, F (crystal or gem receptacle worth at least 25 gp)


Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one dying or recently dead creature
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes


You draw forth the ebbing life force of a dying creature or one that has died in the past round, forcing it into a crystal or gem receptacle and creating a soul gem. If the creature is alive and fails its saving throw, it dies and you capture its soul in the gem. If the creature is dead, you automatically capture the soul. The value of the soul gem depends on the nature of the creature it is made from.

If you are a souldrinker, you may cast this spell and expend 5 soul points to fill the gem with the equivalent of one basic soul.

Only one soul gem can be created from a particular dying creature. Any attempt to resurrect a body whose soul is trapped in a soul gem requires a caster check against a DC of 11 + your caster level at the time you cast this spell. Failure results in the spell having no effect, while success shatters the target’s soul gem and returns the creature to life as normal. If the soul gem resides in an unholy location, such as that created by the unhallow spell, the DC of this check increases by +2.

I was using hero lab the other day and came across this item that would give me character to ability to pass for a human or of whatever race I was. I would breath and my skin tone would not be as prevalent ect skin touch would feel warm, like I would have veins ect...

Even though my character would not be alive. I was sure it was a glammer effect and it gave me 10 + on my disguise for passing as a human I just can't remember what that item was called.

Anyone know what items can best be used to hide the traits of an undead creature other than non detection or prestidigitation.

thanks folks.

So I was reading up on a skeleton. I wanted to create a skeleton but my DM said that they are not proficient with armour or weapons. I was a little perplexed by this as we have fought many skeletons before who had weapons ect... and seemed to be using them fine with no problems.

So is this some form of double standard where the game allows player created undead to not use weapons or armour and game content undead to circumvent this issue?

I also was not sure by what does manufactured weapon attacks mean? Does that mean say a slain 1st level fighter who used a long sword before he died and is raised as a skeleton can use a long sword?

So I have gathered some corpeses to make a necro crafted medium undead zombie but my DM says he can neither use weapons not armour as they are not proficient in them. Is this correct in saying that undead zombies and skeletons can't use weapons or armour period?

Thanks folks for the help.

I have a question.

If my Character was undead and usually undead are healed by Negative energy but under no circumstances will positive energy will heal or help undead.

I wanted to use this spell "Shared Suffering"


You infuse a dagger with necromantic energy, then plunge it into your own body.
You take 1d6 points of negative energy damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every 2 caster levels you possess beyond 1st (to a maximum of 5d6 at 9th level). The target takes an amount of damage equal to the damage you took this way, plus an amount equal to your Intelligence modifier (if you're a witch or wizard), Wisdom modifier (if you're an inquisitor), or Charisma modifier (if you're an antipaladin or sorcerer).
Damage from this spell cannot be divided by effects such as shield other or unwilling shield; it cuts through such protections completely.

Can I use this spell for my undead wizard to heal my self and dmg a living target?

Sooo counter spell says you must target the caster.

Lets say there is an opposing caster and he goes invisible. I spend my round wanting to counter spell his next spell on the next round.

Since I can't see him the spell craft check is pretty much screwed. I could probably hear him but I can't see the Visual and material components I can't really tell. So he casts lets say fire ball and becomes visible right after the spell goes off and counter spell can't be used.

My necromancer was on the roof away from any melee fighting. So I managed to ghoul touch an enemy as he was frozen and threw up Chill touch and wanted to coup de grace him as he was helpless but my DM said I had to be right beside him....? This is only for a bow (ranged weapon)

I mean chill touch is considered a weapon, I have to roll to hit and do dmg it's just like any other weapon...

Are spells like chill touch considered melle attacks or rather touch spells with a charge considered to be weapons for the purpose of doing a Coup de Grace?

If a player is given the option to apply a bonus of

player gains +4 str and +2 hp per HD.

I can't seem to find any rules that would give me a monetary value to add or augment a character permanently through say magical means.

Can't be dispelled, is permanent and does not take up a equipment slot.

Essentially I was quoted 160,000 GP. Seems rather high...

So.... This monk is lvl 10 with various style's under his belt. There is nothing that can touch him at least nothing melee or attack wise.

Here's the thing if I manage to hit him, he uses his combat style Master feat (free action) and switches to his Snake Style from there he rolls his D 20. With his sense motive. 15(D20) + 14 for sense motive. = 29 touch AC. Of course he opts to use this number as his touch AC. How in hell do you hit a 29 touch AC? Hell even a Tetori monk can't touch him with his grappling and unarmed strikes.

Any idea's as to why this feat is broken? Or am I just not reading it right? Can you use a Combat style master's feats free action to switch between monk styles when a monster is in the middle of attacking you?

Can a character take free action out of her turn to switch monk styles using Combat Style master feat?

Snake Style

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Sense Motive checks, and you can deal piercing damage with your unarmed strikes. While using the Snake Style feat, when an opponent targets you with a melee or ranged attack, you can spend an immediate action to make a Sense Motive check. You can use the result as your AC or touch AC against that attack. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed.

Well I'm having trouble with this feat on it's wording. I assume by what it says is that the command undead ability has no bearing on how much HD worth of undead you can control? Rather just says it doubles the time.

As for the animate dead so... 2 x Level + 4 (undead mastery)

So a lvl 6 wizard casting animate dead is able to animate 20 HD worth of undead.

What about controlling the undead you just animated... hmmm?

Honestly blowing 1 feat just to get undead mastery is not really worth it.

So this Mage made some gargantuan crossbow bolts. Ok cool now he cast's Shrink Item on these bolts as they would not fit the spell description of launch bolt (desc. below).

You cast this spell on a crossbow bolt, causing it to fly at a target of your choice as if you had fired it from a light crossbow, using a ranged attack roll. The bolt has a range increment of 80 feet. Any properties of the crossbow bolt (such as magical abilities, master-work quality, and so on) or feats you possess (such as Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus [light crossbow], and so on) apply. Drawing a bolt for this spell is a free action.
Material Component: The crossbow bolt to be fired (1 sp).

Any ways... He launches the shrunk bolts and expects to do 4D6 Dmg because when the shrunken Gargantuan crossbow bolt that is now the size of a light crossbow bolt hits a solid surface like a plate mail it expands.

I have been telling him that because it has been fired by a light cross bow it does 1d6 Dmg not 4D6. The dmg is based on the Weapon that fired it, the only reason why crossbow bolts are in the game and listed as dmg is because when they are used as improvised weapons. You don't say "I made Large Arrows to shoot in my medium Bow" and then entitled to 2d6 dmg.

Any ways I have been trying to explain this to him but he does not want to listen.

There is NO interpretation necessary OR need to find any "common ground". You DO have all the rules that specifically govern this right in the Core Rule book and the Spell Compendium. There isnt even anything confusing here. The rules and logic follow and, according to the rules are written, are 100% correct.

1) Characters can manufacture weapons of any size and the rules for that exist in the Craft skill description. Tao (his characters name) has created Gargantuan x bow bolts following the rules for that. The bolts are NOT ballista bolts (though a ballista is in fact just a massive x bow itself, its likely the bolts Tao made would be usable by a ballista too). They are crafted as Gargantuan x bow bolts and that is what they are. Making a weapon bigger (or smaller) does not change what it actually is (it does change its damage right?). A Large sized dagger is NOT a Medium sized short sword. Its STILL a dagger. (Also, weapons dont usually actually double in size when they change size categories. Halflings are Small sized but are still 3.5 - 4 feet tall while a Medium sized human has an average height around 5'8". The human isnt twice the Halfling's height. There is a range. For making weapons (or any gear) the rules state that weight doubles each time the size category increases. Maybe it doesnt actually do that for every single item but thats the rough rule you'd use to determine some things new weight.
* So, in conclusion, the Gargantuan xbow bolts Tao made ARE Gargantuan x bow bolts. You could call them ballista bolts but they are what they are.

2) Shrink Item works on any item within the spell's Target parameters. The spell does not give an exhaustive, object by object list of every single thing the spell can be used on and it's not reasonable to expect one - it would be endless. Anything that fits the parameters of the spell CAN be affected. The bolts Tao created CAN be affected and are 100% legal targets for the spell since they fit the parameters of the spell being used on them.
* So, when reduced in size, the bolts become legal targets for the Launch Bolt spell. Its worth noting that if a giant caster (like a storm giant wizard) used Launch Bolt he would be firing Huge sized light x bow bolts that would deal out 3d6/hit. The damage of the Launch Bolt spell is NOT limited to the damage that a medium sized caster does with a medium sized light x bow. A halfling's light x bow does 1d6 and so a halfling wizard's bolts would deal 1d6 with Launch Bolt.

3) When an item affected by Shrink Item is thrown against a solid surface (or struck by one) the spell ends and the item returns to its original size in an instant. That we know 100%. Which means that as a target is being hit by that shrunk bolt it will immediately return to its normal size and will be traveling (at least initially) as fast as it was when small. How much speed/inertia is looses over the second its pushing into the target's body IS up for debate. I doubt it would lose much at all over that tiny bit of time but as ive already said twice, id be fine reducing its damage by a size category to take that into account. The base damage for a Gargantuan light xbow bolt is 4d6 so it would become 3d6.

4) Most 3rd level offense spells deal 1d6/caster level to multiple creatures in a single round with no attack roll needed. Tao is using a 3rd level spell to deal 4d6 (or 3d6 if you like) to a single target with an attack roll needed AND having to use another spell to make it work.

I dont know what else to say about this. All the rules exist and are right there. The only decision that needs to be made is how much damage the bolt would do. The rules say 4d6 for a Gargantuan bolt.


As a move action my arcanist walks 25 ft. max is 30 ft. With the 5 ft left in movement can he use Dimensional slide to move his 60 ft in order to complete his movement? Since he has not used all his moment and still has 5ft he can use dimensional slide right, because its part of a move action no?
Having him able to move 85 ft?

The arcanist can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir to create a dimensional crack that she can step through to reach another location. This ability is used as part of a move action or withdraw action, allowing her to move up to 10 feet per arcanist level to any location she can see. This counts as 5 feet of movement. She can only use this ability once per round. She does not provoke attacks of opportunity when moving in this way, but any other movement she attempts as part of her move action provokes as normal.

thanks, just trying to grasp this what you can and cannot do in a movement phase.

So.. I have this x large crossbow bolt and shrunk the item with the spell shrink item to the size that will fit my light cross bow. Normally this x large cross bow bolt does 3d8 or 4d8 DMG when shot by a weapon of sufficient size. But since i have shrunk the item to the size that will fit in my light cross bow am I doing DMG based on the light cross bow or the x large cross bow? Since the item reverts back to its original size when it hits a solid object i.e. shrink item. it would mean it does DMG based on the x large cross bow bolt right or light crossbow bolt? How do I figure this out? I mean DMG is done by weapon size not based on the size of the ammunition used right?

Thanks for the help folks.

So a Mage in my party has the idea that he can use shrink item on a Ballista bolt to the size of a crossbow bolt.

Now, he's got it in his mind that he can use

Spell Description.
"The crossbow bolt in your hand glows a bright red, then flies off at your foe. You cast this spell on a crossbow bolt, causing it to fly at a target of your choice as if you had fired it from a light crossbow, using a ranged attack roll. The bolt has a range increment of 80 feet. Any properties of the crossbow bolt (such as magical abilities, masterwork quality, and so on) or feats you possess (such as Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus [light crossbow], and so on) apply. Drawing a bolt for this spell is a free action.
Material Component: The crossbow
bolt to be fired (1 sp). "

So he casts shrink item on the Ballista bolt to the size of a crossbow bolt. Now this spell works for Crossbow bolts only and not Shrunken down Ballista bolts right? Or am I wrong? Can this spell tell the difference between a shrunken down bolt to a regular crossbow bolt? I have been wondering this...

I like to interpret spells for their intended purpose but altering an object to meet a spells criteria.... I mean a shrunken down Ballista bolt is still a Ballista bolt and a shrunken down crossbow bolt is still a crossbow bolt, no?

How would you guys rule this because I can't find any rules or fluff on this stuff. I'm more inclined to not let the Launch Bolt spell be called Launch Ballista bolt spell according to my mage.

So... I am aware that the void in the Rules to this game are rather broken and exploited by players. So let me reaffirm these things that Paizo failed to express in the rules.

Just for the sake of argument a druid buys his animal companion a suit of armour that has a -3 acp. He makes it out of Mithral. Ok... cool now its 0 ACP a medium armour and now becomes light armour. but this animal Companion does not even have light armour proficiency feat. The animal has nothing no armour training what so ever. Nothing!

I am a firm believer that Paizo put these armour feats (light,Med,Heavy) into the game for a reason! Remember there is always a reason for these FEATS!

Here is my logic and I don't expect all of you to understand it.

If the Animal Companion can take a feat and wishes to wear armour like "light armour" he would have to take the light armour feat in order to benefit from special material attributes that lower the ACP. For example Master work, mithral ect... Hey you took the time to learn light armour training, you should know how to fight in it then.

So if a creature wears Medium Mithral and since mithral makes it light armour. The light armour feat will suffice only if the creature has the FEAT! If a creature does not have the light armour feat he should suffer the acp and not benefit from the Master work or Mithral attributes that lower the armours check penalty to 0 as such it would stay at -3

I don't think by simply having a 0 ACP players can give the excuse in saying the PAIZO broken rules say if it's a 0 ACP, I don't suffer any negatives to wearing the armour so I can use it and I don't need to take these light armour/med and Heavy armour feats!

My mage wants to shrink Balista bolts and use them in his Cross bow.
Now I know it won't work because a command word is a standard action.
But there is this

can be returned to normal composition and size merely by tossing them onto any solid surface I assume that impacting a plate mail does not constitute a solid surface or flesh for that fact.

How would you guys literate this?

I would assume that the 3d8 Dmg is based on the shear kinetic mass force behind the bolt...

That's like saying a throw a rock at someone and expand it into a cannon ball does it keep going with the same kinetic force as the little rock? No because its mass just increased 1/4,000 times sure would work great if you had no gravity or any resistance then sure but we are not in space.

So my mage has it in his head that he can shrink his 3 foot ballistic bolts to fit in his cross bow and just simple say the command word and have the bolts expand just as its about to strike its target and be entitled to the amount of a large ballistic bolt.

From my understanding that crossbows do a set amount of dmg for a bolt so....

Is this just some broken spell or am I just not reading it right? Sounds pretty cheesy imo...

I thought speaking a command word was a standard action am I right?

So once a paladin how declared a smite is there anyway to remove a smite from a paladin?

Been trying to find something but I can't seem to find it. perhaps it does not exist?

Hey guys sorry this is probably a stupid question but can't seem to find it any where.

Anyways.... Can a Mage cast a spell on a Tetori monk that is in a grapple with another character? Can the Tetori make reflex saves or does this evade feat no longer work? or simply said does a spell cast on a Tetori monk in a grapple that merits a reflex save for 1/2 dmg will he able to make the save and if he makes it does his evade kick in?


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Dimensional Slide (Su): The arcanist can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir to create a dimensional crack that she can step through to reach another location. This ability is used as part of a move action or withdraw action, allowing her to move up to 10 feet per arcanist level to any location she can see. This counts as 5 feet of movement. She can only use this ability once per round. She does not provoke attacks of opportunity when moving in this way, but any other movement she attempts as part of her move action provokes as normal.

So... it says "as part of a move action".

So when someone is grappled they may not move however, they can "still take move actions"?

I was under the impression that he had to move 5 ft in order for this to work but its an (su) so I assume when they say it does not provokes attack of opportunity on the moving between targets and not on the use of it. Also since he can't step I.E. move how can he step through the crack? Does the wording supersede the actual rules or does this not make any sense if you were to apply this in a logical manner.

You are being grappled by George St.pierre and you can't move but you can use your Dimensional slide as part of a move action to get out of his killing grapple for free because its a SU ability?

So... I was reading the rules on armour that you are not proficient in.
The Paladin has a lion yes divine bond and celetial template ect... However the cat does not/have barding? But does not have the light armour proficiency. I'm trying to find if this lion can have have armour with a 0 armour check and still do everything like attack with no negatives ect... it says armour check 0 .... so....

Now he put on a mithral Master work Chain shirt on his cat and it now has a -0 armour check penalty.

He says that now because it is a -0 armour check he does not suffer any of the:
Normal: A character who is wearing armor with which he is not proficient applies its armour check penalty to attack rolls and to all skill checks that involve moving.

Am I reading something wrong or can people put on armour that they are not proficient in as long as the armour check penalty is 0?

Thanks guys, I'm trying to make sense of this.

Spell Compendium
Conjuration (Healing)
Level: Cleric 2
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 immediate action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will half (harmless); see text
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Your ally falls from a crushing blow, but you don’t have time to reach him. You quickly speak words of power, and the worst of his injuries glow golden and begin to heal.
This spell cures 1d4 points of damage +1 point per caster level (maximum +5).
If you cast this spell immediately after the subject takes damage, it effectively prevents the damage. It would keep alive someone who had just dropped to –10 hit points, for example, leaving the character at negative hit points but stable. Used against an undead creature, close wounds deals damage instead of curing the creature (which takes half damage if it makes a Will saving throw).

So the Paladin was in a fight with a dark Naga and well he failed his save and went to sleep. As such the Naga did a coup de Gras the next round on the paladin. With that he failed another fort save vs the damage and died as a result. Their priest cast Close wounds on the paladin that perhaps ultimately saved him from death. From my understanding a Coup de gras is like cutting off someone's head or crushing it. So I fail to see how a spell such as this can save you from death. Perhaps a hit that takes you down to negative con perhaps but from a coup de gras is like saying... yes the Katana cut off your head but close wounds suddenly closed the wounds back up reattaching the head.... Right.... lol

How do you guys interpret this situation is there any spell that can save you from a coup de gras as I assumed it was instant death if you failed a fortitude save.

Thanks Folks. L.B.

So the party has pretty much cleared out this large cult and killed pretty much every evil thing. They picked up swords and armour +1 stuff of the sorts...

So when it comes to selling the treasure that's not magical, the mage has it in his head that if he can clean up and repair the items he wants to sell so he can get a better deal on selling it rather than the usual 50% of market value for the items ect.... He was thinking like 60 %. This is for mundane items non magical.

I mean he's no merchant or trader skills, so I really don't have any reason to justify this. I can understand were he is coming from but there is nothing special about these weapons/armour.

How do you fellow Dm's handle the selling, when your adventuring group wants to sell loot ect... Do items like +1 Full plates still go for 50 % of market value or 80 % ect...

Thank you kind folks for the help.

So the Corsair on lvl 2 gets a free cleave feat and does not suffer the -2 ac penalty when using it. If he chooses can he take great cleave and will he still benefit from not taking the -2 to ac from the special cleave ability he first got?

So does it only apply to cleave and not Great cleave or both?

Thanks folks

If a character uses cleave (-2ac) and greater cleave (-2ac) do they accumulate to -4 ac?
I am not sure if using greater cleave still incurs the (-2AC) that cleave gives. I know you need the cleave feat first to get greater cleave so do you need to take the first -2 to ac and -2 ac just to use greater cleave?

Does a Corsair lvl 2 bonus feat : cleave and elimination of the -2 to ac when using cleave work for greater cleave too? So if he takes greater cleave does the corsair -2 to ac elimination work for greater cleave too?

Like almost all of you who have played the Forgotten realms books and adventures, back in the 3.0 days would remember that they had released a lot of books detailing the world of the Forgotten Realms.

Yet when I look at the world of Golarion I don't see any of this content at all... I see a lot of quests and adventure modu and campaign settings ect... but does not give any details beyond the world that encompass these area's ect...

Can some one tell me or direct me into a book or something

Hello everyone I am kinda new to this game, so pardon the lack of there of...

So I am trying to figure out what I can and can't do when I am grappling another person. I have improved/greater grapple/improved sunder/improved trip/grab ability.

When someone try's to grapple my monk I can get an attack of opportunity however I also have the grab ability. If I am in a grapple and his friends try to help him or grapple me, I can get that one attack in , can I also use the grab ability with that attack of opportunity?

I am just trying the figure out what I can and can't do with an attack of opportunity. Can I try to trip instead of attacking?

One thing as well this enemy that I want to grapple has a very high AC, plate mail ect.... I don't think I will have a problem winning a grapple just that when I am winning a grapple I have a choice of either move or Harm. I do have greater grapple so can I still use the improved sunder on his Armour or weapons in a grapple in place of doing harm?

Thanks again sorry if this stuff is right in front of me because trying to add it all together with wording is driving me up the wall.

Sort of how you can use a trip attempt in leu of the attack ect...

Wish attacks of opportunity listed what they encompassed.


Hey guys... Just wanted to know was looking up rope trick. What happens to the people inside the space of a rope trick if you dispel the door or rope trick spell, either or....

extra dimensional space + dispelling = is that like they are lost unless they have some sort of dimensional travel?

Not sure what to make of it... Any idea's?

Just was wondering, does low light vision negate a fletlings shadow blending? Not sure if it was a magical ability or supernatural or racial.

Could someone give me a hand with this because it says 50 % miss chance in low light and since low light vision can see that stuff I guess it sort of negates it at a certain range.


Just wondering if the spell works on arrows worth like 50 Gold a pop....

"Items without metal parts cannot be made from adamantine. An arrow could be made of adamantine, but a quarterstaff could not."

Is there any limitation to this spell on these kind of arrows? Like a certain GP value because they all ready have a +1 to hit.


Hello all, I am sure this is covered but there is so much content that I seem to be in a maze and need some help.

So here is my predicament regarding item creation and questions.

My player who is an elf wants to have a cloak of blend (spell "blend")

Its level 1 and wondrous item creation feat is 3rd and Use-activated or continuous is 1,800 gold

So 1x3x1800 = 5400 GP

Now, I know the spell offers 4 + on hide checks and pretty much is hide in plain sight. (blend spell).

So just want some confirmation that regardless of what the spell offers regarding skill bonus's does it increase the cost or am I missing something?

Is there a limit as to what equipment can be imbued with spell abilities or created?


Hey guys, so currently my character does not have access to the skill "perform" as a class skill. I wanted to know is their a feat or a trait and item that allows a certain skill become a class skill for that character? I know there is skill focus feat but that does not make it a class skill.


So, like wise I have a party that can cast 0 level spells but the detect magic becomes very abusive to the point that they are doing it at every corner.... Hens the rules say unlimited use of castings....

Is there a point when roll playing and getting away with rule abuse of the system? Even Magical traps and items are discovered...

Uhggg Really am starting to enjoy pathfinder.

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