Can I use improved trip, improved sunder ect... in grapple's?

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Hello everyone I am kinda new to this game, so pardon the lack of there of...

So I am trying to figure out what I can and can't do when I am grappling another person. I have improved/greater grapple/improved sunder/improved trip/grab ability.

When someone try's to grapple my monk I can get an attack of opportunity however I also have the grab ability. If I am in a grapple and his friends try to help him or grapple me, I can get that one attack in , can I also use the grab ability with that attack of opportunity?

I am just trying the figure out what I can and can't do with an attack of opportunity. Can I try to trip instead of attacking?

One thing as well this enemy that I want to grapple has a very high AC, plate mail ect.... I don't think I will have a problem winning a grapple just that when I am winning a grapple I have a choice of either move or Harm. I do have greater grapple so can I still use the improved sunder on his Armour or weapons in a grapple in place of doing harm?

Thanks again sorry if this stuff is right in front of me because trying to add it all together with wording is driving me up the wall.

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This is going to be a bit complicated, but let me try to explain things.

When you grapple someone, both you and the target gain the Grappled Condition which, among various penalties, also prevents you from performing any Attacks of Opportunities.

If you aren't grappling anyone and get an AOO, such as someone trying to grapple you without the improved grapple feat, you can either use your AOO to attack them once (and get a free grab if you hit) or to perform one of several combat manuevers. Trip is one of them, as is sunder, so you can trip if someone provokes an AOO.

Now, once you are grappling someone, if you choose to harm them as part of your maintaining a grapple (other options: reposition, pin), you do automatic damage equal to one attack from a natural weapon or one handed weapon. You cannot choose to sunder INSTEAD of the free damage because you are not making an attack.

However, since you have Greater Grapple, you can maintain with a move action (normal is standard), leaving you a standard action remaining after maintaining the grapple (you have to do this every turn or the target is automatically freed). You can use your standard action to sunder his armor or weapon, but you have to make the normal sunder check (don't forget the penalties you get for having the Grappled Condition).

Since you can grab and greater grapple, you can do this: Turn one move up and punch him, then grapple with the free grab. Next turn, use move action to maintain and pin him, then the standard action to make a sunder attempt on his stuff. Every turn afterwards, make a maintain check to harm him then sunder more stuff.

Alternatively, you can maintain to harm, free action to let go, then punch and grab, then just repeat every turn. You know, if you're bored and want to play with your prey, heh.

Ahh ok, thank you Murphy.

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