Does Golarion have a campaign setting book?

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Like almost all of you who have played the Forgotten realms books and adventures, back in the 3.0 days would remember that they had released a lot of books detailing the world of the Forgotten Realms.

Yet when I look at the world of Golarion I don't see any of this content at all... I see a lot of quests and adventure modu and campaign settings ect... but does not give any details beyond the world that encompass these area's ect...

Can some one tell me or direct me into a book or something

In the campaign setting line, "Inner Sea World Guide".

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and here's the link
Inner Sea World Guide

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And there is also a whole line of books devoted to developing Golarions: Campaign Setting (as said by Valantrix1) which goes into detail for different areas and lore. Link: Campaign Setting

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