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I think it would be cool to have a Star Stone module gives player something to strive for in there own campagins that must GM like to do .. There own worlds with there own Gods ... D & D did it and it was fun .. Paizo please come up with a module or a book.. Gods Die and New God appear that's the way it works... Ive been Gaming for 37yrs and left D & D 7 yrs now cause I hated 4th Edition .. But 5th edition is looking pretty good to go back to Release a book please.. after 2oth level there is nothing more for characters to do its Boring you need to spice it back up..

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Joseph Yerger wrote:
Charles Grybosky wrote:

The thing that concerns me about the item being possibly broken is that it is a license to bypass just about any and all DR. Very few (if any) monsters have sonic resistance, and elemental damage is not stopped by DR. So by posessing Elemental (air) quiver, a fairly low level archer can bypass just about any DR. I am reluctant to allow my party artificer to craft this relatively low cost item and give it to the 11th level ranger (with archery combat style) for this very reason.

Are my fears unfounded? My party is about halfway thru the age of worms, and the artificer, while not quite breaking the game, is making things a whole lot easier on the PC's than I anticipated. I can forsee a lot of problems if this were given to an archer, particularly a high level one. A 5000 gp item that has the potential to negate any DR seems a little too powerful to me.

The thought had occurred to me is design but the check I had understood was that it was still limited to the bows damage. Typically 1d8+5 with a composite longbow. The intent was to bypass the DR but still only do a relatively small amount of damage (slightly more than if damage just exceeded DR).

I've not seen many things to boost damage potential for archers and I saw this as being not so much a damage booster but a way to make the damage more effective. Also, it would be an item that is just "Wow" to have as a low level archer, but you would still want to use it at higher levels and not just trade it in for something bigger and better.

"Me and this Artoo unit go way back."

The Sonic one has the most potential for abuse, but it is SONIC. When is sonic quiet?

Joe dose the quiver ever run out or dose it just keeps making arrow. That what Im hopeing?

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Joseph Yerger wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
In the SRD it's Efficient Quiver. It's still there.

I apologize, I can be blind on occasion.

Thank you all for both criticism, critique and praise. It is appreciated, and now back to work on my country.

I have a question dose the efficient quiver ever run out of arrow and so forth?