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A Great Start!


I wrote a much longer review but it got gobbled up sadly so I'll rephrase the high notes quickly
Put simply, if this AP keeps up with this level of quality it has the potential to sit at the top of my favorite APs list with Strength of Thousands. When I first saw this adventure path I wasn't sure If It was going to be my thing but after reading this first book I have to say it made a hell of good first impression. I love the inclusion of the "Primary Objective" and "Plot Beats" sidebars for DMs like myself who have ADHD as well as the usual great work on the art and layout, I love the banner with all the esoterica and star motifs. On top of that, I love that this AP gets right into it, wasting no time with waiting until later books to do exciting things, with chapter 3 being one of my favorites that I've read in a long while. Usually that kind of excitement is reserved for later books of an AP like Strength of Thousands Book 5 but I'm absolutely overjoyed to see it here. Additionally, the Castrovel Gazetteer is really lovely, I especially like all the little adventure seeds and plot beats, it would be cool to see those in Lost Omens books to help get the imagination going. Also the new archetype, the Oatia Skysage is super fun, I love archetypes for casters/spellcasting like this and I would love to see more in the future, focusing wholly on a particular school of magic or thematic element that carries the archetype.
All in all, great work :3

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Absolutely Wonderful!


This adventure path is absolutely wonderful in all the ways I wanted it to be! The NPCs are full of character and many of them are cute or hilarious (sometimes both!) and there's so much detail packed into all the wonderful little details that makes this adventure come alive. The slower pace and the focus on RP, downtime and finding nonviolent solutions may be a downside for some, but for me I absolutely loved it! I usually trim paizo APs since I find they have too much combat for me or my group's taste but this module I think I'll be keeping completely intact. Additionally, the way the module balances telling its own self contained story and dropping hints and foreshadowing elements for later volumes is done really well and I look forward to seeing more! Allie Bustion and Eleanor Ferron did a wonderful job on this first volume and I had a blast reading through it and im absolutely certain I'll have just as much fun if not more playing through it. The NPC gallery and Chapter 2 are particular favorites of mine, and I'm happy to see Vladyslava Hladkova return once again to do NPC illustrations, her work is gorgeous as usual. This is my favorite first volume of any adventure path thus far and I really hope Paizo continues making more APs like this that have a focus on roleplay or incorporate downtime subsystems into not only the story but offer mechanical incentives as well. If paizo keeps this up, I think this AP has the potential to be my favorite of any from 1e or 2e