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Logain Abar - the False Dragon's page

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Logain looks shocked and just as quickly he fades from existence.


Logain steps forward to the side of the Dragoin nodding to Argrand and mouthing the words we shall speak later.

He turns and looks at Egwene eyes pleading for her to react calmly in a moment when it appears that the Dragon is not.


Logain shakes his head, "No, I meant the risk of injuring you if Elaida decided that she might use you against us in the assault. Determining how best to plan for that contingency was still... up in the air. It is known by us, well some of us" Logain looks at Mazrim sidelong "that you are our last best hope to defeat the rise of the Dark One".


Logain gives a respectful bow to the Dragon, "So it is true, you have escaped the clutches of Elaida! Thank the Light, the assault we were planning was risky at best and we could not be sure of its success".