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Hello, I am looking at the Inubrix golem and I think there is a typo. In the special attack section it says its breath weapon has a Reflex save. However, in the description of the breath weapon a Will 20 DC save appears.

Special Attacks breath weapon (15-ft. cone, see below, Reflex DC 20 half, usable every 1d4 rounds)

Breath Weapon (Su) An inubrix golem can expel a 15-foot cone of yellowish gas as a standard action once every 1d4 rounds. Creatures within the gas cloud feel their skin crawl and their senses deaden. Each creature within the area must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or be staggered for 1d4 rounds and gain 1 negative level. The save DC to remove these negative levels is equal to the initial saving throw for the breath weapon.

I guess the Will DC is the correct one even if cloud and negative levels effects usually allow Fortitude saves. Any thoughts on this? Consider pressing the FAQ button to get an official answer. Thanks

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Wow, I love the plot.

If you fear the players will hit first with no questions ask, you can always make them find drafts of a negotiation letter , or the original contract, in some desk before the Hobgoblin assemble all their real power when they realise they are being attacked.

To make obvious they have the resources, the wizard may have am expensive ring with the heraldry matching the clothes of her children. And let them borrow until the quest is done.

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JiCi wrote:
As others have said, while the Butchering Axe was created by orcs, it's not a racial weapon. I think it's kinda stupid, as orc don't have traditional axes and two-handed swords.

I would not call stupid asking at least for a feat on a weapon that puts you one step ahead in the size increase scale.

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This thread is hilarious. It is a relief seeing worse cases than mine.

Me: You see a circular room with a circular tank of black liquid. From the liquid emerges a statue of one goddess of evil.
PlayerKineticist: Fire blast to the statue.
Me: The statue seems unafected.
Rest of players: enter the room to hit the statue.
Me: The black liquid was hiding a mechanism and some joints razors appear and start spinning. Roll reflex, damage, etc.
Players: Climb the tank/fly to get out of the razors, hit the statue.
Me: Roll Acrobatics to avoid falling into the tank (all succeed). After your 2 rounds of hitting the statue the head breaks. The razors stop spinning, but look like the events are not connected.
PlayerMonk: I grapple the statue and apply constrict damage 3 times with my super combo.
Me: you break the statue and fall into the tank with the razors, roll direct damage.

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Well, I am just running the 1st module for the 1st time, but I have a couple of variations in mind, to link events of the plots.

I have made Trinia fake a Shoanti heritage to get popular with her art. This will help introduce the mood for the Gaeken beating.

All the Urgathoa thing looks forced to me, so I have introduced a loan from rich ratfolks in 1st adventure in exchange for free comerce and protection on the surface of the city. Then the Queen will make sure that the plague is related to the ratfolks by hiring evil ratkin alchemists so she can skip returning the gold.

I just read another twist that compliment mine and is that Urgathoan clerics designed the poison in exchange for a plague that should not affect Cheliaxans, but they lied to the Queen. So once the PCs are close to investigate the temple, she can tell the PCs that Dr.Davalus has lied to her (he is a ratfolk using hat of disguise of course).