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I was looking at the Low Templar prestige class in the Inner Sea World Guide and noticed that the 'Live to Fight Another Day' ability is listed as being gained at 5th level on the table of class abilities and at 6th level in the text.

Is there a standard assumption to pick table over text, or vice-versa when this happens? Which am I to assume is correct?

Ooh, I didn't notice that part of the spell! Our cleric has great initiative (+4 from the Improved Initiative feat, +1 from the Warrior Priest feat, +4 from the Wildfire Heart ifrit alternate racial trait, +2 from Dex, +2 from the Reactionary trait), so if we manage to get caught unprepared, she could still probably get out a Communal Protection From Evil spell before anyone else does anything.

Well that's something I suppose, but even with a second saving throw at a +2 bonus, my Will save isn't great, and I think there's a decent chance I'd still fail the reroll.

Protection from Evil is helpful, but has anyone got anything more than that?

I'm playing a slayer. That slayer's mother is a vampire wizard. We are almost certainly going to have to fight her at some point, and I'm rather concerned about domination.

Every member of the party except me has immunity to vampire domination due to not being humanoids, so I'm a likely target. I've also got a big two-handed weapon that hits rather hard, and a pretty bad will save. If I were alone they could probably team up and take me down, but teamed up with a vampire wizard, mommy and me miiiight just be a TPK waiting to happen.

Right now we're 4th level, so I'm thinking ahead. We probably won't be facing my mother for a while, and I don't know when exactly it'll happen, just that it almost-certainly will happen. When we do fight her, I want to have some defense prepared against being forced to kill the rest of my own team.

We have a summoner and cleric for spellcasting, and we've pooled resources before, so we can probably afford a fair bit of neat magic stuff, depending on how long we have to stockpile wealth before confronting her. What are some of the options for me and my party to either (ideally) keep me from getting dominated, or (less-ideally) ensure that my allies can take me down fast if I do get dominated?

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Classic Pathfinder Goblins.

...I like the songs.

Ooh! How about a Dwarven Investigator archetype called a Prospector.

Have we seriously gotten no suggestions for catfolk yet? Well, I'll put in a call for one then.

I'll leave the class up to you.

I was thinking of doing a sword and pistol sort of thing, so that would help cover for underwater situations at least somewhat.

I really like the look of that savage technologist (it even gets diplomacy! Neat!). I'll have to ask if I'm allowed that one.

...Actually, that Buccaneer/Savage Technologist combination might just be perfect for what I want!

Hi there! I'm going to be playing in my first Pathfinder game soon, and I'm trying to build a charismatic character, because it doesn't look like anyone else in the group is going to be good at talky stuff.

...Thing is, I also want to wield a gun, and I've only been able to find the Holy Gun paladin for gun-wielding and diplomacy. The adventure is Skull & Shackles, and the players guide basically says no Paladins in that one (and I don't really want a paladin anyways). A pirate with a gun feels very... right.

The party so far is a dwarf fighter, a half elf wizard, a human witch, and a brawler (dunno the race). We're mostly new players, but the GM says she won't make it too hard for us, and the witch's player has played before, and said he'll cover healing and support so that none of us are forced to play that stuff.

So... How do I do diplomatic and gun-wielding?