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Just for the record: its 1 inch longer than the map in the original (3.5) campaign guide, but otherwise similar in size. (Got my new campaign guide today)

The colour contrast has been improved, and the wording is a lot bigger and clearer. The borders are also clearer. (One early PC was from Ostenso, in Andoran... in the campaign I was playing in)

It's certainly a better map, but if you have the original map, I am not convinced its worth the extra money to buy it seperatly.

If you want a nice big map, and don't want the campaign guide, or the even bigger map, its a good product.

I created a character for RotRL who came from Brinewall (before the "event"). In the end the character had to drop out after a level or two of the AP and ended up taking over the Hagfish Tavern as an NPC. Now I wonder if he might come out of retirement, especially as he had a friendly cooking related rivalry with Ameiko. Only problem is we will probably need a new AP before Jade Regent starts :(

I guess we will see

Nube Negra wrote:

Wanted to point out that Torgra Stigardsdam, on pages 62-63, can't qualify for the Student of War prestige class. She dumped Dexterity (an 8!) and thus can't get Dodge, an entry requirement to the class. Anyway I found it a bit weird that a class that at second level allows a PC to substitute INT for DEX when calculating AC, would require a (relatively) high DEX to enter.

Has anyone answered this? I wanted to play a student of war, and just noticed how MAD it is.

Anyone worked out how to pick up dodge without crippling the fighter bit of the class?

Xen wrote:

So no APs in Alkenstar? I understand you don't like guns. Although, I find it odd to have alchemists without gun powder, and what is the difference between a wand of scorching ray and a laser pistol? But Golarion has guns in it and it would only make sense for them to add the gunslinger class into APs where it fits, such as in Alkenstar or with characters from Alkenstar.

Simply put, if you don't want guns, don't play in a campaign with guns.

Indeed, there will be no guns in my games.

And as long as the guns stay in Alkenstar I'll be happy. No magic in Alkenstar, so neither myself nor any of the players in my group are likely to want to go there. Problem fixed :)

Well, I am firmly in the "no guns" camp. Might as well have laser pistols and blasters whiles you're at it.

However I am happy for others to get their toys, I felt the same about Psionics in 3.5.

Reason for this post: A hope that gunslingers don't get into any APs. Obviously any NPC can be replaced with another, but it would damage the AP a little I think to edit out NPCs like that.

I am also not a fan of spellwords, but that's a whole other thing.

James Jacobs wrote:
Arnwyn wrote:
Will the poster maps be adequately labeled (i.e. with numbers of all the locations mentioned in the city book; assuming there are numbered locations [which there better be!])?

I suspect they will be for some people, and not for others.

That said... is it good to have the labels on a poster map? Or is it better to have no labels? Some GMs don't want their players to know ahead of time which buildings on a city map are important enough to have locations (aka numbers) on them... and since I suspect poster maps will always double as player handouts, that's something worth considering.

For the record, since I don't see too many replies here... I prefer numbers on the map. My players don't need to know what they mean until needed, but that make life a lot easier. The Shackled city map and the Sandpoint map are great examples.

I have most of the map folios now I think. Great artwork, great style.

Problem: The paper folder they come in, not "carry friendly" they need a better cover. Every time I take a pack to a session, they slide around in my bag and get damaged.

Don't think it would be too much to ask for a pocket type cover or something similar to protect them. (I now repackage them to take to a game, but I would prefer a proper slip cover.)

As an altenative, how about a decent Pathfinder map case to buy?