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It's just been brought to my attention that we did not correctly update the treasure table in the back of The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day, and that the Guide does not include a chart that explains how we generate quest treasure.
Since a quest grants 1/4 of the XP of a standard scenario, it also grants 1/4 of the scenario max reward for that level. So the treasure chart in the back of the scenario should say:
Level — Reward
3 —— 9.5 gp
4 —— 16 gp
5 —— 25 gp
6 —— 37.5 gp

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This scenario has some significant decisions in it. I'm not putting any spoilers in because the scenario's not out yet, but you'll know what I mean when you see it, and I need this thread to exist to reference it on the Chronicle sheet :). What did your table do?

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Hi folks! In case you missed it in the description above, this is a Pathfinder Second Edition version of Reaping What We Sow.

Players of all ages are welcome! You don't need to know anything about Second Edition to play. I'll bring a batch of 1st level pregenerated characters to choose from, as well as dice, miniatures, paper, and crayons. All you need to bring is yourselves :)

Please note that any children 12 or under participating in this game must have a supervising adult present during the entire session.

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Spoiler warning. Please don't read this thread if you are planning to play this scenario but haven't yet.

In the Rasping Rebirth, PCs can make a rather momentous decision.

Did your PC decide to:
devour Deskari's heart? If so, how did the rest of the party react to the decision? And now that the scenario's over, how is divinity treating them?

I'm curious how many characters went for it :)

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Maps for this scenario:

Flip Mat: Seedy Tavern (Will be releasing in the Flip Mat Classics line in late August- September)
Flip Mat: Thieves' Guild
Map Pack: Slum Quarter Alleys
Since the PCs do not know where assassins could lurk, some GMs may wish to provide maps for areas that do not ultimately contain combat encounters. Good maps for this purpose are Map Pack: Village Sites and Flip Mat Classics: Pub Crawl.

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Hi all! Here's the list of maps that appear in this adventure.


Flip Mat: Desert Ruins
Flip Mat: Lost City
Flip Mat Classics: Battlefield
Flip Mat Classics: Darklands
The custom map is a direct port from an earlier scenario. It is the map of the Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (#3–21 p 7.)

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Hi all! We’ve updated the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying FAQ. The update focuses primarily on clearing up rules surrounding companion creatures, but it has a few other bits too.

Here’s a summary of the changes:
*Added a question to address how to calculate rewards for quests.
*Modified the answer to the question about how poisons work. Some characters have an ability to apply poison without poisoning themselves that is not called poison use. Those characters may now also purchase poisons that are not listed on a Chronicle sheet.
*Described the function of fitting armor in Pathfinder Society.
*Provided rules for buying Tiny size equipment.
*Stated that a character’s money does not encumber them and clarified rules surrounding the encumbrance provided by treasure found in the course of an adventure.
*Answered a variety of loose questions surrounding companion creatures, such as which animals use exotic saddles, what to do with barding if your animal companion grows, and how to get an animal companion to drink a potion.
*Updated the entries on weapon, armor, and magic item use for companion creatures and familiars. The changes to these entries are designed to clear up some corner cases and allow for the use of more magic items. There a are a fair number of tweaks here, so I recommend reading these entries in full, but here are a couple of highlights.
**Class-granted mounts always gain a saddle slot. Creatures with a saddle slot can wear magic items in that slot without taking a feat.
**A familiar can wear magic items in its armor and neck slots without taking a feat, as long as its body shape is eligible for these slots.

I’d like to specifically thank Lau Bannenberg for his help. After the previous companion creature FAQs came out, he offered to help organize the lingering questions from the forums. I took him up on his offer, and he compiled a 10-page document listing all of the remaining questions regarding companion creatures and suggested answers. That document was the roadmap for the discussions that led to this update.

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Thank you to everyone who has been asking questions for the FAQ! We have some new updates today, with several others on our list to tackle after Gen Con.

We've posted updates to the familiar FAQ entry regarding familiars, weapons, and magic items, and added a new entry that answers similar questions for animal companions. We've also made updates to the following entries.

What do I need to bring to a game to use material that is not from the Core Rulebook for my character?
A receipt from a game store counts as proof of purchase, in the same way that a screenshot from your My Downloads page does.

How do poisons work in the Roleplaying Guild?
We've opened poison crafting to more characters. Characters who can purchase and use poisons may also use Craft (alchemy) to produce poisons that are legal for them to purchase.

How do alchemists and investigators craft in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild?”
Alchemists and investigators may use Craft (alchemy) to craft items that they gain access to on Chronicle sheets as long as the Chronicle sheet does not limit to the number of times they may purchase those items.

Can my prepared spellcaster learn spells from another PC? What about gaining spells via scrolls found during an adventure?
Added the clarifying line "Between adventures, PCs can always find an NPC to teach them any spells that are legal for their character to learn."

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Hello and welcome to Heroes of Lockhaven!

Mouseguard is a story-driven roleplaying game. If you want to succeed as a tiny, heroic mouse, you'll need to work together with your fellow mice in the Mouseguard.

Crayons, pencils, and paper will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your own art supplies as well for drawing and coloring your character. Other toys, stuffed animals, and food are also welcome, though I ask that no one brings food containing peanuts in case someone is allergic.

If any parents or kids have questions or comments for me, feel free to post them in this thread or send me an email at

I look forward to gaming with you!

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Hi all!

For the Out of Retirement adventure, I recommend Eternal Obelisk. I converted that one myself two years ago and have been refining it. It's different enough from the original adventure to be a new experience even if you played it in season 0 before it retired. It has some pretty cool features and a nifty Chronicle sheet. Let me know if that works for you guys. If not, I'm happy to discuss other options.

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Hi! I'm looking forward to gaming with you all :)

If you have any questions for me, feel free to post here, send me a private message, or email me at

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Hi Pathfinders!

I've run a lot of tables of PFS, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to give new life to an old scenario for a great group of players.

If you got this event in the lottery or from a trade, please list your three top preferences from the following list as a reply to this comment. I want to determine what scenario we'll be playing as soon as possible to ensure I have the necessary time to update it. If you got this event and are for some reason planning to trade it away, please don't post your preferences.

All Retired Scenarios:
The Asmodeus Mirage
Blood at Dralkard Manor
The Eternal Obelisk
Eye of the Crocodile King
Hands of the Muted God
In Service to Lore
Skeleton Moon
Stay of Execution
The Third Riddle
To Delve the Dungeon Deep
The Trouble with Secrets
A Vision of Betrayal

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Something I forgot to mention in the event description: I know five hours is a really long time for some kids, particularly younger ones. I will break up the adventure into segments that are about an hour long. Please come at 9am to claim your position at the table. After that, you are welcome to play for as many as you want, and to head off for a break and come back later without losing your spot.

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David Montgomery, Venture Captain of the Boston Lodge, just earned his fifth star! And boy, did he earn it. I ran a survey of our lodge, and here are a few of the things that those of us who have had the good fortune to play at his tables had to say:

"David does a great job welcoming in new players and making the table fun for everybody."

"fun, fair and fantastic...he made me want to play more games."

"He rolled with the strange ideas we came up with and wove it into the story. He was one of my favorite DMs I've had. He is also kind and great to just talk to during down times."

"David's enthusiasm is infectious. He fosters a table environment where every player, new and old, feels welcome, and everyone gets a chance to feel that their character is awesome. His NPCs are vibrant, distinctive, and often funny."

Answers to a question asking for suggestions for David to improve as a GM:

"He could run more games"

"This is difficult, he's the model I try to base my gming on."

Well done, David! We at the Boston Lodge are lucky to have you!

Scarab Sages

Let's say your PCs have gotten themselves into a situation where they really need a 9th level cleric spell, say Miracle or True Resurrection. What's the next step? Just how hard is it to find a cleric with 9th level spells in Golarion?

Inner Sea Magic gives us Kaltessa Iyis, cleric 10 diabolist 10, who worships Mammon.

Rival Guide gives us Inaris Jerveel, Cleric 20, who worships Gorum and "often starts fights with others out of no other provocation than boredom."

Other than those two, who has 9th level cleric spells? I'd like to keep the feeling that 9th level spellcasting is special and difficult to attain; on the other hand, I would also like to introduce a few more options, preferably from casters of good or neutral alignment. What do you do in your Golarion to make high level divine magic attainable but special, and not just a commodity?

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