#10-23: Passing the Torch Part 2: Who Speaks for the Ten [SPOILERS]

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This scenario has some significant decisions in it. I'm not putting any spoilers in because the scenario's not out yet, but you'll know what I mean when you see it, and I need this thread to exist to reference it on the Chronicle sheet :). What did your table do?

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Tease! :)

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I expected it to be released at the end of June with #10-22. is there a date for release? I'm supposed to be running it for my group on the 29th!

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Thomas Coolbaugh wrote:
I expected it to be released at the end of June with #10-22. is there a date for release? I'm supposed to be running it for my group on the 29th!

It was listed as July, so last July in Wednesday, although II think all the july releases effectively have a release date of GenCon Aug 1.

So I don't think it'll be released by the 29th.

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So... That's a no go on me GM'ing it on July 29th... :p

Guess I better update Warhorn with a different scenario!


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So no discussion of this yet?

I guess I will start.

See spoilers.

what my table on Sun at Gencon did:
We let both Torch and his assassin aide go free. Broadly we concluded we agreed mostly with his goals. It was a fun scenario but we ran out of time so didn’t get to have the full graveknight battles. Which was disappointing. I’ll probably replay this and run it in the future.

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It was bittersweet to not travel with our companion from Thursday (Missed ya Pirate Rob!) but the remaining party members were up to the task. Once again, I have not sullied the name.

Sierra was never going to go against Torch. We only had one adamant opponent on the team, who would have been destroyed had he tried to raise his hand against the man. We ended fading to black and no decision was reached.

The second question was more interesting and varied. Three accepted the offer while Sierra and the opposing member declined as too busy and not up to the task respectively. I wanted to accept but the prospect of removal from play was too concerning. I'm glad the rest of the party can continue to play and feel that it was both in character and a satisfying end.

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After patching up our wounds (and quick application of that helpful scroll of true resurrection that we found, getting Sarek back on his feet), we met and spoke with Torch.

I've always had a soft spot for Torch, (especially after Salvation of the Sages), so I greeted him respectfully, one Jeweled Sage to another.

The party unanimously agreed that his actions in trying to combat Vahlo had earned him leniancy. We let him go in peace--a decision we may come to regret, but I have hope that his grudges and schemes died with Vahlo.

As to the second question, our group had little hesitancy. Offer four strong-willed, opinionated, highly intelligent men a chance to steer the ship, and they're all going to seize the helm.

Sarek has no plans for his time on the Decemvirate to be spent idly. He will use his new position to push for a more transparent and equitable society, while continuing to seek out new mysteries to as he founds his lodge in his public persona as a Venture Captain.

These two scenarios were a ton of fun, a genuine challenge, and a fitting end to the campaign. Thanks to the scenario authors, Paizo staff, the table GMs, and the other players for making it such an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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"Hav' t' say, Sierra's a top-notch heala' an' I woul'n't've mad' i' through wi'out 'er 'elp."

Noqual Sage Agraic's commentary and liner notes:
"I wasn' gonna go again' th' man tha' saw I had potential WAY back in Sothis, an' I was ready t' toss th' rules 'f the Society out th' window if'n it came t' savin' his life. Thankfully, it didn' come to tha', though I DID call 'im on it as did a couple of other members of our team that instead 'f runnin' off after causin' a shi-storm tha' he should be FIXIN' th' mess he made, and come what may, be th' better person abou' it.

Unfortun'tly, we ha' a person who'd been burnt by the fires that Torch'd set, and they weren' willin' to le' it go, e'en after th' Emerald Sage left pretty much everything he had on him on the ground and offered himself up to be executed straight out of hand. I couldn' do that, an' I don't think most of our team was keen on the idea either. And I would've died to protect him.

Then Eliza showed up. And we asked her some serious hard questions about things, and as I'd done some missions for her in the past, I asked her if she'd thought it'd do any good if someone took up th' helm, fill in th' gaps as it were.

Her response was an honest one, and as we were sitting and talking it occured to me. I've been what folks would call a 'success story' for the Pathfinder Society -- I started out uneducated, ignorant, and willing to beat on whatever folks wanted me to beat on.

But I'd also been out on FAR too many missions where we didn't get the support we needed, or where we'd make what we felt was the 'right' call for the situation only to get crapped on by either our superiors or their superiors.

So I did that dangerous thing, y'know, 'thinking'. If'n there was someone who was sittin' there an' making dam' sure tha' the agents NEVER go' hosed like Torch, or me, or any of a number of other folks, then that'd be the legacy 'f th' work tha' th' Gran'master was bringin' all along.

Or in other words, if those of us who said we wanted Torch t' 'man up' an' clean up his messes weren't willin' to do the same, then we'd all be effin' hypocrites. It's an obligation t' make it right, though there's always a few ways about it."

Agraic took the post. He's been a ruffian, a rural sort, a bit of a buffoon and comic relief at points, but he's always trusted his gut to do the right thing. He approached this the same way as his thinking towards becoming a Sage -- it's the sort of dare that would come up in a Dare contest between followers of the Drunken Hero. Namely that it's not 'having the title' as much as 'what you DO with it'. Cayden took the test of the Starstone on a drunken dare -- how could Agraic NOT follow on one of the biggest dares short of that in the Society?

And he's also pretty certain that if he started screwing it up, the beer would go rancid or he'd start getting horrible hangovers as a warning sign to get back to fixing things, as is the way of Cayden.


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I ran two scenarios at GenCon with the following results:

The first group was very suspicious of GM Torch and concerned about what might he might do with all he knew about the Pathfinder Society. However, they didn’t want to kill him. They voted to send him into a highly supervised exile, while Torch himself says that he’d like to retire to somewhere warm. So, Torch is now living a St. Helena-style life on Glasswall Isle off the coast of Thuvia at Club Candi, VC Candi Payne’s Calistrian-themed beach resort and Pathfinder Lodge.

The second group included a Torch-friendly Jeweled Sage PC and was generally very sympathetic to Torch. They had no problem with letting him go on his way at the end of the scenario.

The majority of both groups joined the Decemvirate (which we joked would soon need a stadium for holding its meetings). I assigned my GM credit to my VC PC, Candi, who declined to join as her Lodge and family business keeps her quite busy and content, thank you very much.

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I ran this last night.

Not only did my group spare Torch, they decided that his penance should be becoming a Decemvirate member. I tweaked the scenario a little to have Eliza show up then and then faded to black immediately after her final speech.

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Our group was arguing for that, but we cut the discussion short due to it being 2am after GenCon.

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We chose to spare Torch after learning of the reasons behind his apparent betrayal. I have become a member of the Decimvirate, and I expect the obeisance to exceed my wildest dreams. Daosvaria sends her regards and will be summoning some favored minions for an assignation shortly. May Calistria smile upon your efforts.

I played both at Gencon and was a fun pair of scenarios.

Scarab Sages

Juuuuuuust finished playing in this scenario. I loved it sooooo much! <3

Zaosha and her party decided to let Torch go. She always idolized him and believed in him anyways. Please welcome Zaosha, the Wayang Ninja, as the newest member of the Decemvirate. If you can find her, that is. ^_~

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Ran this 4 times at GenCon. All parties voted to let Torch go. A few were skeptical, but most were entirely sympathetic.


Our GenCon group:


Let Torch go, and several of the party decided to accept the offer.

Torch got released, "with conditions." Mostly I think the group wanted someone to keep an eye on him. One of the PCs was fine with simply letting Torch go; he just wanted to beat Torch up first. I'm guessing there might have been some history to that PC.

OOC, I'm still not convinced. IC, my Wis-dumped wizard thinks "he means well, and is absolutely terrible at determining the best course of action." I advocated sending him back to the Jeweled Sages to research better versions of Remove Disease and Neutralize Poison.

The offer:
One of the PCs wanted to claim the helmet of the graveknight, before Torch talked about destroying it. He took the offer, of course, along with (I think) 2-3 others. My PC felt his duties as a Jeweled Sage would take much of his time, and prevent him from properly holding the offered position.

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Question about going forward...

Are we going to keep names secret in 2E or at least put spoiler warnings in scenarios with Eliza? I know a lot of people would be upset to have a 2E scenario introduce her as the Open Helmed Decemvirate member.

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When I played it three days ago at Geneva GardenCon with the character Degel - 117194-11 - Grand Lodge faction :

Initially in part 1, we were incensed by Torch's final affronts and we were three characters willing to kill him (one of us was a Shadow Lodge member). Vahlo didn't need to convince us much about it, despite one of the players being a fan of Torch.

As the plot grows on, learning why Elysyia helped Torch started to give me a doubt. So sprinting back to Skyreach after wrecking Mediogalti earlier, we managed to stabilize the interior of the lodge good enough. Then the case of Vahlo. Having followed the orders of a graveknight was sickening. After finishing him, we had a tense but decent speech with Torch. After he explained everything, we ultimately decided to let him go, but with a caveat : as a penance for all his faults, he will have to retire on vacation in the location of the Ruins of Azlant settings. Some Pathfinder colleagues need help in the colony, especially he will have the opportunity to open a bath-house.

The decision about the Ten : Three of us decided to take the opportunity to become one of them. One didn't and stayed as an advisor because of not being sure of the transparency in the future.

I personally wouldn't have a problem with Eliza Petulengro staying in 2E as an Unmasked, better transparency (but also maybe risk) is why Eando Kline came back, no ?

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