Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-09: The Rasping Rebirth: Was your PC Tempted? [Spoilers]

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Spoiler warning. Please don't read this thread if you are planning to play this scenario but haven't yet.

In the Rasping Rebirth, PCs can make a rather momentous decision.

Did your PC decide to:
devour Deskari's heart? If so, how did the rest of the party react to the decision? And now that the scenario's over, how is divinity treating them?

I'm curious how many characters went for it :)

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"I have been bread by my Naga masters to slay demons. I did not even taint myself with the blood of Deskari and yet still had the strength to stand strong and slaughter our enemies."

-Chun Hei, Paladin of Yaezhing.


I was playing a paladin of Sarenrae. I rejected Deskari rather rudely and Sarenrae may have been shocked at my language as I suggested something anatomically impossible.

Grand Lodge 4/5

" My sense of duty for the Society forbade me to desert the ranks. Deskari was an ally of circumstances, but nothing beyond that. Besides, haven't finished my life experience yet. "

Grand Lodge 4/5

My Summoner was tempted, but passed on the opportunity to our party's Brown-Fur Transmuter, who was significantly more interested in the power.

They also spent the prestige to buy a Pathfinder Lodge and decided it was in the Rasping Rift along with them.

As for the rest of the party the NG Cleric of Feronia wasn't particularly happy about it but wasn't gonna stop us, while the something Good Fighter had to be talked into not storming off (the player was fine with everything but needed some help coming up with why his character wouldn't just leave the mission at that point). The warpriest and zen archer mostly didn't care, and the Barbarian was also tempted but in the end settled for just the runoff blood, same as my Summoner.

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I was playing something else, but at the table adjacent to me two people went for it. My friend at that table got 1 less on his will save than the other player; who then went all the way. Which is probably for the best - if my friend had rolled higher we would have wound up with

Demon Lord Dennis

as he just names all his characters after players at the store.

Grand Lodge 5/5

"After what happened in Ostenso, I made a promise before the spirits of Mwangi never again to deal with Evil, even if our goals aligned. So I told the voice it could go find a stick and shove it up its... Ahem. Yes."

Dark Archive 3/5 5/5

I, Xing Hai, tiefling bones oracle and self proclaimed greatest cultist of Lissala, have accepted the offer! I am excited to see where this will lead!

Admittedly, the paladin I traveled with was not too pleased with my decision, but she had some kind of grudge against me to start. Something about necromancy being evil? Well, either way, what's done is done. Now I just need to figure out a way to get my dear pet Kurshu the Undead here to keep me company.


My Arcanist would have been interested in trying the blood.... until he was told that it would dampen the ability to feel joy and remove his happiest memory... for a Gnome that's akin to a death sentence!

Grand Lodge 1/5

Egil & his companions are only about 2/3 through... we had to stop just after the offer in the OP was made. Yoshi the Samurai accepted.

Also, that bit about losing your happiest memory? That was presented to our party as 'a very happy memory'. Most of our party had a very happy memory right in the module and agreed to lose that one. This trip to the Abyss is an unpleasant slog through various disgusting sights/sounds/smells... and the one bright point in the trip is gone! alas!

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"I'll take on assistance in dire straits, risk my life, but not my soul. Can't say the same for the sorcerer..."

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Yea.. I had a player at my table do this. Let me try and summon him to this thread.

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Xíng Hài wrote:

I, Xing Hai, tiefling bones oracle and self proclaimed greatest cultist of Lissala, have accepted the offer! I am excited to see where this will lead!

Admittedly, the paladin I traveled with was not too pleased with my decision, but she had some kind of grudge against me to start. Something about necromancy being evil? Well, either way, what's done is done. Now I just need to figure out a way to get my dear pet Kurshu the Undead here to keep me company.

If it makes you feel any better he wasn't happy with me either. Something about you mocking gods not being a great idea.... I'll spend the gold you would have gotten to plane shift your items to the plane. I know I probably shouldn't be helping you but ehhh...

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Had one at the table I ran last month. Player was happy with the result as character wanted to retire anyway. Now he just needs to get another character up to Seeker tiers for Gallowspire.


One of my player devoured the heart and it was pretty epic.

He was the paladin in the group and at first he rejected it, but then, he looked at his friends at made a prayer to saranrae before eating the heart, crying at the same time. He knew he was going to lose his power but he also knew that he needed this power to save so many innocents. He vanquished deskari and became a demon lord. I, as a gm, thought this was beautiful so I didn't retire him his paladin's abilities because he knew what he was doing and he was doing it for the greater good.

Finally he killed koth vaul and couldn't return with his friend and Malcom the demon lord was born. His holy symbol is a scythe crossed with a scimitar and in the background there is a ''bleeding sun''.

As a roleplayer this was one of the best moment I had to experience with my friends. The wife of the player actually cried (they played with those characters for over 3 years) and it was incredible at the table.

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/55/5 *

Walter Sheppard wrote:
Yea.. I had a player at my table do this. Let me try and summon him to this thread.

Indeed. I ate the heart. Now I am Demon Lord Shess.

In life I was a outsider in Taldor that managed to climb the ranks to Senator and some other titles. I was basking in the product of my ambition and power when I got the summons to go on another mission for the Pathfinders. I thought to myself, 'I could go for a vacation', to celebrate my great achievements. Some things happened and there I was, being offered the heart of Deskari. For once, I was speechless. Never had I imagined this opportunity to present itself, even in all of my ambition. Amusingly another desired the same. Ha! His will was laughable, it did not compare. We both ate of the heart but only I gained the power of which I know now that I was destined. Even more amusing was the pathetic attempt of Deskari to control me. With his power, even his will was a mere ant beneath my foot. Ah yes, speaking of ants, Koth made for some fine entertainment. To be honest, I do regret how it ended. I really should have kept him and his lackeys as pets. Oh well...

...This is the beginning...I know now that Demon Lord is merely the first step...


Alignment CE(?)
Pantheon Demon Lords
Areas of Concern Chasms, infestations, locusts Knowledge, Secrets, Ambition
Domains Chaos, Destruction, War, Evil, Trickery, Knowledge, Glory
Subdomains Blood, Catastrophe, Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Insect, Tactics Corruption, Memory, Thought, Hubris, Espionage, Deception
Favored Weapon Scythe Sword cane
Symbol Bloody locust wings A blank family crest with four quadrants and the crest is casting a shadow
Sacred Animal(s) Locust Tick
Sacred Color(s) Gray

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My self-perfection psychic couldn't justify tainting his body and mind with Deskari's blood.

3 of us (including my self) did not take the blood, 2 took it, and one ate the heart.

Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5 ***

To the nine hells wit dat fell abomination! I refused its trickery an' completed the mission anyway. My companions showed their weakness of the spirit and not only accepted a deal with the beast, but refused to repent. It saddens me that their souls are lost, but free choice is both a blessing and a curse. Alas, I can no longer call them 'friend'. Their tainted blood is an affront that I cannot abide and I have reported their actions to Society leadership. I pray for their everlasting souls, but will never travel with them again.

Dark Archive 4/5

I served in various houses from an early age learning the skills of an efficient and talented servant (rogue 2) wearing formal neck jewelry in Cheliax until I was sold to an elder Paralictor. I managed to impress him and he tutored me absently in rudimentary transmutation wizardry while his assistant gave me a more practical instruction. Unfortunately my master suffered a spellcasting accident (his imp took his soul to hell) which freed me from bondage and gifted me with a substantial grimoire. I joined the society and gained valuable experiences rising to 13th caster level. On the trip to the abyss I couldn't let the somewhat awkward opportunity slip by.

forbidden knowledge:

I took the heart of Deskari, though it was not exactly what I wanted, it was a path to power beyond what the Society could ever offer. I took great pride in serving and modelling myself after the paracountess until she had to compromise and form the archive. The decemvirate preferred not to reward my service after defeating Adril Hestram, Thurl, and a spellcasting stone giant within an old thassalonian ruin.
I will rule this little buzzing corner of the abyss for awhile. I will test my new found power before reaching through the doorway back to Nerosan and the delicious little treats that I left behind. I hope to see you all again and have a fun time.

In play, the righteous players all turned down Deskari's offer of blood and flesh. A kineticist player managed to seize the heart but simply tried to put it in a box. I cannot fathom the foolish actions of others and the heart managed to find its way to me.

Thus in my forced absence I bid the Society adieu. I'm hoping to adorn the wall with a new tapestry to add some perspective.

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My Grippli Shaman was really tempted, but I didn't have the heart (pun unintended). I always played him as a person who wants to take care of his tribe. When the whole world was threatened, he was shaking in his little boots. Should I taste corrupting power and sacrifice myself for the greater good, or risk it and believe in my own powers?

In the end, I decided not to do it. He might have been out of his depth, but but he's wise enough to know better. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Our morally grey Alchemist, on the other hand... He was portrayed as politically agnostic and just wanted to further his own research. Now he has eternity to do so. And on a different table, there was a Cleric of Urgathoa. Eating a deity's heart? Yes please!

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden

Kwinten Koëter wrote:
Our morally grey Alchemist, on the other hand... He was portrayed as politically agnostic and just wanted to further his own research. Now he has eternity to do so. And on a different table, there was a Cleric of Urgathoa. Eating a deity's heart? Yes please!

Don't say he's hypocritical, say rather that he's a-political. Dr. Isambard, also known as The Good Doctor, was losing his patience. He'd already been on several missions rooting out the machinations of that crackpot scientist Thurl. And after a recent encounter with Ranginori, he'd learned that you can't make a demigod without scaring an egg. Only fearless scientific curiosity can save the world. We do what we must, because we can. For the moment he's indisposed as he's busy trying to tow this slice of Abyss closer to the Plane of Air to serve as an adjunct realm for the Lightning Serpent and himself, sort of a cosmic artillery testing range.

The Exchange 3/5

My Form of the Exotic Dragon polymorphing Blood Arcanist dove at the opportunity to devour Deskari's heart along with the Diabolist Wizard. My will was greater (31 save) and so he became Demon Lord Noct.

The party knew we all had a mission goal to achieve at any cost and my character had just saved everyone from Nalfeshnee using Teleport to remove my entire dazed party from combat so if they were horrified by the choice they didn't voice it. They all indulged in Deskari's blood as well.

During the final battle people died at least 7 times. The last one standing against Koth'Vaul and both severely injured Noct managed to charge and rip Koth'Vaul's throat out sealing his path to divinity by defeating this threat.

Before retiring to the Abyss he paid for resurrections for his allies with all his gold and prestige hoping to at least gain some followers who venerate him.

(Tier 14-15 6 player hard mode, we barely scrapped by in 5 hours)

Party Composition:

15 Blood Arcanist
15 Diabolist / Wizard
15 Rogue / Horizon Walker (dimensional savant)
15 Summoner
12 Occultist
?? Dragon Disciple

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My 15th level CN gnome aerokineticist Wahnàmahnà Nàckle was very tempted. He's never been overly concerned about consequences, and the opportunity for Power and Rulership sounded like fun! Once he realized he'd have to give up his day job as a stuntgnome, he decided to pass.

OOC I was even more tempted, since

I imagined Nackles everywhere flocking to worship Demon Lord Wahnàmahnà Nàckle. If I weren't planning to include Wahnàmahnà at my Siege of Gallowspire table at GenCon, this OOC temptation might have tipped the scales!

Sadly, after joining the rest of his party in a shared beverage, Wahnàmahnà no longer remembers the happy day he thought he was falling to his death and suddenly started to float on air.

Liberty's Edge 4/5

So I played with my chaotic good overly multi-classed pirate character Cipher. Always been a bit of a wanderer, never really had a home port.

He went for it. As a master spy he had learned how to cloak his intentions well, and overcame much of the taint with iron will. He always rather appreciated Desna, and figured he wouldn't mind helping her wrestle more of the abyss away. He is staying good aligned, but as he has become accustomed to hiding his true nature, plans to disrupt demon plans from within. I really wasn't sure about it. But tying to think like my character, he's gotten cocky. The fact that he is remaining in control of this new power certainly isn't lessening that. After ripping a portal open for his friends, he waved a somber goodbye, knowing he couldn't go back with them. He never planned on this, but had a full life, as an elf saw so many friends die of age and other things, and even died himself once. This is still a strange new perspective,
but hopefully will emerge from his chrysalis of a dimension changing the wings of Deskari into butterflies.
In the meantime he knows other forces will try to steal his newly acquired power before he can truly learn to use it. Luckily he has always been a hard man to find even before he had it.

Scarab Sages 1/5

Our group was full of highly-knowledgeable Pathfinders, so one would imagine they would understand the price of this sort of deal.

Sadly, one of our own apparently asked very few questions before asking for the heart. I'm not sure what, precisely, Deskari initially offered to tempt them all so, as my mental faculties were nearly non-existent at the time. Another Pathfinder pondered challenging Melia for the prize, but eventually followed my lead and took power without accepting the diabolical bargain. The other two had no compunctions about accepting the blood. There was a fair deal of examination and questioning, to determine if we would need to put down our transformed companion. Thankfully, his mind seems his own, though I would recommend that we get some of the longer-lived races to check in on things regularly. Perhaps a group of Uprooters, if Kyronin can spare them.

The power helped turn the tables against Koth'Vaul, and despite my falling out of the sky unconscious (again), my companions woke me in time to see the final blows struck. The vrocks... vrock? Vroci? Is "vrock" its own plural? Regardless, the remaining combatants ceased their dance and swore allegiance to their new master.

Melia Sharpley. I never got the proper spelling of your name, and you can no longer leave the Abyss. However, know that some measure of your spellbook will live on in Absalom, and that your choices contributed to the treatise I later wrote on the Abyss and its inhabitants.

Our low-subtier group had an arcanist, a wizard, an archaeologist, a 20-Int ranger, and a vexing dodger. So much knowledge, and the ranger had enough survival to avoid the "detour."

Lichaam took a Feeblemind in the fight immediately preceding - and that spell prevents the target from understanding language or communicating coherently. He didn't understand anything except a strong feeling of hunger until after Melia had decided to eat the heart. Being well-read, neutral good, and perhaps a little too trusting of stories, Lichaam had no interest in accepting the bargain once it was presented to him. The total in our group was two bloods, two thefts, and one heart.

The Exchange 1/5

“The Curse of my blood damns me either way but I chose my end” the party was shocked at the results of consuming the heart both in and out of character. Our party was pretty strong beforehand but with Adenai’s newfound powers it was a cakewalk.

Finding himself unable to return home Adenai finds himself with somewhat of a conundrum. His life with the society had been dedicated to curing the taint of his undead bloodline and now he was free but without purpose. What’s more he now found himself bombarded by prayers from the followers of the deity he had usurped and with more than his fair share of enemies and rivals.

I like to think that after crafting himself a castle and kingdom worthy of his new position he’d take some time to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with his restored sense of taste and feeling.

Grand Lodge 3/5

A large carrion beetle comes into the Grand Lodge, carrying a scroll sealed in wax, with the symbol of the Open Road. Upon opening it, it appears to be written in colorful wax, and seeming to be written by a child.

"Lhunk heard from bug scouts that people want to know story of his rise to power. Lhunk was grouped with friends to fight demon who was getting strong. Fights happened, but we didn't find big boss man for a long time. Then a voice happened in Lhunk's head as he touch big heart, and it offered power to Lhunk. I eat heart, and got strong before fighting big boss man. We killed big boss man, and Lhunk found out he can't leave until he fixes new home, but will make home a place of science for those who want to visit."

Lhunk is a somewhat simple minded mind man, dabbling a bit in alchemy. Gaining power from the hive totem, when he entered into the plain, felt somewhat at home. When he found out he would become the master of the plain, Lhunk found a new home.

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