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James Jacobs wrote:

This is one of many things we're following in the playtest to see how folks like/dislike a change.

Wall of text below!

** spoiler omitted **...

There are clerics that exist in the lore of these deities that weren't of these alignments. Is there going to be some lore reason as to why these deities will suddenly stop granting them powers then? It is going to be a story event or a retcon?

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Alenvire wrote:

So far I like it.

Because you have to pick your sword back up or unsheath it. Are paladins only 2 handers now?

It seems that way. They can't use somatic components or material components with a sword and board. So far, I haven't found anything in the book that indicates paladins need a divine focus to cast either. That means that paladins need material components to cast. They really need the cleric's "Emblazon Symbol" feat more than clerics do.

Though I think this is probably an oversight.

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I suppose the real argument is that any reason that a good deity would have to allow neutral cleric would apply equally to an evil deity.

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It's particularly disappointing. I like a lot of the concepts for evil gods. I also have no particular issue with "diet evil" neutral cleric types. I've found someone who pays close enough attention to lore for that kind of nuance aren't really an issue. In all my years and all the games I've run, the majority of table disruption from "I'm just playing my alignment!" have come from chaotic neutral characters who don't have any particularly strong affiliation with a deity, mostly rogues and barbarians.