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I want the same book for good and neutral upper planes, written by Todd Stewart.

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Well, if you choose Urgathoa, you HAVE TO take negative energy channeling. Only neutral cleric of neutral deities have the choice between positive and negative. (edit : ninja-ed)

Tell your DM about this before making any choice : Urgathoa is an evil deity and having a PC cleric of an evil deity could have a deep impact on your DM's campaign.

My advice : keep Pharasma, take positive energy and take the death domain + another domain of your choice. But be aware that you are not allowed to create an undead in Pharasma's church. There's an issue in the corerulebook between crunch and fluff with allowing death domain to clerics of Pharasma : "communicate with deads" should replace "animate deads" and "antilife shield" should replace "create undead" on the death domain bonus spells list (as written in the Dragon Empires Gazetteer and somewhere on this website paizo's blog).

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1. Planar Handbook / People of the Great Beyond (with archetypes, traits and feats for characters traveling or living on outer planes... Planescape, Planescape, Planescape... and Todd Stewart !)

2. People of Magic (Nex, Geb, Mana Waste)

3. Blood of Genie

4. Gnolls of Golarion (this one is lacking for a katapeshi campaign)

5. Seafolks of Golarion / Blood of the Ocean (gillmen, merfolks, sea elves)

And also : Tengus of Golarion, Scalykinds of Golarion (with lizardfolks and nagaji), People of the Lake, People of the Jungle...

+ we need traits somewhere for Absalom characters
+ I don't like the "slayer" companions, they feel "blank".

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I am a little late, but :
- Merry Christmas everyone !
- Please excuse my english

I am trying to figure on which planes live the gods worshipped in Tian-Xia.

There are the easy ones :
- Fumeiyoshi --> Abaddon
- General Susumu --> Hell
- Irori --> Axis (but not mentioned in the Great Beyond)
- Kofusachi --> Elyseum
- Lady Nanbyo --> Abyss
- Qi Zhong --> Nirvana
- Shizuru --> Heaven
- Tsukiyo --> Heaven
- Yaezhing --> Hell

There are the ones on the "I am not sure" wing :
- Hei Feng --> boundary between the elemental planes of Air and Water ?
- Lao Shu Po --> Abaddon ? (it does not fit very well her portfolio)
- Sun Wukong --> Elyseum or Maelström ?
- Yamatsumi --> Earth ?

And there this 2 who are totally problematical for me :
- Daikitsu --> ???
- Nalinivati --> ???
That's my only real problem with the Great Beyond : there is neither a neutral plane (apart from the boneyard) nor a "nature plane". Would there be one of those, it would be fine.
So, where live the goddess of agriculture and the goddess of fertility ?

(and I'am still trying to figure why Gorum live in Elyseum and not in Maelström, considering his/its nature)

I will be glad if anyone answer to my questions, but it will be greater to have an official answer from James Jacob, Todd Stewart or any other Pathfinder planar specialist.

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I don't understand why there is no love for Taldor. I mean, it is such an important country in Golarion's whole history. For me, it is a pillar in the setting. Cheliax, Lastwall, Rostland... many things in Avistan come from Taldor and their colonization.

And all we have is a 32-sheets-only companion (+ Cassomir in Cities of Golarion)... Is there any plan to develop that country ? If not an AP, at least a campaign setting book...

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Well... I think I just need the future playtest of the ARG ! :-)

My problem with this VoodooMike's guide is how he handle the stats bonus.

Especially that :
- switch a racial stat bonus to the other category. (4 points)

If I go with : +2 STR, +2 CON, +2 WIS, -2 INT, -2 CHA and don't count points for this, it seems balanced for me.

If I ignore the count for stats points :
+2 STR, +2 CON, +2 WIS, -2 INT, -2 CHA (0 points)
+1 to natural AC (4 points)
immunity to pugwampis' unluck aura (0 point)
darkvision (2 points)
--> 6 points.

Maybe can we consider that those bonus stat help specialization and so deserve some points... IMO, it do not deserves more that 2 points.

So :

Gnoll racial traits (friendly PC version) :
- +2 STR, +2 CON, +2 WIS, -2 INT, -2 CHA (2 points)
- +1 to natural AC (4 points)
- immunity to pugwampis' unluck aura (0 point)
- darkvision (2 points)
- +2 survival (1 point)
- +2 perception (1 point)

Of course, with the +2 in WIS, it's +3 to both skill in reality but I don't think it's a big problem.

I don't like to give them +2 in intimidation. That a social skill (and charisma dependent) after all.

For scent, I like the idea but, by core, no gnoll in Golarion have that. I think I will respect that, because special powers is not something like stats or skills : every gnoll have the same special powers but not every gnoll have the same stat and the same skills.
But we can allow them to take the keen scent feat from the APG instead.[

But we can also make alternative racial traits :

Hyena lover/ Dire hyena rider :
- +2 handle animal (with hyena and dire hyena only)
- +2 ride (with dire hyena only)
replace : the +2 perception bonus

Social gnoll / Gnoll slaver
- intimidating prowess feat
- +2 intimidation
- +2 appraise (in order to determine slaves' value only)
- +2 bluff (to sell slaves only)
replace : +2 perception, +2 survival, +1 to natural AC