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I used your monsters and creations heavily in my Event Horizon 5e game. They had a blast with your shadow flayers, androids, and brain gobblers.

Thank you for your hard work and please continue!

Seems as if the internet and time have decided that this file is no longer allowed to be downloaded :( Anyone have links to the content or can repost?

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Was there errata done to remove the Domain ability from the Celestial Commander or did you decide to keep it in there?

If so when was it done? has the domain ability removed, but the product from DTRPG has the domain ability still in there.

Endzeitgeist wrote:
And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine.

sounds like a Hot Mess that needs a run through the rules editor.

Stebehil wrote:
Steel_Wind wrote:

This is incorrect. All 12 issues of Dungeon in which AoW appeared are available on sale for about $43 total right now during the 10th Anniv sale. The PDF versions from Paizo are FAR superior to pirated scans and has copy+pastable text and are searchable.
Wow. I wasn´t aware that there are pdfs available at all. Thanks for pointing that out.

Well paint me blue and call me Babe. I never knew that Paizo could sell those again.

Count me in the Kudos to you group for showing me the light!

Shadowwalker wrote:
I would love a pdf copy of the complete age of worms adventure path

Google is your friend. Good luck on your search as Paizo doesn't sell a copy nor will they ever. WOTC owns all of it lock, stock, and barrel.

I really really want this setting badly. The robotic lore reminds me of Too Human (great game and setting), and everything screams out to be one of the best Steampunkish settings outside of the Iron Kingdoms.

Sounds like the product needs a time or 2 more through the ole editor and balance system.

I agree that 1/minute is an odd measurement. Most barbarian powers/abilities are used 1/combat or 1/rage. I've had combats last the equivalent of 10 rounds (1 minute) but as a DM with a tracker that's easy. Keep It Simple Stupid method of tracking per rage is an easy counter.

Maybe after this is errata'd I'll take a look through it.

GeraintElberion wrote:

So... that cover... what happened to Lyrie's clothes?

She's an academic researcher who is employed for her magical nous but apparently she dresses like a Calistrian temple girl?

This kind of verisimilitude-breaking, porn-tastic art is really annoying.

Sex sells flat out. The closer you get to soft core porn the better sales will get. Hollywood knows this and so does Paizo.

I too am bored to tears of this, but what is one voice versus hundreds or thousands that get excited by scantily clad women on the cover of gaming books and drop their hard earned money on it.

Does it detract from the overall product? No, not at all. Garish yes, tiresome yes, well done, for fanta-porn, sure.

Kthulhu wrote:
Leopold wrote:

Awesomeness. I finally will be able to figure out how to shoehorn all our goblin PCs into this campaign settings.

/Knows goblin's are hated
//DM knows goblins are hated but letting us play one anyway
///Will save the town anyway because We Can.

I have the perfect motivation. Save the town, because nobody else gets to burn it down but YOU!

That's the plan. We are all about revenge in killing other goblins who attempt to burn down and take what is rightfully ours to take and burn down.

I had to write up a nice page of backstory to rope all 4 of the PCs together to get 2 goblins and 2 gnomes to work together. It was a work of desperation but the DM ran with it as everything came out of this PDF and is valid.

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Awesomeness. I finally will be able to figure out how to shoehorn all our goblin PCs into this campaign settings.

/Knows goblin's are hated
//DM knows goblins are hated but letting us play one anyway
///Will save the town anyway because We Can.

Does the Gun Mage spend spell slots to use them as auto reloading bullets? If so then that would be OK in my book as long as they are not 0 level spells. Blow a spell slot in a pinch to auto reload on the run for example.

Sniper looks like it has potential. I would suggest the crit multiplier to instead have all damage maximized on the dice per a critical or follow the way the Assassin PrC handled the ability.

Looks like a decent book that needs to go back in the oven for a bit more cooking.

Fire Mountain Games wrote:

Wow! You got that fast. We haven't even posted the announcement yet.

I told you long time ago that if you went this model I'd be all over it like fly on honey! I saw it posted in my RSS feed and grabbed it ASAP.

Now if only there was some way to transfer my current 4 issue subs +2 prebought copies into the 6 copy sub at one site for ease of use. hmmmmm

Gary has heard my prayers: Subscription for the last 4 books is out on DTRPG. Bought it IMMEDIATELY. Saved myself 10% of the money I would pay anyway. Well worth it.

Glad you finally went with the subscription model!

Fire Mountain Games wrote:

I can guarantee you when it does come out, it will not penalize those who have already bought our current releases.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

Then I'll go ahead and purchase this one as well if that's the case. I hate to pay double on the modules once I bought them all and a bundle has come out. I've had that happen once before and I'm none too pleased with the publisher (0One games I'm looking at you :_:).

Still waiting for that AP subscription pricing :/

kevin_video wrote:

Just wanted to let you know a company is starting to do up a savage species thing as well.

Necromancers of the Northwest.

Theirs is a little different from yours.

That's over a year old. I don't think their project is that far along compared to what Zerzix is doing, which I LOVE by the way :)


Plus I always think a good litmus test is per level fighting a Fighter of equal level. Do you stand a chance? Do you roll over him too easy? I figure per level you should just fail or best him depending on the dice roll/not on overwhelming monster abilities.

But then again...what the hell do I know? lol

When designing ELs, LAs and the like over at ENW with the Monster Conversion crew we all used the test of comparing the monster to it's Class Equivalent: Fighter for a D10, Barbarian for a D12, Cleric D8, Rogue D6, etc. If that seemed off we went with the most logical choice of who this monsters attacks compared to a Class Equivalent.

You are on the right path, wish I could help you more than proofread. I encourage you to post more and of other creatures that are on especially the Tome of Horrors monsters. Those old school favorites are loved by many!

Keep up the good work!


Were creatures. Go through, pick out your favorites (i'm partial to werebears) and grab yourself some! :D

Thank you Zerzix. That makes sense then. I could not wrap my brain around what you were getting at.

That feat might want something like this: --3pp---frog-god-games/resistance-to-positive-energy

Benefit: The creature gains resistance 5 to any damage-dealing/healing negative energy effect.

Special: This feat can be taken twice. The second time it is taken, the creature’s resistance rises to 10.

Since 'turning' is technically gone in PF and there's Positive/Negative energy now.

Dragon: So when the dragon consumes the gold he ups his size without penalty? Or does that mean he consumes the gold and ups his size, gets the size penalty for early upgrades and when he normally goes up in level he gets that size penalty removed?

I skimmed through the rest of this and if you feel like posting this material over at we'd love to have it, sans the Non-OGL content of course ;)

Feat that doesn't exist anymore:

Improved Turn Resistance
You have a better than normal chance to resist turning.
Prerequisite: Undead type.
Benefit: You are less easily affected by clerics or paladins than you normally would be. When resolving a turn, rebuke, command, or bolster attempt, add +4 to your character level (monster Hit Dice plus class levels) to determine your Hit Dice for turn, rebuke, command, and bolster attempts. For example, a 4 HD wight with this feat is treated as an 8 HD undead for the purpose of turn, rebuke, command, and bolster attempts, even though it is a 4 HD creature for any other purpose. A vampire that already has +4 turn resistance adds an additional +4 with this feat, for a total of +8.

Can someone help me understand the dragon growth charts?

I see this message and it puzzles my little brain:

"-2 Size bonus if gold consumed for growth"

Does this mean that any bonus' resulting in size increase before hand are reduced by 2 due to the fact the dragon ate gold in order to advance? If they did NOT eat gold and simply advanced on their own then what? This niggling line makes my head hurt.

Typo under the horse entry:
ability otherwise follows the rules for the Survival skill. When tracking by scent, hell hounds ignore the effects of surface conditions and poor visibility.

should be horse not hell hound

Still interested. I love SS with a passion, it "just worked" for me.

Greystaff wrote:
Think I've answered all emails received at this point. Note that I'm sending out an earlier (and smaller) version of Silke's work without the complete complement of artwork. If anyone knows how to distribute the larger 34mb file over means other than email, I'll be glad to oblige.

Use 4shared, rapidshare, or mediaupload much like Silke did. It's fast and free.

This now becomes a very difficult mix of an alchemist and a summoner combined into one.

I liked the paths that were initially laid out, they had promise but this new iteration is severely gimped.

Mobius Ranged Weapons: 1 shot on a ranged touch or multiple off BAB? If multiple that's going to be deadly. This sounds like a ray attack ability.

Mending: Useful only for the Mechanus creations. Since Analyzers have only 10HP what's the point in healing them for 8d6 at later levels. Unless you have other mechanical things to heal this is a waste of an ability.

Are there plans to include the vehicles, weaponry, and armor as feat trees to be taken?

This class feels like a Prestige Class more than a true 20 level class.

The feats and abilities this class receives over the course of 20 levels feels bland and not interesting at all. Every other level you get to 'heal' your creation for another D6? Combine the best of the Summoner and the Alchemist into one? Sure why not.

Instead of trying to draw this class out into a 20 level bland and boring class (Mending,Greatworks,Mending,Greatworks, etc) why not condense it into a 10 level PrC with 3 branches: Crafting (armor/weapons), Automatons (analyzers/servitors), and Vehicles (vehicles/weaponry).

Grant the class access at a very low level (Say 3rd level), Pick a path after 3rd level of PrC where the player has the basics of the class (1st level Analyzer, 2nd level Armor, 3rd Vehicles, exaple) and can build any of the 3 with base components, albeit not very well, and then trod down the path to Specialty. Using that example a 13th level character with the Armorer specialization gets +10 armor bonus (Armor level 3 remains a +10 bonus nothing more??), +4 Deflection, DR 5/-, +4 STR/DEX, +20 movement, shield spell.

Hmmm. This might be better on picking 2 of the specializations on a 10 base 10 PrC.

I can tell you right now, unless you are playing in a openworld game where the PCs are moving around from place to place frequently that the Vehicle's are worthless. A Gargantuan vehicle doesn't fit in a dungeon delve and tromping through a castle in a huge drill isn't going to do much good. Need smaller examples horse or motorcycle size.

When can I plunk down the cash for a subscription? I purchased the first one and since the rest are coming down the pipe I don't mind paying up front for this. What do ya say?? :D

Glad they added the Skave...I mean ratment to this list. Phew

Fire Mountain Games wrote:
Leopold wrote:
Read the review product. I am interested. Quality art. Good writing. Few nitpicky holes in the veil item and how itbrelates to casters. More good than bad. Lets see how it goes.

Thanks for the feedback and the kind words!

I implore you to go back and do something about that veil item. It's a nice aid to the PCs but casters of any sort be they divine or arcane are simply SOL till they get access to some basic material components. I know this is stated later for the dM to add as a optional item but how hard is to to say: "Includes basic spell components under 1G in price for first level spells". Saves tons of headache and really is a one use thing.


We are deep in work on chapter two and three. Chapter two will ship in February and then the other four will ship every two months thereafter.


Have you thought about subscriptions or people who want to buy ahead of time? I wouldn't mind plunking down some cash to get a discount up front.

Read the review product. I am interested. Quality art. Good writing. Few nitpicky holes in the veil item and how itbrelates to casters. More good than bad. Lets see how it goes.

Review posted.

To say the bar was set high based on TPK's prior work, the quality I was expecting, and felt disappointed in the end is completely accurate.

@stroVal wrote:

It's like lord of the unholy dance..

That is an effective intimidation technique
That aside, this *is* a great cover

The artwork on all the front cover is astounding. It is one of the high points of this book. The art here is beyond the normal artwork you find in many 3PP that is shared amongst many products. All of these herein are gorgeous works and quite pleased with how they are represented.

Can you tell me any information about this product? page count? Amount of crunch vs fluff? This looks interesting but with very little information I have a hard time dropping $10 on this.

Bill Webb wrote:
Still should me my targeting ship date of December 1. I talked w/ the trucking company yesterday--I should have them Weds next week--so will ship the following week

Yessssss another book to read and add to my collection. I've found that even when using this book it works on High Level material just fine. The randomness of it all is glorious.

Posted my review. I honestly didn't want to put the adventure down until it was over. It was worth reading 3 times through as I totally enjoyed the writing and the atmosphere.

My review for this is coming up shortly.

For those of you curious to know what this one is like think of a Murder Mystery type of game like Clue. Each part of the plot is one part of the "Who Done It" and the entire story is interwoven with plot points and ideas for you to use to heighten your game to a new level of intrigue and suspense. . They act or don't act, the world moves forward without them and their action or inaction has massive consequences on the outcome. This is like a Vince Flynn or a Tom Clancy novel or a season of 24, that's how I'm picturing this adventure in my mind.

Heck I just wrote the closer to my review. Go figure ;)

R. Hyrum Savage wrote:
Leopold wrote:
is it up for those of us on yet?
Now up!

Nope, still not up. I get Download.txt file but no PDF.

R. Hyrum Savage wrote:

Written by Las Vegas Venture Captain and NeonCon's own Doug Daulton, the last of the chromatic dragons is now live!


is it up for those of us on yet?

subscribed. Please keep posting these. They are very enlightening.

Bill Webb wrote:

ps--the name is simply "Rappan Athuk". Cover is faux leather, no cover art, engraved in gold (or red maybe?) is the name.

my current thoughts at least

If there ever was a more applicable image it's this one: y_.jpg

You make this into some sort of unholy tome of evil and destruction and I will buy it. I will preorder it, and I will tell all my evil DM friends they must do the same for what is contained inside this tome of vile chaos is nothing short of amazing. Open the pandora's box of MegaDungeon and be amazed.

Cheapy wrote:

So you list 4 relatively large areas that need work and you give it a 5/5 , which is a perfect score of 100% best of the best.

I find this extremely hard to believe. Extremely.

As someone who converted a truckton of monsters to PCs using the SS rules I was dissapointed that there was no system for monster levels in this book. Even something that allows an equivalent base 0 race to start off with and then expand from there with monster levels or to go off and take PC levels.

I think that's a better approach. Design the race being on par with the core races at 0 level ,then extrapolate a way to make them 'even' upto a PC of equivalent level.

Fridays: Coliseum Morpheon

If that doesn't draw people to you nothing will :D

terraleon wrote:

Awww, thanks! I appreciate that. :)


Between that and the cups, forks, spoons, and books that blast fireballs and death rays this book has made my players the most paranoid group ever. They don't want to loot anything anymore.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Leopold wrote:
constructs don't technically 'die' when they hit 0 hit points they stop working.
Actually, the rules say they are "immediately destroyed" when they reach 0 hp.

Fine get all TECHNICAL on me ;) There has to be ways around this death issue as it would suck to play a construct.

drumlord wrote:

The playtest rules state that constructs cannot be raised or resurrected. Are there any ways to bring a construct or half-construct back from destruction? Or are you playing on hardcore mode when you play a construct or undead?

Note: I have no problem with it being hardcore. I'm just curious if there are existing spells or methods of bringing back this type of character.

constructs don't technically 'die' when they hit 0 hit points they stop working. Simply repairing them using whatever tools handy bring them back to life with the right school.

It's like a broken car, just cause the transmission is shot you don't scrap the vehicle, put in a new one.

Now if it took a 20d6 disintegrate and then a lightning storm ontop of it, sure it's been sufficiently nuked from orbit.

Zarathos wrote:

I would buy a hardcover collection of Splinters of Faith? Should I send an email to Bill Webb as well?

Do you need to take my money again for this preoder? Honestly? Can't I give you my checking account and you do it for me?

Chuck Wright wrote:
So why does being "3PP rules-shy" bleed over into not buying adventures and monster books?

I buy 3pp monster books because those are the cutting edge of rules and ideas. Templates, races, critters all take some sort of rules knowledge to use and build. These are by far the hardest to make and need someone who knows the rules inside and out to do WELL. Even if done poorly a good DM can take the guts of the creation and do something with it. I'm looking at you FastForwardEntertainment and you deliciously awesome hot mess of Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils.

It's easiest for me as the DM to use those monsters as I get the most bang for the buck and can adapt quickly on the ideas and fundamentals. Adventures the same way. I've run nothing but old Dungeon and 1E modules converted to Pathfinder and my players had no idea because the background information was good enough for me to get the feel and spirit of the module and all I had to do was add rules.

Give us quality framework and you have our money.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
The best thing you can do yourself is run a game that uses 3rd party material. Nothing grabs people's attention like seeing it in action.

As a DM I ONLY allow the players to use material from the "Core" ruleset at the start. Once I find a piece of 3pp material I run it in the game to see how the rules work, see how the PC class plays out, if the monsters are too weak or too powerful, do the spells need tweaking. Once they are run AGAINST the PCs I then approve or deny them access to the material.

Take SGG's Armiger class book which I love with all the blackness in my widdle heart. I used one at each tier of difficulty (3/7/12) and found that it was a completely doable class for a PC if the person understood the limitations of the class. The player did and chose one for his cohort, I've had more frustrating fun trying to find ways around it based on how I used it and seeing the class run in their hands.

Bottom line: DM's approval is key, never let your Players run the material first.

I'm very interested in a game ONLY with 3pp rules. That'd be terrifyingly awesome.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Leopold wrote:
I'm still smashing my head over and over trying to get the right links to appear. It's damn frustrating.

I'm very sorry for your frustration. No global change of links is possible (we checked), and there are thousands of links we have to change over. We are working on it, and it's a priority, but it's going to take time.

Of course all new links are put in correctly from the get-go, so you should at least be able to enjoy Monte Cook's Tomb-World of Alak-Ammur, our current adventure.

Did you happen to look into that Xenu software that I recommended? it could find all your bad/dead links and help you replace them quickly. Heck if you need a hand getting/generating a report I can give provide it to you in 10minutes.

Thank you for your honest reply. I will continue to read,purchase,and download your products.

DMaple wrote:

In that case would it not make more sense to scrap the star system if it is pointless anyway and instead of calling it a review section, call it a recommended products section.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. This is your magazine and I appreciate you putting it out every month. It's a labor of love.

Dark Mistress, Geist, and MRobertson go into such depth and detail with their review that you do know the whole product inside and out after you are done. Changing it to this format means you'll get to know a piece of work without having to worry about ratings or hurting another publisher's feelings. These are the top 2 items each person reviewed and felt was the best of this month.

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