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Thanks! I don't think Xoud intended for Sahasho to stay that long, and the spell should probably have timed out. A recording in that room could allow the players to get the the same information as relayed by Sahasho.

Trying to figure this one out: How did Sahasho (invisible stalker) stay for so many years when the planar ally spell has a duration for up to one day per caster level if I read it correctly?

Is it either one or the other, and not whichever comes first regarding this? Thinking it should be the latter.

At the end of its task, or when the duration bargained for expires, the creature returns to its home plane (after reporting back to you, if appropriate and possible).

Asking because one of my players wonders how he could do the same thing (and rules should be equal for both sides).

I have some questions with the these rules for teleporting:

page 30 wrote:
Anyone within 30 feet of the Sphinx can attempt a DC 30 Spellcraft check to note a weak spot where teleportation and scrying are possible.

1. Is that limited to teleporting from the outside and in, or also when inside teleporting out to e.g. Tephu? If the latter then finding room K20 isn't that big of an issue as the party wizard has a spellcraft near the mid 20s.

2. Teleporting back from the city before finding K20 would be another thing. If trying to teleport back inside to a room they've been before that is easily identifiable (and presumably teleported out from with a successful Spellcraft), will they appear way off target or get a mishap or?


I'm running this after some years hiatus from Pathfinder. My players and I are having some trouble connecting the dots regarding the cult before moving to Shifting Sands. My players think they've defeated the cult as they haven't found any info about anyone with a higher "rank" than Meret-Hetef or Nebta-Khufre.

Is there anything that leads them to believe the cult will still try to ressurect the Sky Pharaoh. I know in Meret-Hetef's background it says, but she's dead.

The final part says the following, but I don't see where they learn that:

Concluding the adventure wrote:
By this time, the PCs should have learned that the cult seeks the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh to somehow resurrect the Sky Pharaoh Hakotep I, and that the cultists they faced in Wati were members of a larger group that is likely to continue the effort to secure the mask for the cult.

My party has the mask, but one player believes it's his and that they've already interrupted the ritual anyway.

Did I miss something, or is further research into the mask the only lead for them to go to Tephu?

Thanks in advance!


Please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription.


Hi. See this page for what you're allowed to share and what you cannot. :)

In short no images or maps extracted from the adventures can be shared, unless you created them yourself from scratch.

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If you create them (from scratch) yourself and follow this you should be able to share: Community Use Policy

Hi, my order #2890328 from Nov. 12 is still pending. Could you please look into this?


Thanks for the suggestions!

I thought my group had been rather brutal lately, so I wanted to see if they'd accept an offer to do something good.

They took an offer to transport 20 freed slaves to Eleder to their alleged freedom. They will likely encounter some Chelish ships on their way there for cargo inspection, though that will most likely end in violence.

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I've been discussing in my group regarding poisons and while the FAQ gives an explanation, it doesn't fully make sense when reading the rulebook.

However, if there is still poison active in you when you are attacked with that type of poison again, and you fail your initial save against the new dose, the doses stack. This has two effects, which last until the poisons run their course.


The rules seem to imply that doses stack IF and after you fail the second initial save, in which case the initial DC of the second arrow with greenblood oil would not increase, but the save made during Valeros' turn (using scenarios above) would.

Reading the rules and not the FAQ shouldn't it be like this?
Arrow 1: DC 13 (failed save)
Arrow 2: DC 13 (failed save)
Valeros turn: DC 15.

and not like this:

Arrow 1: DC 13 (failed save)
Arrow 2: DC 15 (failed save)
Valeros turn: DC 15.

Hi and thanks for the response.

Yes, at the end of our last session we had a small discussion of whether there actually were any illegal items that they could smuggle.

I like your idea, and there are already some people in our campaign I could use. The group is also on its way to Port Peril to find an old friend (Grumblejack from Way of the Wicked by Fire Mountain Games). He is currently in hiding from the prison guards and could use some help to be taken away from the city. Being an ogre he's not the easiest to hide and with a fair bounty on his head other groups might intervene.

I'll try to create a few leads they can follow and see how it goes.

I'm not too worried about whether they'll stay in the Shackles or not, but it's more convenient for me of course if they are following the AP plot-line.

My Skull and Shackles group is dead set on starting a smuggling business (they've just finished Rickety Squibs) and I've set them towards Port Peril to find potential contacts for smuggling runs. They had Rickety Hake install a 5-foot hidden compartment in their ship during the squibbing,

My idea is to first give them a few leads depending on how well they act it out and/or roll. As they're fresh in the Shackles I want to have the first few tasks to test how they fare, before they can get more profitable and risky ones.

Early runs could be to transport a smaller batch of liquor to a nearby island, with later ones dealing with slavery or valuable and potentially forbidden items and people to/from Sargava, Mwangi Expanse, Mediogalti Islands, Rahadoum or even nations further north.

Have you done something similar? What did you do and how did it go?

blashimov wrote:
Leonal wrote:

I cleared out a lot of the encounters at Rencurch because every single room does not need one. Look at which ones you think are fun and keep those (including haunts).

If you play with XP, be sure to add bonus story xp. :)

My players also went to Lastwall. I am afraid of Renchruch just murdering them, but they are using the Paladins to secure witchgates behind them so they can fall back if necessary. How many times did you let your party rest? I've got basically all spellcasters (Tiger druid, conjurer wizard, bard, magus, cohort cleric). I don't know how they're going to survive so many things, a bad roll will kill someone only to have their soul stuck...

Did taking some monsters out solved the "why did the things next door let us recover from murdering their friends" problem?

Did you do anything about Galdana? I'm really more amused than anything.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

My players had only one rest in Renchurch, and that was before they went down to the basement. As no one made it down alive to warn of their coming, they only had to worry about threats from the outside. With a small army of paladins at their side, they secured the place pretty good before resting.

Galdana was escorted back to Lastwall by a dispatch of paladins. When they later returned to claim their reward he pulled some strings so thay my players got their own lands in Ustalav. One of them is now the new lord of Illmarsh/Innsmouth. :-)

I once bought the Bestiary Box for online use, but unfortunately found it useless.

This is bcause the images files are not consistent in pixel size when compared to creature size (small/medium/large....). Thus it takes just as much time to make tokens from this PDF, as it does by using the Bestiary PDF. The only difference is that the latter is much cheaper to buy.

If you are going to print it, then the PDF is great.

*edit. The irregularly sized images could perhaps be fixed by making the canvas size consistent for the same creature size using a script or other batch processing utility.

You can select the images in most PDF readers and copy those you want into any image software. This gives you a much higher pixel resolution in most cases.

You can also use software like SomePDF image extract to rip ALL the images out of a pdf (including background images and borders).

Hi Jack,


AP 58 (part 4) minis:
Rats (all)
Sapphire jellyfish
Dire Shark

AP 59 (art 5) minis:
Mr. Clack
Elder brykolakas (all)

I think that's all I've come across for this AP.

It can easily be found in e.g. Adobe Reader as you can click on the selective parts.

Some of the images in this part are split up, making it more work for VTT users. Also for part four.

This series is great. However, some of the images in this PDF and also in part five are cut up into multiple images. While not an incredible amount of additional work, it's a bit more of a hassle to extract for VTT use.

Vikingcub wrote:
I am running a party of four, a barbarian sea-reaver, a half-elf rogue, a halfling bard, and a human gunslinger. No healer per se, but Sandra Quinn is filling in at the moment for them in that sense. During the fight with the Dire rats, 3 of them failed their saves for disease. The fort saves they are failing pretty regularly and they have to save 2x to cure the dire rat disease which does con and str damage. Remove disease is a level 3 cleric, ranger, or druid spell which none of them have access to. There is no loot aboard the ship in any place that has a remove disease spell/potion/wand. They won't be allowed to lay in their hammocks to recover under the healing watch of Sandra Quinn...The first time they lose 2 con from the disease, they will be making fort saves at -1. This is a bit rough for level 1 pc's. How is this supposed to be handled?

The save DC is only 11, so it shouldn't be a problem unless they cannot roll well at all. Remember they only take damage if they fail a save, and use of the heal skill can also help:

Treat Disease: To treat a disease means to tend to a single diseased character. Every time the diseased character makes a saving throw against disease effects, you make a Heal check. If your Heal check exceeds the DC of the disease, the character receives a +4 competence bonus on his saving throw against the disease.

Werthead wrote:
Orthos wrote:

Yep. I'm kind of hoping that if it sells well Square might release the other older FFs (not just VIII and IX but hopefully also I-VI) on Steam as well. And heck, maybe other series like Chrono and Mana.

At the very least I would be surprised if VIII didn't come soon, as it and VII were released on PC way back when already, and should take the least work to convert to Steam standards I'd think.

Unfortunately, I don't think you'll see any others than VII and VIII. Both of them had PC releases when they were first created. Whilst it may be possible to rig up some sort of emulation to convert the older games, IX and onwards will take some hefy work to be made compatible with the PC which I don't see happening.

VIII should appear at some point, but I think that's it for FF on the PC (apart from the MMORPGs, of course).

Most of the earlier FFs are already available on Google Play or Apple's AppStore, if you're interested.

The amount of info you want to put in is up to you. I believe all the VTTs will allow you to show a blank or prepared map, roll dice and have fun. The option to input more details is just for convenience.

Fantasy Grounds,D20pro, MapTool and most of the others available let you work offline.

I've used Fantasy Grounds for the past five years with great success.

There is a third-party PFRPG version of the modern rules here.

If you subscribe to the AP-line you get 15% off, but other than that I doubt there will be bulk discounts on those PDFs. If you combine the AP discount with the occasional holiday discount you'll get a nice cost reduction, though.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Companion subscription, thank you.


Creighton Broadhurst wrote:
Leonal wrote:
I grabbed the Scions of Evil a few days ago, thanks! Originally I planned to get the print/pdf during the previous sale here, but it was in backorder and didn't go through at the time.

I'm sorry it was out of stock when you tried to buy it. I've sent you a pm.

Thanks very much for the support!

You're most welcome! The products I have thus far have been great (and will hopefully be put to use in my upcoming campaign).

By the way, I did not receive a message if you sent one.

I grabbed the Scions of Evil a few days ago, thanks! Originally I planned to get the print/pdf during the previous sale here, but it was in backorder and didn't go through at the time.

I would assume there's a difference between showing a table with a map and you playing on it and showing just the map in detail, but if you read the CUP it says specifically what you can and cannot use.

I have two players (with the occasional third PC when he shows up) use gestalt characters through Carrion Crown (just one session left).

The only issue we've had is that it is much more dangerous should one member fall, and retreat is more often used during combat. Make sure they can carry each other! :)

There are several other threads about this with ideas if you search for "gestalt".

Oh, nice!

I notice that the discount is not on all the PDFs, if that was intentional. (E.g. some of the urban and wilderness dressings are at full price).

The wiki doesn't display the city traits (e.g. rumor mongering), that were introduced in the game mastery guide. I would assume that they are in the Carrion Hill module, if it was released after the GMG, but I don't have access to it so I can't help I'm afraid.

Venshad wrote:


I'm playing CC with a Summoner (Synthesist) and a friend (Gunslinger), besides the GM.

We just started playing the HoH AP and managed to complete the first part, and are in the middle of part 2.

I'll try to convince my GM to give us a level ahead of the planned by the AP, but I think I will not be able to do that.

Anyway, can you give any tips for a 2 PC party, with said configuration?


PS: I'm a Aasimar Summoner, increasing DR to my Eidolon, and planning to take the Heavenly Radiance feat route.

I'm GMing this, but based on my players' success I would recommend the following: Play tactically smart, conserve resources, avoid unnecessary confrontations and run away when necessary, making sure you can carry the other should one of you fall. ^^

Also use your surroundings and NPCs for what they're worth. (Assuming your GM will allow you to).

Oops, forgot about that one. They had a huge battle (15 + rounds) upstairs with Lucimar and the Cenobites (who scared the players the most with their multiple flame strikes) in the Rejuvenation Chamber, so I think this was a satisfying end to the second part of the adventure.

But reading the protection from good spell it says:

This spell does not expel a controlling life force (such as a ghost or spellcaster using magic jar), but it does prevent them from controlling the target. This second effect only functions against spells and effects created by good creatures or objects, subject to GM discretion.

Considering the party wizard/alchemist is NE this could probably be bypassed, depending on the GM.

One thing we note though, a "normal"* party would likely need multiple attempts at this dungeon, no? With all the spell casters casting hard hitting spells the need for healing seems huge.

*The 2 PCs in my group are gestalt, and they also have a whole bunch of paladins from Vigil with them. Still, Renchurch has been a challenge where they have expended most of their spells.

If anyone is worried about save or dies in the battle with the Gray Friar, my players completed that battle in one round with a nicely placed magic jar on the cleric by the party's wizard.

He never knew the party was there and his +18 will save was not enough against the of DC32. His body is now on the way to confront Adivion with the rest of the party. ^^;

Adivion, also being a solo encounter, might be equally susceptible to this tactic, especially with the lower will save he has.

My main group is having great fun with Carrion Crown, which we have almost completed (one session left). It works very well online.

Kingmaker was also great, but I left the full Kingdom running details outside of mapmaking to the players so I wouldn't have to think about those.

I am using Fantasy Grounds 2 which I think is a great tool for the job. (Been using it for 5 years now).

ghettowedge wrote:
This is the first adventure where I noticed the NPC Codex as a required resource. I haven't gone back and checked, but because I don't normally read an adventure thoroughly until I'm prepping to run it I may not have noticed before now. So, if I'm wrong, when did this start, and either way is this the plan going forward?

It is not required, but is used for two random encounter entries, should you want to use those specific ones. (They are available on the PRD though).

Macgreine wrote:
Leonal wrote:

For the fringes you could just expand the canvas to make more room?

Re patches: You could replace the texture for the whole river, thereby removing the patches. Alternatively careful use of the clone tool combined with a blur afterwards should also be able to hide them too.

Hmm, looking at the map images again from the main PDFs. The grid is fixed to the image, whereas the interactive map versions allows them to be removed. Will make a post in the product thread about that.

Yea I understand what your saying but after paying 16 bucks for a PDF I really shouldn't have to. I am not saying that they aren't worth it I am just saying that I hope some of the money I am paying for the AP is going to an artist (cartographer) so that I don't have to pretend I am one.


Oh definitely, but until it's fixed that's a solution. :)

Looking at the image it seems they used a darken tool on those spots (since you can see the texture underneath) and might not have been done by the artist. If that's the case it should be simple for Paizo to fix.

I used to use Outlook for my RSS feeds, but jumped to Google Reader a year or so back, as it was much easier to use. Will also be looking for a replacement.

The maps in the AP include the grid when extracted from the main PDF. For VTT this makes the maps more difficult to use than previous APs. If the grid could be on a different layer in the main PDF that would be great!

(The interactive map is not ideal for VTT use, as the maps have to be extracted manually through screen shots).

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For the fringes you could just expand the canvas to make more room?

Re patches: You could replace the texture for the whole river, thereby removing the patches. Alternatively careful use of the clone tool combined with a blur afterwards should also be able to hide them too.

Hmm, looking at the map images again from the main PDFs. The grid is fixed to the image, whereas the interactive map versions allows them to be removed. Will make a post in the product thread about that.

xorial wrote:
Has anybody extracted maps for VTT use yet?

Yes, no issues there using SomePDF Image Extract (the free version 1.5 from before they started charging for it).

Nope, only her class levels in the city "stat" block as a notable NPC ^^;.

Take one of the builds from the NPC Codex and change the race to hobgoblin.

Lord Snow wrote:
Neil Spicer wrote:

Just to weigh in...

** spoiler omitted **...

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed response, Mr. Spicer! Not only was the post interesting by it's own merit, but it also gave me what I feel is a measure of insight into the kind of process that happens when an adventure is being designed and developed, and that's a whole other level of interesting.

About the actual content of what you said, I see two main arguments:

1) the mechanical one, about how it's impossible to believe that a bunch of powerless 2nd level characters would even consider hopping through a magic portal into an alien land on an epic quest where they'll come across some of the most infamous evils in Golarion. Frankly that's not even a little bit of a concern to me, since this kind of suspense of disbelief is just part of the game and how it's built - it's the idea of a "level system" where there's such an absurd power disperancy between high level chracters and low level characters.
just looking at the first two APs that come to my mind, let's see how the problem you mentioned is being hand waved away in other APs:

a) Shattered Star -

b) In Curse of the Crimson Throne,

Please use spoiler tags when discussing other APs! Thanks :)

Regarding the Iconic preview:
First, the PDF design looks great! The parchement background adds a nice touch, and the use of red fits well.
But as I will not GM or play in Jade Regent this won't be of use there. That particular character could make a good NPC as a far away traveler, though. That said, if I did want to play a typical samurai this could be good inspiration.

It's been half a decade since I studied kanji/hanja, but they don't appear to make much coherent sense. Is it from an old saying?

@Macgreine, if you use Opera webbrowser you can easily change the view style to something more readable.

@Skizzerdrix, you might want to read the Community Use Policy to make sure your site abides by it. :)

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I cleared out a lot of the encounters at Rencurch because every single room does not need one. Look at which ones you think are fun and keep those (including haunts).

If you play with XP, be sure to add bonus story xp. :)

My players teleported to Vigil in Lastwall*, before riding to Renchurch with about a 100 knights as support.

The battles have a bit more participants now than as written. ^^;

*Vigil is close and houses many of the knights who are supposed to be on guard preventing the Whispering Tyrant from returning. My players and I wonder why this was not even mentioned in AP. With Lastwall being so close it was rather illogical to not go there for help.

edit: I know they have one small patrol currently in Virlych, but if the threat of the Tyrant returning was real, then they would likely do what they could to prevent it from happening.

Would it make it less fun for the other players? For you?

The mechanical changes for the werewolf template aren't that big of a change and would hardly make him outshine the other players (alternatively they could get some more gear to make up for it).

As an afflicted lycanthrope he would also have to deal with constitution checks to change shape.

If he wants to play it I would bring up the topic in the group and decide from there.

In my campaign one of the PCs suggested that everyone should become vampires, but one PC didn't like the idea so they didn't follow up on it.

Except they're not out of print yet. :)

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