Leo the half elven Paladin's page

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Full Name



Half Elf


Paladin 6th




5' 9" tall, 145lbs



Special Abilities

Low Light Vision, Skill Bonus, Dilettente, Dual Heritage and Group Diplomacy






Common, Elven, Chondathan and Goblin



Strength 16
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Leo the half elven Paladin

Passive Insight 22 (Skill is +12)
Passive Perception 20 (Skill is +10)

Hit Points: 62/60
Ongoing Effects: Failed 1st death save,
Bloodied: 31
Healing Surge: 15/use
Surges/Day: 11/0
Initiative (Dex modifier +(Level/2)): +4
Action Points: 0
Current XP: 9880

Fortitude: 17 (base 10 + Str/Con 3 + (Level/2) 3+ racial 0 + class 1)
Reflex: 16 (base 10 + Dex/Int 1 + (Level/2) 3+ racial 0 + class 1 + Shield 1) Drops to 15 without light shield.
Will: 17 (base 10 + Wis/Cha 3 + (Level/2) 3+ racial 0 + class 1)
AC: 23 (base 10 + Dex 0 + (Level/2) 3+ armour 9* + shield 1)drops to 22 without light shield.

ATTACKS (Criticals do +1d6 damage with the Greatsword+1 and +2d6 with longsword)
Melee Basic Attack: +6 excluding wpn prof & magic bonus
Greatsword+1 is +10 to hit, 1d10+4 damage
Retribution Long Sword +11 to hit, 1d8+5 damage, is versatile
Dagger +8 to hit does 1d4+3 damage and is both light and can be thrown

Ranged Basic Attack: +4 excluding wpn prof & magic bonus
Dagger +7 to hit does 1d4+1 damage

POWERS (*indicate powers that gain Holy Symbols bonus to hit, damage and critical hit of +1d6 damage)

Bolstering Strike: Basic attack (uses Charisma not strength but otherwise unchanged) versus foe's AC with a melee weapon does basic damage but grants Leo 2pts of temporary hp each time he hits with this.

Holy Strike: Basic weapon attack if he divine challenged them first does an additional 2pts of damage all of which is treated as radiant based.

Eyebite*: Charisma based attack on foe's Will (+7 to hit) with a 10 square range inflicting 1d6+4pts of psychic damage and if it hits renders Leo invisible to the target until the end of his next turn.

Invigorating Smite: Charisma based melee attack (same to hit chance) on target's Will defence score and gets to roll the weapon's damage dice twice before adding the normal damage modifiers'. Has the additional effect of healing Leo or any ally within 5 squares distance IF they're bloodied at the time recovering 7hp if they are.

Righteous Smite: Charisma based melee attack (same to hit chance) on target's AC which if it hits rolls the weapon's damage dice twice before adding the normal damage modifiers'. Also when it hits has the added effect of granting him an any ally within 5 squares of you gains 7pts of temporary hp.

Sign of Vulnerability*: Charisma based attack (+7 to hit) on foe's Fortitude with a range of 5 on one foe inflicting 3d8+4 radiant damage if it hits also leaving them with a vulnerability to radiant damage of 5 until the end of the encounter however if it misses it does half damage but no vulnerability bonus. (Used)

Hallowed Circle*: Charisma based attack (+7 to hit) on foe's Reflex defence score as a close burst of 3 creating a zone of bright light that grants himself and any ally within the effect a +1 bonus to their defences until the end of the encounter and any enemy hit in that radius takes 2d6+4 damage. (Used)

Sacred Circle: A daily power that costs a standard action to use it has a range equal to a close burst of 3 and those within including Leo gain a +1 power bonus to AC until the end of the encounter. (Used)

Wrath of the Gods: A daily power that costs a minor action to use effects Leo and any ally within a close burst of 1 granting all of those effected with a damage bonus equal to Leo's Charisma modifier until the end of the encounter (+3 damage bonus). (Used)

+2 Constitution, +2 Charisma
Skill Bonus: +2 to Diplomacy and Insight
Dilettante: Gains the warlock at-will power of Eyebite as an encounter power
Dual Heritage: Treated as both Human and Elven for purposes of prerequisites
Group Diplomacy: Grants all allies within 10 squares a +1 bonus to Diplomacy checks
Languages Known: Common, Elven, Chondathan and Goblin*

Channel Divinity: Can use ONE of the following two abilities once per encounter;
1) Divine Mettle: As a minor action can grant himself or any ally within close burst of 10 range a saving throw with a +3 bonus,
2)Divine Strength: As a minor action can once per encounter apply Strength modifier as extra damage on the next attack

Divine Challenge: As a minor action you can within a burst of 5 range mark a foe who suffers –2 to attack as well as taking 5pts of radiant damage for each round they don’t attack you until you declare someone else so marked or you don’t attack them on your next turn also if they are marked by someone else this supercedes your divine challenge.

Lay on hand 2/day: Can spend one of your healing surges to heal another as a minor action please note thats their healing surge+3 thanks to healing hands feat. (Used both)

Inspiring Word 1/day: Minor action with a range of 5 allows himself or an ally within range to spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6hp. (Used)

Skill Training: Perception
Toughness: +5hp per tier
Healing Hands: When employing laying hands the recipient recovers an additional 3hp on top of the usual they receive from this paladin power.
Student of Battle multi-class feat: Gain a bonus skill namely Athletics and the ability to employ inspiring word 1/day.

Native of Luruar allowing him to reroll any History check but has to keep the second result even if its worse. Also gains an additional language of choice*.

SKILLS Level/2 + ability + feat + racial 0 + training 5
Acrobatics: +4 (level 3 + Dex 1 + )
Arcana: +3 (level 3 + Int 0 + )
Athletics: +11 (level 3 + Str 3 + Trained 5)
Bluff: +6 (level 3 + Cha 3 + )
Diplomacy: +13 (level 3 + Cha 3 + Trained 5 + Half Elf bonus 2)
Dungeoneering: +5 (level 3 + Wis 2 + )
Endurance: +4 (level 3 + Con 1 + )
Heal: +10 (level 3 + Wis 2 + Trained 5 )
History: +3 (level 3 + Int 0 + )
Insight: +12 (level 3 + Wis 2 + Trained 5 + Half Elf Bonus 2)
Intimidate: +6 (level 3 + Cha 3 + )
Nature: +5 (level 3 + Wis 2 + )
Perception: +10 (level 3 + Wis 2 + Trained 5 )
Religion: +8 (level 3 + Int 0 + Trained 5 )
Stealth: +4 (level 3 + Dex 1 + )
Streetwise: +6 (level 3 + Cha 3 + )
Thievery: +4 (level 3 + Dex 1 + )

Standard Adventurer’s Kit, Scale Mail Armour +2 (Martyr's Armour, can at will can take a -1 penalty to his Ac to grant adjacent allies a +1 bonus to their AC until the end of Leo's next turn), Light Shield, Retribution Long Sword +2 (Level 7 item any critical hit Leo suffers while wielding this sword allows him to inflict +2d6 damage on the foe that hit him), Dagger, Holy Symbol of Hope +1 (Level 3 item: adds to attack & damage rolls of powers with implement keyword, on criticals does +1d6 damage and once per day provide himself or any ally within 5 squares a +5 bonus to a saving throw to end its effect), Thoran's Magic Greatsword +1 (Level 1 item adds to attack and damage rolls on a critical does an additional 1d6 damage) and 9gp.

Thoran's Magic Greatsword +1: +1 to attack and damage does +1d6 damage on criticals

Retribution Longsword +2 (Level 7 item),
Price: 2600 gp
Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +2d6 damage
Property: Whenever an enemy scores a critical hit against you, your next attack with this weapon against that enemy deals +1d6 damage per plus of this weapon. The effect ends at the end of your next turn.

Scale Mail +2,Martyr's Armour (level 7 item),
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. You take a –1 penalty to AC until the end of your next turn, and allies adjacent to you gain a +1 power bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Use this power when an adjacent ally is attacked. You take a penalty to your AC equal to the enhancement bonus of this armor; your ally adds an equal power bonus to his AC. Both effects last until the end of your next turn.

Leo lost his family when he was barely a teenager he was placed in the care of the nearby church which was later burned to the ground by Banites looking to spread their faith to the area.
Rescued by travelling priests of Kelemvor they sought to help him get over his grief originally believing he would make a good acolyte but Kelemvor chose a different path for him and one he has followed believing he has a purpose in life to protect others from the grief he suffered from.