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Pathfinder physics are wonkier than that one guys chocolate factory.

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650 is actually pretty low if you look at some of the longer threads out there.

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Out of curiosity, why are we still arguing about this? We know it is a grey area. Until a campaign clarification comes out, GMs can rule on this for themselves. Since we’re clearly not going to settle on an answer, why are we still here?

Okay, that was my existential moment.

Now I am off to shovel my walk, since that is an activity in which I will be able to see real progress today.


We now are not having an argument over if it works or not but instead it has become if PFS has the authority to rule on it and if they should.

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Wait it just hit me what if the Oozemorph is bad early on because it was supposed to be an archetype for PFS use for all the players with "Lvl 5 Nameless GM blob #17" in their character roster?

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Rysky wrote:
Oh damn, it had to be something serious if we're talking Blasphemy.


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1) They can be used to enhance Unarmed Strikes and nothing more. So they deal 1d3 because that is what human non-monk Unarmed Strike deals. If your Unarmed Strike deal more than 1d3, you deal that using the Gauntlet.

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Bean Curd Slaad wrote:
Bean Curd doesn't abide by the laws of nature.

Would that make you killer Tofu?

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Well that's all fine and dandy but the limes keep squishing when i try to fit them through in the coconut!

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Grate minds think about Cheese and occasionally potatoes, or even better cheese covered potatoes.

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I personally like to add a bit of grannies cough medicine to it.

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Rednal wrote:
"If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics." -Richard Fenyman
I think I don't understand quantum mechanics. Does that mean I do understand quantum mechanics?

Does anyone really understand quantum mechanics? I mean I've never even driven a Quantum let alone see a mechanic for one.

Working now so clearly it didn't hurt either.

I've got hand tools and a sixth grade edjumaction, CAN WE FIX IT?

Not on your life who wants a some whisky?

Yet another one that crossed my mind I may want to use at some point.