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Sacre Bleu!!! Run for your lives!!!! *mauled*

Snarky Poodle wrote:

I thought you Frenchies were lovers, not fighters. It's Valendine's Day, after all.

*starts humping the Frenchies*

*knocks Snarky over the head with a club* Take zat, Poodle!

*sneaks up behind Sumo and begins bashing Sumo with a billy club* MUHAHAHA!!!!!! Zees poodle weell not even know what hit heem!

Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:
Poor MoMo. You should try mauling some frenchies. It might help with your anger issues.

Zere are better ways to control your anger zan weeth violence.

Help! Get heem off me! *mauled*

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! *runs around on fire* Sacre Bleu! Help me! Help me! *burned to a crisp*

*watches in horror as the other Frenchies are mauled* Please don't! I have a wife and keeds.....gurgle *mauled*

Snarky Poodle wrote:
Ooh, tase me! Tase me! Go for the nipples, you dirty Frenchie.

Weell ze common bat do? *Hits Snarky over the head with a bat and knocks him out cold*

*listens to CDP's speech and begins to laugh* *continues the beat down on CDP*

AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!*Mauled with a white flag in his hand*

*looks at the grenade launcher* Sacre bleu! *the Frenchies are then blown to bits*

Bonjour Sumo! *has a taser in hand*

*CDP mauls two of the French hoodlums* *The third runs with a white flag in his hand.* Zey don't pay me enough for zees! *continues running for his life*

Rusty the Poodle wrote:

<...and immediately surrender>

Thanks for the bats, guys! They're alumininum, but I'll take it.

Om nom nom nom...

Our weapons are gone. What do we do?

*Shows the national flag of France(the white surrender flag) to CDP* *does no good and is mauled beyond recognition*

*A Frenchie forms with a bat in his hands* Oui! *Swings a bat at CDP*

Sacre bleu!

Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:
G%*+$!n frenchies....

Eh, Mon ami ?


*Bound and gagged* *has letter attached that says, "From Santa, with love"*
Mmmmmph!!! Mmmmmph!!!

Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:
Whoa! It sure has been quiet around here. I hope the damn frenchies didn't get everyone.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *carries off a Poodle*

Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:
Seems like I've been abandoned.......again.

How about I take you to one of my puppy mills in France? You'd never be lonely again. Sounds like fun, no?