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Laria finds a second to steal away a private conversation with Pádraig. "The Network would be glad to have you, but perhaps our focus should be on pooling all of our resources for now. Us Silver Ravens need all the help we can get if we are to adequately raise a worthy rebellion against Thrune. As for the skin... We may raise suspicion bringing a gutted gator through the Coffeehouse. There's a back exit just next to my office, but then carrying it through town?" She pauses in thought for a moment. "Maybe Victor can pose as a traveling merchant," she laughs. "Either way, that Newt would love a length of gator's skin. Why, I can just hear his shrill voice now. 'Ooh yes, what a lovely specimen!'" She pantomimes a gag reflex.

Laria listens closely, her face dropping as Issil steps through the details. "Nan was a trusted ally and one of our best transporters. The Network endures another blow..." She sighs, bowing her head. "I'll see to it that he's interred with care. In any case, if you firmly believe that these escapees can help out the Silver Ravens, then I agree we should allow them to join our cause. Oh, and thanks for the help clearing the place out."

She nods along with Victor's questioning, "I don't. Yet, another day means another dozen innocent townspeople locked up. At least."

"... Which leads me to our most important matter."

She opens the bottom drawer of her desk and rips out the false bottom, handing you a sheet. "With the tengu and Rexus here in our ranks, we might possibly be the most organized form of resistance in Kintargo yet, believe it or not. The Wasp Nest is officially yours to use a base of operations. I hate to see good space go to waste, and the Bellflower Network does not stand a chance of resuming normal operations while Kintargo is under martial law."

Laria smiles widely as her request is heard. "Thanks, you won't regret this! Nan was my contact from greater Varisia - Sandpoint, to be specific. He joined the Network years ago and has been instrumental in illicit trade in the region." When asked for supplies, the halfling opens a drawer at the bottom of her desk and pulls out a quiver containing forty arrows. She also hands over three of her own daggers. "This is, unfortunately, the best I can do for now. I'm sure you know of Thrune's stymying of the magical item market. Coming across more powerful weapons has been difficult, if not impossible." Regardless, she hands over the goods she does have.

Leading you out of her office and to the pantry next door, Laria opens a concealed trapdoor to a cellar below. She climbs down with you and points towards a further concealed door on the wall. "To open this, knock three times, then press this button. Like so." She completes the ritual, and the door-shaped piece of the wall pops out to a corridor. "Well then. I must get back to my customers, but I will check back with you shortly. Promise. Good luck!" Rexus' face goes lobster red when Laria hops up to kiss his cheek, and she scurries back up the ladder, giggling.