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Nazard wrote:
There are two picture on the top and four on the bottom. If you line up a normal egg with one of the pictures down below, by default, doesn’t the glowing egg also end up aligned with the bottom picture that’s across from the one lined up with the normal egg?

Sadly I didn't have enough words to explain that very well. The bottom pictures are 90 degrees apart (N, S, E, W type thing) while the top two are only 45 degrees apart (N, NE) so when one is aligned with a bottom picture, the other can not be.

From this and other comments looks like my biggest problem was making the item too complex to explain in under 300 words. What I was aiming for was something that was (as Zahir put it) a camping item. Its aim is to make life a little easier for adventurers. A way to start fires, a lantern for when it's dark and you can't have fires, the noise to keep mosquitoes, and maybe the random squirrel, away from your camp while sleeping, a place to safely keep your small valuables (which I didn't think needed a weight limit as well as a space limit. Even if you fill 6 cubic inches with lead it's only going to weigh 2.5 lbs) a force field umbrella to keep the rain off, etc.

Anyway, thank you all for your feedback. Now I know that for next year I should go with something much more simple.

Ultimate Adventurer’s Egg
Aura moderate conjuration and evocation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 24,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This metallic egg -- slightly larger than an ostrich egg – has a combination of mechanical and magical capabilities. It’s divided into two halves which spin in relation to each other. The top has pictures of a normal egg and a glowing egg. Pictures of the sun, the moon, a star, and a cloud are spaced evenly around the bottom. Aligning the picture of the normal egg with a bottom picture activates one of the mechanical abilities, while lining up the glowing egg and a bottom picture triggers a magic one.

Normal Egg (unlimited uses)
• Sun - creates sparks for starting fires
• Moon - creates a high pitched noise, inaudible to most races, keeping insects and small animals 20’ away.
• Star - the egg’s top and bottom separate creating a lantern.
• Cloud - opens a hatch allowing for storage of six cubic inches worth of small items.

Glowing Egg
• Sun - creates a four serving meal. Oddly enough, this meal never contains any eggs. (twice/day)
• Moon - creates 1d4 egg shaped sling stones with a 25% chance that one of the “stones” will actually be a rotten egg. These stones are equivalent to +1 sling stones. (once/day)
• Star - summons a celestial eagle to assist the character for one hour. There’s a 10% chance that the eagle will mistake the ultimate adventurer’s egg for its own egg and attack the character. (once/day)
• Cloud - creates a dome shaped covering large enough to protect one medium creature from falling/flying objects, as per the spell wind wall. (once/day)
Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, wind wall, create food and water, summon monster Cost 12,000 gp

So, I'm guessing that since nobody has mentioned seeing the Ultimate Adventurer's Egg, and it's not anywhere in the big long list, it got DQ'd? I wonder what I did wrong.

I never saw my item either, but avoided posting before for fear my avatar name might give away my item. Yes, mine was the super duper SIAC/SAK Egg (Ultimate Adventurer's Egg). But anything that is an egg is automatically good, right? Oh yes, and congrats to the 32 "winners."

Is it too late? or can I get the Genius Guide to the Time Thief pdf? just checking.