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I received my order yesterday. Thanks.

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I received this email today:

Dear Kurt,

A package containing 3 items from Paizo Order #3312647 is expected to ship from the Paizo warehouse by Friday, November 7 via USPS Priority Mail, estimated 2 to 5 business days in transit.

Shipping Address:

The following products are included in this shipment:
1 x Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (Windows) Full Version
1 x Dr. Blob's Organism (Windows) Full Version
1 x Big Box of Blox (Windows) Full Version

This order has been processed and finalized for shipment. It can no longer be altered.

You may view your order online at

Thank you for your business.

Best regards,
Paizo Customer Service

Thank you for your service.

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Order number 3312647 is pending after 3 weeks and has not shipped.

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I'm Gming a Pathfinder Rim one-shot soon. One of my players wants to ride in on a Clockwork Dragon. The character just needs to drive/fight with the construct, not build it. I need ideas on Classes/Races/Etx. Characters are 20th level with all 18s for stats, and pretty much any items they want. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I downloaded it and only got the front page, no additional pages.

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I gave presents to my players last year, each appropriate to the character from their god. Christmas is a Religious holiday.

This included the one character who hadn't chosen a god, so I chose a god for him. He was a Gnome Alchemist who wanted to change to Trap Breaker, so Nivi Rhombodazzle noted his wish and took a shine to him. I was VERY pleased to see a non-evil god with Trickery as a domain happened to be the same race as the character.

After receiving their "gifts" the gods took a particular interest in the characters, including one taking on the appearance of Gorum in the middle of a "prayer" fighting kata. And the summoner's eidolon looks a lot more silver dragon-ish after a "gift" from Apsu.

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D20PFSRD wrote:
Chokehold Benefit: While you have an opponent up to one size category larger than you grappled, you can attempt a grapple combat maneuver with a –5 penalty on the check. If you succeed, you have pinned your opponent and hold the opponent in a chokehold. When you maintain the grapple, you also maintain the chokehold. A creature in a chokehold cannot breathe or speak, and thus cannot cast spells that have a verbal component. An opponent you have in a chokehold has to hold his breath or begin suffocating. Any creature that does not breathe, is immune to bleed damage, or is immune to critical hits is immune to the effects of your chokehold. When the grapple is ended, so is the chokehold.
D20PFSRD wrote:
When performing a combat maneuver, you must use an action appropriate to the maneuver you are attempting to perform.

Hmmm... I don't see a free pin attempt anywhere in the text. It allows you a different action when you make a grapple check. The check itself requires an action of some kind, usually, I believe, a standard action. It simply allows you to force the opponent to hold their breath while you grapple them, nothing more.

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For all his paranoia, I'd expect Rincewind to have some Charisma, especially for UMD.

Granny Weatherwax would have Wisdom out the wazoo.

Perdita clearly had Bard levels with SLA Ventriloquism.

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I gave my players "gifts" from their respective gods, Christmas is a religious holiday, isn't it? B-) In one case the player hadn't chosen a god, so a god chose him. It's given me a LOT of roleplaying material.

Also last year The Big Bang Theory had a great episode that included a Christmas themed D&D game.

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Evil GM = Fun GM

Mostly I find moral simplicity to be boring! I enjoy creating situations where there are consequences for actions, and I'm pretty good at coming up with consequences the player's hadn't thought of.

Recently a healer NPC was going to be replaced with a PC. So I had the BBEG vampire cast a high powered Charm Person on the NPC, and she quite willingly joined him in teleporting away. Next the players discover the plague ravaging the major city is cured by an exlir containing vampire blood serum. Oh, and the city leaders put a bounty on the head of the new vampire in town. So... is the NPC a vampire? Looks like it. She's still healing people, and the city's adventurers are going after her for the bounty. What's a party to do?

Also I enjoy it when I come up with a situation, but not a solution. I love seeing what my players come up with. Often it's something I'd not thought of.

(P.S. The first line is a quote from my players... I'm SO proud of myself. B-))

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Vezaphire wrote:

Simple enough question here: The Cat Burglar Archetype in the Advanced Race Guide lists "convincing fakes" and "dodge trap" as complementary talents ... but I can't seem to find them.

Am I just missing the right book, overlooking them, or is this errata-fodder?

Um... weeeeelllll..... according to Cat Burglar (Rogue; Catfolk), nope. They do not seem to exist.

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All I can think of is be sure to announce, when you're eaten by the Gelatinous Cube, "I'm a pineapple chunk!"

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Never underestimate Unk the goblin and his trusty monitor lizard steed Wagnall!

Thenk yu... thenk yu verrry much.

Kurt Grossman
"Build a little nerdhouse in your soul"
-Igor "Dork Tower" 11/5/2012

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PFSRD wrote:

Critical Focus (Combat)

You are trained in the art of causing pain.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +9.

Benefit: You receive a +4 circumstance bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits

PFSRD wrote:

Weapon Focus (Combat)

Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purposes of this feat.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon.

Critical Focus makes no mention of selecting a weapon. It's always on.

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I get a lot of millage out of Monster Lore Compendium It's for D&D and not everything is accurate, or covered for that matter, but it's a BIG help for me to know what to reveal for each DC achieved.

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thebluecanary wrote:

New Version of sCoreForge out today. - v6.10.0.0 : Many a Fix. New Archetype. New Prestige Class. Added Basic Lycanthropy support. More Updates.

I have access to my page, once again. I lost access for about four months. Sorry about that.

Glad you're back! I respectfully request the Mammoth Rider prestige class. Thanks!

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My wife plays a barbarian in my game. I wrote up a sheet listing her weapon attacks as normal, with power attack, raging, and with power attack and raging. Simple notebook paper and pencil. I have to update each level, but the numbers don't change much. I do love that declaring power attack is "Olga SMASH!" Hee!

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From the PRD: Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects.

That DOES include weapon attack bonuses!

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2 things I believe are typos, but I'd like to make sure....

1. Desert terrain Difficult says:

Ultimate Campaign wrote:
Survival checks to avoid getting lost... gain a +1 bonus. Survival checks to get along in the wild increase by 5.

I expect Survival DCs are meant in both cases.

2. Desert doesn't appear in the Random Map Generation Terrain Types chart.

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Just don't cut the string into 3 inch lengths...

Monty Python wrote:

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The "I apologize to the party in advance." team. With thanks to James Doane.

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10.5 Miles across. Cool. Thank you very much!

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Um... I'd like to know how far across, one side to the opposite side, is an exploration hex.

According to Ultimate Campaign p. 154 "Each hex... is 12 miles across from corner to corner... an area just under 95 square miles."

Okay, that sounds like each side of the hex is 12 miles long. Unfortunately, per the math on Hexagon Wikipedia, Paizo's math doesn't work.

I expect there is something wrong with my assumptions.

I'm the GM and I'm planning for the party to travel to a distant city exploring the map on the way. To get the distance right, and I'm ok with approximately, I need to know how far it is across each hex.


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Nicely done. And EXTREMELY CREEPY!!!!!

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I like cCoreSpell. It has a nice spell cards options in addition to a good list view version for your character's spells.

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I'm a fan of the Sipping Jacket swift action Cure wounds on ANY character? Oh yes!

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I would be inclined to add Inquisitor's judgements.

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thebluecanary wrote:
Kurt Grossman wrote:
The Feats seem to be sorted wrong in both and
There is a break in the line, two actually. Some reason my tests never showed them. I have an update planned for tonight. There is a fix listed on the current ticket for those who can not wait.

Looks like it was fixed in the latest version. THANKS! It's my favorite Pathfinder tool!

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The Feats seem to be sorted wrong in both and

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Okay, now I HAVE to have 5 red dragons playing cards in the corner of a tavern in my game!

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My favorite quotes from RPG sessions... originally posted on RPG Geek

Squirrlelly's Wall O' Shame

I search my skeleton for bones

Player 1: (Crit fail Perception): I see Sand!
Player 2: (Also Crit fail Perception): Are you sure?

Go help the others, this dire rat is almost dead. (Famous last words)

May I search your person?

Let's split up!

Player: So the ogre's not going to attack the guy who insulted him?
GM: Oh yeah. Good point. I forgot. 26 damage to the guy who insulted the ogre.
Player: Dammit!

Someday something is gonna screw you, and I'm gonna help it!

We still have a lot of gorgon poo, but that's because we haven't been to the store yet.

Character death is not a reward.

GM: Do you have any logs?
Player: No, but we have a dwarf.

I ride the half-ogre into the pit.

Cats could kick your ass!

I don't want to throw too many monkeys into the wrench.

What is the storage capacity of the human mouth?

Can we disable the floor?

This is insane, but I'll do it anyway.

GM: The magical banana disappears.
Player: Damn monkeybees

I apologize to the party in advance.

Does that make Rice-A-Roni(TM) the smoldering death-hole treat?

I am NOT a natural disaster!

I'm crazy, not stupid!

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You know what, my Wis is too low with that character. Thanks! I'm a DM and it's a BBEG, LOTS of Str, low Wis. B-)

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Also I'm trying to make a spell list for an 11th level Cleric and I can only access 4th level spells, I should get 6th level. Any help? Thanks!

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Trying to use sCoreSpell

When I try to import characters from sCoreForge and I get an error message: Unsupported import file version.

Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?

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THANKS! This is a BIG help. I've struggled to come up with chase material!

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Thanks everyone, especially Bookrat. I think I was the moron who changed the settings to macros off. Sigh! Works great now. B-)

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I am using 2010. Any fix for that? The older versions work fine. Sorry about your job. Wish I could help.

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Well... despite multiple ticket reports I still cannot use the macros that were in sCoreforge. I used to love this program, but I haven't been able to use ver or I am really disappointed. I enjoyed the support I have previously received. But I guess I'm no longer allowed to use it. I will sorely miss it. Good bye.

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Um... SOLD!

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I'm reminded of the Theremin electronic music instrument: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theremin

I can also imagine what a cat would do with it. B-)

Also a great way to sneak up behind your friends and screw with their games!

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I have paper books, and several players have tablets with books installed. It's nice having several copies of the books available, but I can often find something faster due to load times. Load times seem to be the biggest barrier in my game.

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Hmmm... Does a spiky magic banana as a present from Gorum count?
Or the magic banana peel that appeared to trip up a character? He cursed the monkey bees.

All things being equal if it's funny I'll run it that direction. I established critical successes and fails for skills mostly because I thought it would be funny... Perception fail: Hey look a tree!!!!

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I like it! Points for creativity!

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My players are using Lego figures for PC miniatures, except my wife who uses her Kreon Jazz Transformer. B-)

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I use business card sheets, with photo album sheets for the largest pawns, froghemoth for example. It works well and it let me alphabetize them, sort of.

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Nice guide! But under Halflings you suggest Mammoth Rider
quote: "This means that at 7th character level, our halfling Cavalier’s wolf mount suddenly grows from Medium size to Huge size"

Sorry, but you must be level 9 to get in:

"Mammoth Rider Class Details

Hit Die: d12.

To qualify to become a mammoth rider, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

Base Attack Bonus: +6.
Skills: Handle Animal 9 ranks, Ride 9 ranks, Survival 5 ranks."
From the PFSRD

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Coreforge's Excel spreadsheet is regularly updated, every other week or so. It has a lot of the race book included, and it's free.

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Um... Isn't it already in the Main book? Or are you trying to do something different?

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Someone recently suggested business card holders. I'm working on using this idea. The Medium creatures fit nicely 3 per slot, the large fit with a medium in a slot, and I can get 4 smalls per slot. The holders go into a nice binder and I can alphabetize the pawns. The sheets cost me $3-4 for a pack of ten sheets with ten holders per page.

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Can Power Attack and Vital Strike be combined?

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