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Dark Archive 1/5

An unfortunately poorly dressed grey and white furred vulpine individual trots atop a table, sliding cards among spilled drinks to the floor. With a unusually shrill and warble filled voice he announces his all too self-centered introduction.

"Splendiferous evening my compatriots! May our explosively unknown adventures take us far beyond the scopes of mortal ears, the screams of my dying companions are far behind this single, yet lusciously tailed magical being known as yours truly, the fantastic, yet ever so humble... Yuki Hana"

Shortly after a small, but ever growing applause rings from the airs around Yuki, giving off the illusion of a response, yet none, but his abundance sense of self-worth.

Grand Lodge

Before you is a medium insect. It seems to have 6 legs, 4 arms, and two torsos and heads. One has a human face. It stands very still in an extended mantis pose.

Upon closer inspection, it is revealed to be a thin framed human female riding a medium-sized giant mantis. She wears wooden armor carved and stained to match her companion. It is difficult to determine where the mount ends and the rider begins.

"Lilith Wren, Striker, here assist." Her rolled Rs sound like crickets and her Ts and Ks are sharp clicks.

Raised since childhood in the sewers of Absalom by the awakened mantis cohourt of the blight druid that killed her parents, many find Lilith's insect-like movement/stillness and very direct broken common to be off-putting. Being her first language, she conjugates in mantis.

Grand Lodge 5/5

In unison, along with 'Human Dave,' 'Orc Dave,' and 'Smidgen Dave' (he's a halfling):

"Did somebody call the Four Daves?"


Dwarf Dave! wrote:

In unison, along with 'Human Dave,' 'Orc Dave,' and 'Smidgen Dave' (he's a halfling):

"Did somebody call the Four Daves?"


Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5 ****

Torch loved his late nights sleeping all day fighting and drinking at night. Tonight it was early for him the sun had yet to come up. He smiled fighting was fun at Cayden's Hall. Even though he got kicked out, he will go back tomorrow and pay for what he burned. Now he was home at least till they kicked him out for his brothers behavior, he relaxed waiting for sleep when Knock came at his door. He got up and opened the door and there stood an older man with a crazy gray hair and what looked to be a night shirt and slippers on his feet.

"Good Evening Pathfinder, I have a Mission for you!" the man looked at Torch impatiently. Torch grinned he had nothing else better to do. Torch grabbed his Mace following the old man too the Pathfinder Lodge.

Grand Lodge 5/5

It's Gary! wrote:
Dwarf Dave! wrote:

In unison, along with 'Human Dave,' 'Orc Dave,' and 'Smidgen Dave' (he's a halfling):

"Did somebody call the Four Daves?"


Angrily, brandishing longsword:

"Shut the hell up, Gary!"

Dark Archive

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Hi my name is Ogre, I have issues with my summoner Bob, he's such a lecherous villian. Anyway its been 4 days since I've been angry... (looks at the rest of you) Where is the support people, you should say Hi Ogre...

Wait Bob that guys got a wayfinder.

Liberty's Edge 2/5

A tall half-orc woman with her hair in numerous long red braids growls out,

“Greebas! I am Candi Payne, daughter of Inflicta and (here she spits on the ground) a nameless, plane-walking, whoreson of an archmage. My sword is hungry for Chelaxians, devils, and slavers; but I repeat myself.”

Her heavily muscled arms are adorned with a web of black and yellow tattoos of wasps, whips, daggers, and entwined bodies.


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An almost 7 foot tall, very solidly built man with a slightly angelic look to him, and a copper tinge to both his hair and skin walks in, finishes whatever is in his mug, burps, and says "Hi, I'm Thaddeus Meade. You may recognize me from such Knowlege Geography lectures as "Galt with the Wind" and "So I Married a Cheliax Murderer." Has the mean guy already insulted us and told us our mission, or did I get here too early again?"

Scarab Sages 4/5

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The picture of a cultured gentleman bows to you over a fine cane, shortly trimmed auburn hair matched with an unhealthy pallor to his skin. Chelaxian features hint at his ancestry, although the pinpoints of red light in his eyes suggest an other-worldly nature.

"Gud day to you all. I am Professor Trey Hurtubize, und it is zuch pleasure to be meeting you. I haf studied at all of Golarion's greatest universities und perfected zuch marvelous concoctions as un explosive to mimic ze properties of ze tanglefoot baug az vell az extracting ze essence of ze upper planes into a device zat vill not harm those whom are aligned vith such forces. Unfortunately, mine studies vere cut short due to misunderstandinks vith mobs of pitchfolk vielding commoners. Now ze Pathfinder Society haz allowed me to continue my vital research vithout quibbling over specimen collection procedures."

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