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CorvusMask wrote:
Hmm, yeah, that is true, and they don't really detail in adventure why Malikah believes conquering the sun will help her become a deity. I guess its possible that it wouldn't actually do that, but she still wants to people worship her as god even if she isn't actual one? They would still need to specify why the pact world's sun in particular though.

Perhaps the Pact Worlds are the beginning of an empire on the material plane. If she expands her reach and control over other species then maybe that could jump her up to godhood.

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CorvusMask wrote:

Noooot really. Malikah is featured(she is CR 22) in continue the campaign article and Khaim doesn't make any appearances until final boss battle.

Its kinda why my review of the module I'm writing is pretty much 3.5 :'D Adventure is otherwise pretty good for what it is, but the main villains lack presence

I had actually forgotten that book 1 Also told Malikah's backstory. I think that is biggest issue with Khaim and Malikah, their backstory everytime its mentioned in one of six books is exactly the same and its never expanded much beyond what you already know.(and in character I don't think they find out before they interrogate soldiers in final book?)

That's a huge bummer. I'll have to find a way to incorporate them more often.

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CorvusMask wrote:
Huh. So Malikah is Ragathiel's half sister :D

I haven't gotten my copy yet but does the final book manage to tie everything together? Reading through books 1-5 it doesn't feel like Khaim or Malikah are at all important.

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Cellion wrote:

So after some careful consideration, I've decided to take Dawn of Flame for a whirl with some changes to fix perceived issues with the overall story and the specific bits of Book 1.

I'll drop my thoughts off here, in hopes they may be useful to someone. Fair warning that I only have the first two books right now, so anything I suggest below could be contradicted later.

  • Malikah's plan is to seize the Starstone and use it to become a god. The original adventure overview provides no good reason for why Malikah wants to conquer the sun, or what it has to do with becoming a god. As a fan of dramatic, potentially-setting-shattering events, I see her plan as threefold - use the Anassanois' psychic/telepathic influence to throw the Pact Worlds into disarray, drag Absalom Station into the sun to burn everything except the Starstone away, and finally use the temporal vortex at the heart of the sun (Mentioned as a rumor in the CRB) to create backup copies of herself and attempt the Test of the Starstone as many times as needed.
  • Malikah isn't trying to completely conquer the sun (which is pointless anyway) She's just trying to sow chaos to distract from her General Khaim's seizure of the Crucible.
  • The Far Portal isn't that mysterious. But I'm having the escaping mystery ship emerging DIRECTLY from the sun itself, not from the Far Portal! Instead, Khaim's fire whale is the one that comes out of the Far Portal in pursuit. That way the mystery ship is of 100% interest to the DCI.
  • The fire whale bites the fire immune ship, rather than using its breath weapon The mystery ship is being piloted by an escaping Anassanoi, but the fire whale manages to chomp the ship and take out its bridge in the process.
  • The PCs find a psychic suppressor made with magic and technology unknown to the Pact Worlds - one made by the anassanois - on the mystery ship This adds a mystery (what is this strange device), a motive (the PCs are tasked with secretly delivering the device to the...
  • These are really great! I hope you don't mind if I take some.

    One caught my attention. You say that the vessel will come out of the sun instead of the far portal. Book 3 has the PCs going after a ship that can go into the sun. I don't think this is really a problem for you because you plan on having the ship being mostly destroyed by the fire whale.

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    Cellion wrote:

    I think the idea that Malikah plans to use the Sun as a staging point for attacking Absalom Station seems good, but I mostly want to make sure I'm not contradicting intentions stated in later books. One of the things I often like to do when running APs is seed the early books with rumors, hints, or allusions to the BBEG's future plans.

    For Q5, I don't think we have. But other objects seem perfectly capable of being sent to different planes without a Drift Drive. So I'm not clear on why it was needed here. I was hoping it was discussed in one of the other books and I just missed it.

    I've read all the books except the sixth one. I too wanted to read them all before I started the game. I wanted to place seeds throughout each book. Unfortunately, reading up to book 5 has little to no information on General Kam or the Malikah. I am hoping I get more in book 6 but I'm not too hopeful. I feel like the AP is just meant to showcase the sun.

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    Pantshandshake wrote:
    Ravingdork wrote:
    Who wears armor on their own ship? It's not like there are boarding rules, or a quick means of exploding a ship and exposing you to space.

    On the high end, anyone who doesn't want to die in the vacuum of space.

    On the low end, anyone who wears a life jacket when they get on a boat.

    I mean, I'd hazard a guess that more than half the people who play Starfinder have their character wearing armor basically 24/7.

    My group definitely plays with armor on 24/7. The only thing I am thinking of which may work once is that they have to activate their environmental protections. That could get them during some of those events.

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    I've been reading through the AP and have seen a lot of environmental hazards from the sun but doesn't the environmental protection on armor make these useless?

    For instance, during starship combat in the sun, it says that if the shields reach 0 then the inside begins to heat up and radiation becomes prevalent but wouldn't the armor make this moot?