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Just played this yesterday. Everything was great until the final event. Environment slowed everything down to a crawl. Soooo many rounds spent just double moving over and over.


Nefreet wrote:

Did the player not slot the Boon at the beginning of the session, or shortly after the briefing?

It was a Dayjob related boon, so he did not mention it until chronicle sheets were being filled out. He thought since it was slotless he did not need to "Slot" the boon when the GM called for it at the beginning of the session.


An issue recently came up where someone wanted to use a slotless boon at the end of a session. Said player was told by the GM that they could not because the player did not "slot" the boon at the start of the session and notify the GM they could not use it, even though it was slotless. I looked at the Society rules and I can see how people could interpret them either way. Have there been any rulings or clarifications on this? I could not find any.


Right now if someone wants to plan a game so that everyone can earn chronicle rewards, they either have to guess and ask around or look up everyone's games played one by one.

I think It would be great if we had a took where a GM can simply put in everyone's PFS numbers and either bring up a chart showing what everyone has played, or a list of adventures no one with those PFS numbers has played.

I have played with a few different groups and planning can be a huge chore. People move away and new people come in. Keeping an updated and shareable record can be a big task.

I remember this spell was a Godsend for my Wizard at lower levels.

Could we get Tall sizes as well. I am 6'5. I would like a shirt that both covers my back/abdomen/plumber butt witout it looking like a circus tent.

Played this as a rogue with someone who had a Multiclass Life Oracle as our healer. Had the GM not rolled low at the end, 3 party members would have died. Adventure assumes presence of full Cleric.


Bartholomäus wrote:

This keeps coming up (including earlier in this thread, more than once).

Nothing about the rules for pricing ammo changed (though including a price breakdown in this clarifications document would be awesome).

Read the new text proposed in the PDF. They Removed the Word "reduced" before "Listed Price". Why would they do that if they were not testing the waters for a price change?

And remember that this ids not yet official. at this point in time it is only a suggestion.


I saw the Proposed Change for Gunsmithing, Removing the word "Reduced" from "Reduced Listed Price". For as long as I have Been in PFS it has been understood (At least in my area) that Gunslingers could buy their Ammo at the same price it would take to craft it.

Under the proposed change it would cost 11-12gp per shot. Extremely expensive, especially for 1st level players. not to mention the Pain and annoyance involved in every gunslinger having to audit their characters. Not to mention the 1 rank in Craft:alchemy everyone has taken.
Please, Keep the Gunslinger Class viable at lower levels.

IMO and that of many others, the listed price for bullets and Black powder is ridiculous anyways. 1gp of a lead ball? How can that price possibly be justified? Making an Arrow takes more time and more costly materials. How about 10 gp for something you can make with a mortar and pestle from some of the most common ingredients in the world, even in medieval times?

Qaianna wrote:

I wouldn't say that 1d8 is half of 1d12, but yeah, I can imagine the damage being lessened for these funky things. I'd always thought the d8 with x4 crit was the musket ball, and the axe or warhammer doing their normal damage (d8 with x3 crit).

I also wonder how the hell you AIM these things. I know the front sight can be called a blade, but..

Opps.. worded it at bit wrong. while 1d12 is 50% more than 1d8, 1d8 is only 33% less than 1d12.

Either way a bit much for most peoples sense of logic, especially with the 10ft reduction in range.

Hoping for an official clarification on this, some people in my area are having doubts about the accuracy/intent of the chart. would like a response I can print out and show to prospective gunslingers. (and I personally need to know as well).

The Text of the items says nothing to suggest decreased performance of the firearm portion, the text mentions only that "It can be used as both a Musket and an Axe/Warhammer". So we have a Classic text Vs. Chart Argument. Text Usually Trumps Tables, but an official statement would help clear things up.

So please everyone, Flag the OP for FAQ!

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Simple question, does the damage on the chart shown the damage for the Axe/warhammer alone, or does the Musket part deal a mere 1d8 damage? It would suck it it did, being a 50% loss in damage potential.