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Nothing to do with the current crazy that is happening.

Switching to PDF's of the products I want as I need them.

Thanks in advance!

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Paizo just released Lost Omens Ancestry Guide and in it is the Conducting Rune. That rune when etched onto a weapon gives the weapon the Resonant Weapon Trait (new weapon trait they introduced in the same book).

So with that in mind.... Why not have an Agile Rune that makes your weapon Agile or a Deadly Rune that makes your weapon? They would be property runes so that alone would limit how many you can have by level and make it so weapons that already have those traits would not gain a benefit from the a rune of the same type (agile weapon gains nothing from an agile rune). Also make it so you can't have a fatal deadly weapons and certain runes would be limited to certain types of weapons like Backstabber Weapon Trait could only be etched onto a slashing or piercing weapon.

Even if limited to one Weapon Trait rune per weapon, I think it would be a cool way to enhance weapons via the rune system.

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At my table we are changing Hero Points into Hero Cards. Why? because both players and GM alike forget about Hero Points at our table and they offer more than just 2 different things you can use them on and it should promote better team work between my players.

The cards are set up into three categories. Common, Uncommon and Rare.

At the start of the session, the GM deals out to each player the 1 Common and 2 Uncommon Hero cards.

There is only 1 common card and that's Stabilize, the Hero Point version of avoiding death by turning in all your Hero Points but instead you turn in all your cards.

There are 10 different Uncommon cards and 6 different Rare cards.

Now the way it works is when a player uses the common card, it burns up all their Hero cards for the rest of the session.

Uncommon cards work a little differently in that if the player uses the card on their character, the expended card will be placed at the bottom of the Uncommon deck and that card will be gone for the rest of the session. Now if the player uses the card on another player's character then they will be able to replenish the cards used in that manor when that encounter is over. This is to promote team play.

Rare cards takes 2 or more players to pool 4 of their cards together in order to give a player that the pooling players agree upon to draw 1 card from the Rare Deck. No matter if the card is used or not, the rare card must be returned to the bottom of the stack at the end of the encounter and the players who pooled their cards will be able to replenish the uncommon cards by drawing a number of cards they used from the Uncommon deck.

I'm currently using 31 cards in the uncommon deck:

6 Second Chance cards

4 each of Close Calls, Fail Forward and Heroic Action

3 I got Skills

2 each of Rub some dirt on it, Fast and Furious, Chain Reaction, Blind Luck, Maximum Effort-Maximum Reward.

There are only 6 rare cards total:

Last stand, Disruptive Attack, the quickening, adrenaline boost, cant touch this and "no, that's not how it happened"

Tonight will be the first time we'll be using them so I expect some tweaking to the system.

NOTE they are set up to be printed front and back on the Avery Printable Postcards 4.25" x 5.5" which are great for printing off item and spell cards too :)
I can make available single sided cards if anyone wants them.

After going through the Doomed Condition and how it works for Players. For reference see

I got to thinking about NPC's interaction with the Doomed Condition would work and that's where by RAW it gets broken since NPC's are dead at 0 hit points (pg 458 CRB) would that mean if they ever gain the Doomed 1 condition they would just die since they have basically for all intent and purposes only have a Max dying condition of 1.

So unless they change it, they can't add any necro spells that players can cast that add the Doomed Condition or it will kill nearly any creature except those that are immune like Constructs.

Doomed is listed as The maximum dying value at which you die is reduced by your doomed value. Example, if you were doomed 1, you would die upon reaching dying 3 instead of dying 4. If your maximum dying value is ever reduced to 0, you instantly die.

How does the Doomed Condition interact with the Dying Condition?

Does it kill you instantly when you hit a Doomed Condition 4 even at full health? Is it only when you reach 0 hit points and gain the Dying Condition then Doomed Condition kicks in?

Inquiring minds want to know :)

Order shows Pending since Tuesday?

Am I stuck again?

Not the first time this has happened :)

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There is a lot of confusion within our group on what Sustain a Spell does, some think you can Sustain the same spell multiple times per round to gain the effect of certain spells 3 times in one round but others are saying no that's not how it works. They state that the Sustain a spell action is only for keeping the spell going for another round and spell description of Sustaining the spell is only for that round only thus you can't cast say, Flaming Sphere and move it 3 times in one round.

With Sustain a Spell, it can be disrupted with certain AOO abilities but since a Witches Cackle doesn't have a concentrate tag, then they wouldn't be able to be disrupted by those same abilities thus a Wizard rolling around a Sustained Flaming Sphere could do it 3 times in a round but has a chance to be disrupted while a Witch Cackling wouldn't.

I want to start playing in the Pathfinder Society soon so having an official word on this would help clear up things a lot on how Sustain a Spell & Cackle works.

So anyone from Paizo care to give an Official word on this?

Here is a rune I'm going to be adding to my upcoming campaign


DOOM_________________RUNE 10
PRICE: 5,000
Usage: etched onto a melee weapon

A Doom rune is filled with dread from the netherworlds and as such Dooms the wielder of any weapon etched with this rune.
The Doom Rune has the following properties:
• Upon first wielding a weapon etched with the Doom Rune, the wielder gains the Doom 1 Condition until their next daily preparation's
• The rune gives the weapon a Deadly d10 Crit effect.
• When the wielder scores a Critical Hit with this weapon, it bestows a Doom 1 Condition onto the Target of said Critical. Gaining doom from the rune will not stack if gaining it from the same rune thus if two creatures have doom rune weapons they would stack if they both scored a critical hit the Doom 1.
• A Greater Striking Rune enhances the Deadly die and the Doom Condition thus a Greater Striking Weapon would enhance the Deadly die to 2d10 and bestow a Doom 2 Condition while a Major Striking rune would enhance the Deadly die to 3d10 and bestow a Doom 3 Condition.

It will be on a mid level NPC that will always be hesitant to enter into combat due to how it makes him feel when he draws his magical sword that's been handed down from generation to generation :)

I started the Pathfinder Lost Omens Subscription back on 8.23.19 and I'm wondering when the Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide will be available again. It wasn't in back order status when I did up the Subscription and about a week later it went into back order status. So any ideas?

I would be fine with charging me for it now and letting me get the PDF while I wait for the Book to arrive.

I received a shipping notice on July 13th that my package 3208848 from Order# 7962235 has shipped. The tracking link with UPS Mail Innovations stopped populating any information past July 16th (shows its still in Fife, Washington). Anyway information would be helpful (tomorrow would be the 8th business day.

Thanks in advance.