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TBH I think CR wouldn't have too much trouble learning PF2e, its just there is more of an audience for 5e than PF2e. They used the system that would get the most views and at the time PF1 wouldn't have had the views IMHO.

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Nothing to do with the current crazy that is happening.

Switching to PDF's of the products I want as I need them.

Thanks in advance!

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Filthy Lucre wrote:
I'm genuinely shocked to see how many people care about the pathfinder setting. I only care about the rules and use none of their IP and I assumed that was normal, but I guess people actually think golarion is good?

Same. The main reason I subscribe to the lost omens is to support Paizo because I like the ruleset itself. I've been using my own homebrew world setting for decades, it just had a different ruleset OS under the hood over the years :)

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If an NPC fighter pulls out a flaming longsword and starts to lay down some smack, the PC's would try to get that sword out of NPC's hands ASAP. I know I've seen it done at my table, time and time again. I've had players disarm my NPC's of their fancy weapons before and use it against them. I've had NPC's do the same to the party!

As I tell my players, if you can do it, so can the NPC's and they are fine with it. They expect it!

So if the pc fighter gets knocked out while fighting bandits, if the Bandit leader is nearby they will try to snag the weapon. Normal bandits will simply knock it away or pick it up depending on the situation.

Also stop playing like your NPC's don't know that Healing magic don't exist in the game! If they are intelligent or have experienced it before, they will know very well that healing magic exist after all they are living in a magical living breathing world so as the GM I have my NPC's act accordingly to their surroundings.

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What I've learned?

Patience :p

(my books have yet to ship)

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I'll second Wonderdraft. Its what I used to make my game world. One of the features of the program is that it can zoom in on a section of your game world, like a Kingdom and then you can save it and then work on the kingdom map in more detail :) Love that program!

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My Friends and Family group have been playing in our homebrew world for a really long time. I say our because they have changed and altered my world with their actions (I had to redo the world map thanks to my players!) so its more of our world than just mine now days :)

I know our world like the back of my hand. I don't have to look up what this or that area of the world is like or what faction controls this spot. I just know. That's the benefit of world building for years and not using a pre-packaged world like Golarion.

I still get the setting books for because they do have archetypes, ancestries, items, spells, etc... I can borrow & steal from ;) I also have all my Pathfinder 1 books, Ad&d 2d ed books, Earthdawn and a slew of other RPG's that I also steal ideas from all the time! :)

No offense to Paizo but I just like my world better :)

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That's an easy one, give the familiar a battle form it can polymorph into a few times a day that lasts a minute when it "morphs" when it does it loses all of its familiar abilities to gain the battle form abilities.

One of the cards in my homebrew deck of many things grants a player a Familiar with a battle form or if they have a Animal Companion then the Animal Companion gains the ability to shrink and become a tiny Familiar like creature but can't attack but gains Familiar abilities instead.

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Maybe they don't want to deal with a bunch of Lawful Neutrals :p

All kidding aside, yes it can be frustrating that questions are not answered in a timely manor but maybe they all got burnt out on answering all the endless questions that got thrown at them during their PF1 days?

Just like the pirate code, its a set of guidelines not rules set in stone. Rule #1 in the Book tells you if you and your group don't like a rule, then change it.

That is the most important rule in the book. When I do change something, its because it works differently in my world since I use my own setting and not Paizo's and its a setting I've been working on for a very long time.

For those that play in Pathfinder Society then I can see how that might cause some frustrations since its suppose to be ran by RAW yes? but for the rest of us GM's that don't, sometimes you just have to make a rule on it and move on.

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Why did Paizo create the 7th level spell Force Cage: when a spell 2 levels lower out performs it in so many different ways?

Wall of Stone has a better range, 10 more HP, is permanent and has no saving throw....If heightened to 7th it has even more HP than Force Cage :)

The way I see it, there is almost no reason to ever learn/cast Force Cage if you can just create 20ft cube from a Wall of Stone to box in a bunch of creatures.

Normally if its too good to be true.....

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So what does this mean in the main spell description of Wall of Stone?

"You can shape the wall's path, placing each 5 feet of the wall on the border between squares."

combine with:

""choosing its contiguous path square by square. The path of a shaped wall can’t enter the same space more than once, but it can double back so one section is adjacent to another section of the wall."

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Paizo just released Lost Omens Ancestry Guide and in it is the Conducting Rune. That rune when etched onto a weapon gives the weapon the Resonant Weapon Trait (new weapon trait they introduced in the same book).

So with that in mind.... Why not have an Agile Rune that makes your weapon Agile or a Deadly Rune that makes your weapon? They would be property runes so that alone would limit how many you can have by level and make it so weapons that already have those traits would not gain a benefit from the a rune of the same type (agile weapon gains nothing from an agile rune). Also make it so you can't have a fatal deadly weapons and certain runes would be limited to certain types of weapons like Backstabber Weapon Trait could only be etched onto a slashing or piercing weapon.

Even if limited to one Weapon Trait rune per weapon, I think it would be a cool way to enhance weapons via the rune system.

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So a Ruffin rogue who's key stat is STR can't use Composite Short bows? Bards are also trained in short bows BTW.

The only thing I could find in a Rule book is in the GMG, the NPC Burglar & Assassin are both rogues lists composite shortbows as part of their weapons.

Thats all I got :p

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My group came from PF1.

PF2 is like a breath of fresh air for us.

On the GM side of things it is easy to run which makes my job fun again (perma GM). 3 action system works well for both GM's and Players alike and its easy to challenge my players again without having to adjust things on the fly like I use to in PF1.

On the players side. My players are having a lot of fun due to the 3 action system and the 4 degrees of success. They enjoy tactical game play and all the options they have at their finger tips.

One thing I can't speak on is the Adventure Paths. I run a fully home brew world and adventures.

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TBH all good GM's are always paid.... in the form of snacks!

Good Luck to your endeavor's RD!

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Sturdy Shield runes would have been easier and everyone would have been able to enjoy them (its what we use at our table)

Its your table though, if its working for you and your group then rock on.

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Just consider the refusal of using Poison as them using the X card and move on IE no questions asked, no judgment and no argument when someone refuses to use Poison.

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At my table we are changing Hero Points into Hero Cards. Why? because both players and GM alike forget about Hero Points at our table and they offer more than just 2 different things you can use them on and it should promote better team work between my players.

The cards are set up into three categories. Common, Uncommon and Rare.

At the start of the session, the GM deals out to each player the 1 Common and 2 Uncommon Hero cards.

There is only 1 common card and that's Stabilize, the Hero Point version of avoiding death by turning in all your Hero Points but instead you turn in all your cards.

There are 10 different Uncommon cards and 6 different Rare cards.

Now the way it works is when a player uses the common card, it burns up all their Hero cards for the rest of the session.

Uncommon cards work a little differently in that if the player uses the card on their character, the expended card will be placed at the bottom of the Uncommon deck and that card will be gone for the rest of the session. Now if the player uses the card on another player's character then they will be able to replenish the cards used in that manor when that encounter is over. This is to promote team play.

Rare cards takes 2 or more players to pool 4 of their cards together in order to give a player that the pooling players agree upon to draw 1 card from the Rare Deck. No matter if the card is used or not, the rare card must be returned to the bottom of the stack at the end of the encounter and the players who pooled their cards will be able to replenish the uncommon cards by drawing a number of cards they used from the Uncommon deck.

I'm currently using 31 cards in the uncommon deck:

6 Second Chance cards

4 each of Close Calls, Fail Forward and Heroic Action

3 I got Skills

2 each of Rub some dirt on it, Fast and Furious, Chain Reaction, Blind Luck, Maximum Effort-Maximum Reward.

There are only 6 rare cards total:

Last stand, Disruptive Attack, the quickening, adrenaline boost, cant touch this and "no, that's not how it happened"

Tonight will be the first time we'll be using them so I expect some tweaking to the system.

NOTE they are set up to be printed front and back on the Avery Printable Postcards 4.25" x 5.5" which are great for printing off item and spell cards too :)
I can make available single sided cards if anyone wants them.

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It would be a lot simpler to just give the PC's a bonus to physical resistance equal to their base armor AC bonus and remove the dex cap from exp clothing and light armor and call it a day. Maybe allow armor runes to add to the physical resistance which in turn would also affect Mage armor as well.

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I've added Cantrip Attack Wands that only work with Attack Cantrip spells that can have a rune of potency of +1 to +3 on them. They don't break the game because they only work on Attack Cantrips. They are fun little magic items that my casters enjoy using.

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It wouldn't be hard to homebrew one up:

Target: 1 weapon that is unattended or wielded by you or a willing ally.

The weapon glimmers with magical runes and is charged with arcane energy. Temporally boosting the weapon with a +1 weapon potency rune and a Striking Rune. If the weapon is already magical only the greater of the runes will be in effect. IE A weapon with only a +1 weapon potency rune would not gain the +1 weapon rune due to already having the same rune but would temporally gain the striking rune for the duration.

Heightened (3rd) Temporally boosts target with a +2 Weapon Potency Rune and a Striking Rune (+1d)
Heightened (5th) Temporally boots target with a +2 Weapon Potency Rune and a Greater Striking Rune (+2d)
Heightened (7th) Temporally boots target with a +3 Weapon Potency Rune and a Greater Striking Rune (+2d)
Heightened (9th) Temporally boots target with a +3 Weapon Potency Rune and a Major Striking Rune (+3d)


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I've made Cantrip Attack Wands for my Homebrew that the lessor ones have charges but the rare ones do not but those are few and far between.

They can have a single weapon rune inscribed on the wand that will enhance the Attack Cantrip when cast using the wand and once the wand is out of charges its destroyed.

They work well for adding some flavor to the Attack Cantrips but they are not overpowered due to the charged nature of the wand. So yes while one can get a +1,+2 or +3 Potency Rune Cantrip Attack Wand but they only work for Cantrips and they have limited uses.

It was a way to experiment with adding Spell Attack bonus into my Game without overdoing it.

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If based on Charisma Modifier then your Sorcerers, Bards and Scoundrel Rogues would get a huge boost vs everyone else. They would have +4 vs some classes having +0 at first level.

Or be give everyone 1 point adjusted by what you suggested of half their Charisma modifier (min 0) that way everyone will have at least one point to start off and then those that invest in Charisma would gain a slight advantage over those who don't.

A Fighter with a 14 in CHA would get 2 points vs a Bard with an 18 CHA would have 3.

That Bard would have to have a 22 in Charisma to have a 4 points which they would eventually have at the highest levels.

So not earth shattering lead.

Here is what I'm considering for my Homebrew with just the standard way of gaining hero points:

1 Hero point
• re roll a fail

2 Hero points
• heighten a spell you have prepared to your highest spell slot available 
• Gain an Extra Action (Action or Reaction)

3 Hero points
• Force a reroll of Damage dice (yours or theirs) must take the 2nd roll.

Spend All Hero Points
- Avoid Dying -

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In times like these I just invoke Rule Number 1 and move on.

The first rule of Pathfinder is that this game is yours. Use it to tell the stories you want to tell, be the character you want to be, and share exciting adventures with friends. If any other rule gets in the way of your fun, as long as your group agrees, you can alter or ignore it to fit your story. The true goal of Pathfinder is for everyone to enjoy themselves

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Kids these days with their fancy tablets! Back in my day we used Paper and we liked it!!

Ok enough of the old man rant :p

Hero Lab Online, tried it when PF2 came out and wasn't impressed. Keep reading reviews to see if its improved yet, seems it hasn't yet.

At our table we still old stand by of PnP for our character sheets. Yea we are old :p

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I've been toying with the idea for my Homebrewed campaign with variable action Attack Cantrips based on the Heal/Harm spell variables:

1 Action (somatic) The spell has a limited range of touch.

2 Actions (verbal, somatic) The spell has a range of 30 feet.

3 Actions (material, verbal, somatic) You disperse the Cantrips energy in a 30-foot emanation. This can affect all viable targets in the area of effect but will only deal 1/2 damage.

Since they are attack cantrips they will be subject to the MAP.

I might go item route that alters the attack cantrips in this manor, have yet to decide.

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Yea their logic don't follow if that's what they want.

Allowing certain spells like Flaming Sphere & Spiritual Weapon sustained 3 times in a round (I know others have asked but never got an Official reply if you can or cant, see the multiple Reddit posts on Flaming Sphere :p )but some how a 2 Action spell followed up by a 1 action Cantrip is bad? Not adding up.

Either way, patterning it after the Heal/Harm spells with the 1-3 action system in my play tests seems to play a lot better. Along with my other changes I've made, we are going to give the 1-3 action Attack Cantrip system a go in my next campaign at the start of the new year.

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Just an idea (didn't say it was a good idea ;p )

You could homebrew the attack Cantrips modeled like the Heal/Harm spells as something like this:

The number of actions you spend when Casting this Spell determines its targets, range, area.

1 action (somatic) The spell has a limited range of touch.

2 action (verbal, somatic) The spell has a range of 30 feet.

3 action (material, verbal, somatic) You disperse the Cantrips energy in a 30-foot emanation. This affects all viable targets in the area of effect but will only deal 1/2 damage if you hit.

The following Cantrips are affected by this change:

Acid Splash
Chill Touch
Disrupt Undead
Divine Lance
Electric Arc (add the attack trait & must make a spell attack thus remove Reflex Save)
Produce Flame
Ray of Frost
Telekinetic Projectile

Since almost all of the Cantrips have the Attack Trait then casting the single action version of the Cantrip will add to the MAP.

The 3 action version would be the Caster making a single spell attack test vs all within the 30' radius.

This would give the spell casters the ability to Cast a touch, range or AoE versions of the Cantrips thus allow them more choices. Which now allows the casters to interact better with the 3 action system when casting attack Cantrips.

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Wonder why the didn't just allow the Haste spell to give a separate action that allows the character to use any ability that uses a single action (that does not involve spell casting or metamagic) then you could the haste action to draw a weapon, stride or strike or a host of other mundane 1 action skills/abilities with out it interacting with 2 or 3 action abilities.

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You forgot the "sell his body off to the local necromancer" option? Unless the party has the local necromancer in their group then its a bit of a wash ;)

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There is a lot of confusion within our group on what Sustain a Spell does, some think you can Sustain the same spell multiple times per round to gain the effect of certain spells 3 times in one round but others are saying no that's not how it works. They state that the Sustain a spell action is only for keeping the spell going for another round and spell description of Sustaining the spell is only for that round only thus you can't cast say, Flaming Sphere and move it 3 times in one round.

With Sustain a Spell, it can be disrupted with certain AOO abilities but since a Witches Cackle doesn't have a concentrate tag, then they wouldn't be able to be disrupted by those same abilities thus a Wizard rolling around a Sustained Flaming Sphere could do it 3 times in a round but has a chance to be disrupted while a Witch Cackling wouldn't.

I want to start playing in the Pathfinder Society soon so having an official word on this would help clear up things a lot on how Sustain a Spell & Cackle works.

So anyone from Paizo care to give an Official word on this?

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Here are the changes I've made to my homebrewed campaign, just follow the LINK