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Funniest RPG comic ever made


Zogonia is funnier than Yamara from back in the day, but with the same sense of humor, and even better than The Order of the Stick - and that's saying something. The three main characters are so recognizable and hilarious, and the running gags likewise.

I miss Zogonia, and I wish Tony would return with more!

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A PDF review


The revised PDF allows the brilliance of the Pathfinder Core book to shine. The rules themselves look great, I've already "translated" my group's characters to the new version. It should be noted that a number of classes were "nerfed" compared to the Beta version of the rules, but everything seems well-balanced.

The pdf now has properly nested and collapsed bookmarks which go where they're meant to, and the pages are in order - a big step up from the original pdf. Copy/paste functions, and the only way to improve it would be if you could scrawl your own notes in the margins.

Once again Paizo is on the ball with excellent and timely response to their fans.